Chapter 238: The Vampire Queen, White Blood… So Alluring
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Swear Fealty To Me, My Subjects! Chapter 238: The Vampire Queen, White Blood… So Alluring

By the time she walked out of the dimensional rift, the pink-furred rabbit beside Prosperity had already transformed into a golden-haired beauty in her underwear.

Similar to her sisters, this 13th True Ancestor had a bewitching figure as well.

It was just that she was still a little underdeveloped at the moment…

Perhaps it was because she had spent most of her life in the seal, the Vampire Queen True Ancestor looked like a 16-year-old girl.

She had a dignified and elegant bearing and a slender figure. However, for some reason, she was extremely seductive and was born charming.

Her long golden hair that was wavy was like a newborn dawn, refracting a dreamy and beautiful luster.

She smiled at Prosperity, revealing two sharp canines.

She was the final True Ancestor of the vampires.

For these divinity beings who fed on humans, beauty was not only a remnant of the authority of the gods on them, but also a bait for them to hunt.

Once upon a time, when the vampires were still elegant nobles of Eternal Night, they relied on their beauty that imitated humans but far surpassed them to lure the opposite sex into their embrace obediently and offer up their defenseless necks.

It was a romance that belonged to vampires and Eternal Night.

But now, the era had changed completely.

Right now, not only did this last generation Vampire Queen no longer have any elegance, she was even embarrassingly working in front of the cafe in a leather costume. In fact, at the very moment, she was lamenting about some things that were not beautiful or elegant at all.

What a pity!

The job that I had painstakingly found is gone again. Boohoo...

And it's even close to the end of the month now...

To be honest, there were not many places that could allow this Vampire Queen, who was short of money, to work during the day.

Not every workplace could allow her to wear thick protective gear legally and walk under the sun like a mascot.

However, she did not want to let her customers hear such sighs.

Therefore, the Vampire Queen smiled warmly at Prosperity.


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