Chapter 25: Approach of the Prince
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Swear Fealty To Me, My Subjects! Chapter 25: Approach of the Prince

Hela rejected the grand prince's suggestion.

"Your Highness, you know the rules. The Imperial Guards will not interfere in the family affairs of the royal family. We are only loyal to the Emperor on the crystal throne."


The grand prince could not help but laugh when he heard that.

"Miss Hela, there's actually no need for you to come to a conclusion so early. Why don't you take a look at the gift I'm prepared to give you first?"

Wasn't it just some money?

Hela did not wish to offend the few little big shots in the dimensional rift just for the sake of earning some money.

However, the grand prince seemed to be very confident in his gift.

"Miss Hela, listen up. I'll give you an address and coordinates next. There, you'll find a gift I've prepared for you."

This time round, the grand prince did not take out any physical items. Instead, he reported a string of numbers to Hela.


Search for the original.

Before Hela said anything, a puppet in the dimensional rift moved on its own and arrived at the coordinates reported by the grand prince.

Thereafter, the puppet returned and brought about shocking news for Hela.

"Hela, there's a cave there."

"The cave is filled with gold!"

Hela was stunned for a moment. "How much?"

The puppet replied, "If it's converted into gold coins, it's around ten… billion? I-I've lost count! In short, it's just a lot, a lot, a lot! It's already piled into a mountain…"

Hela was a little surprised as well. Although the grand prince was famous for his wealth, Hela was still surprised that he could take out so much gold in one go.

She asked in surprise, "All this gold is a gift from Your Highness?"

The grand prince's voice was kind. "To express my sincerity."

Hela: "…"

Hela fell silent and wavered.

The grand prince had truly offered way too much!

"Hela. What are you hesitating for?"

However, the puppets could not take it lying down. They asked anxiously, "Are you going to agree to the grand prince?"

Hela's gaze wavered. "No… it's not about whether I'm agreeing or not. Didn't you guys see it with your own eyes? There's so much gold! That's a huge sum of money that Rayne Haines won't be able to fork out even if he sold his underwear!"

The puppets persuaded, "Hela, we already have a lot of money!"

Hela frowned—she had finally run out of patience towards her nagging daughters.

"Haven't you guys had enough? I naturally have to stand on the side with the most money. Why are you guys so protective of Rayne Haines? Even if Rayne Haines made a deal with the evil dragon, the person he wanted to bewitch was Thea, alright? What has it got to do with us?!"

The puppets were speechless. "B-But…"

Just as Hela and the puppets were arguing…

Suddenly, the panicked voice of a servant sounded outside the study.

"Your Highness Rayne... y-you can't come to this place!"

"Ha, interesting. The entire Haines Empire belongs to my family and you're telling me that there's a place I can't enter?!"

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