Chapter 24: The Choice of Hela and Her Daughters
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Swear Fealty To Me, My Subjects! Chapter 24: The Choice of Hela and Her Daughters

It was not difficult for Hela to determine the identity of the intruder.

Her perception was a blessing of the norm. Logically speaking, if anyone wanted to talk to Hela about something, they could just shout her name from their homes to attract her attention.

With that, everyone could start making deals happily.

However, according to the habits of mortals, they still liked to pay a personal visit, as though it would show more sincerity.

In reality, such sincerity was worthless to the Imperial Guards. The powerful intelligence gathering capabilities of the Imperial Guards were enough to accurately analyze a person's motives and demands through various evidence.

They could tell from a single glance whether one was sincere.

Hela looked at a puppet. "You go."

The puppet nodded.

Thereafter, the puppet girl's body melted into the dimensional rift and shuttled out of the manor.

Before long, the puppet returned.

The puppet held a receipt in her hands. "It's the envoy of the grand prince. It seems like His Highness is still brooding over you killing his men previously."

A puppet that stayed at home asked, "Is the grand prince here to cause trouble?"

Shaking her head, the puppet handed the receipt in her hands to Hela. "How is that possible? He merely wants to talk to you. This is a greeting gift."

Hela received the parchment.

This was a transfer agreement that was signed and in force.

The item that was transferred was a medium-sized gold mine located in Kent County in the south of the capital.

Yes, it was an ordinary gift.

Hela tossed the agreement to the puppet. "Keep it."

The puppet nodded. Thereafter, she arrived at the underground storage and tossed the receipt into a mountain of gold, silver and treasures.

The next day.

Hela visited the residence of the grand prince.

Under the lead of a servant, Hela arrived at the grand prince's study. Although she did not see the grand prince here, she saw a spell formation.

It was a voice transmission spell.

The grand prince was not in the capital.

"Miss H

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