Chapter 237: Thirteenth True Ancestor, The Last Vampire Queen
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Swear Fealty To Me, My Subjects! Chapter 237: Thirteenth True Ancestor, The Last Vampire Queen

Prosperity, who had obtained the Detection Module, scanned all the written information in the entire Kingdom Eternal Night and digested it rapidly.

Through this method that might seem extremely inefficient to the system, she quickly obtained all the information about Anna Street and the Vampire Queen1, Tyrapotter.

Tyrapotter "Bloody Aurora" Aethelred.

She was the current leader of the ancient species, the vampires, that resided in Eternal Night.

The vampires called her a True Ancestor because in their traditional culture, they believed that these True Ancestors were the ancestors of all vampires.

Similarly, there were a total of 13 True Ancestors. However, 300 years ago, the vampires thought that there were only 12 True Ancestors above them.

That was because the situation of this 13th True Ancestor was extremely special.

Vampires with the name of "ancestor" would turn humans into vampires through a blood ritual. Assimilated vampires would further expand their race through reproduction or assimilation and gradually develop their own clans.

However, the 13th True Ancestor was different.

She had never developed her own clan and there was not a single descendant of her among the current vampires. In fact, she did not even have a few days of freedom.

Not long after she was born, she was sealed by her sisters and mother together.

She was viewed as a heretic by her mother and sisters and had a title that was compatible with her sinful status.

The Aurora Queen.

That was until 300 years ago, when the Wolf Queen challenged the vampires. With the help of human exorcists, she defeated 11 True Ancestors in a row and slaughtered countless vampires.

It was only at that moment that the cornered vampires recalled that they had a 13th True Ancestor.

The cursed Aurora Queen was awakened.

However, in the face of the earnest expectations of her clansmen, the Aurora Queen, Tyrapotter, did not lead her clansmen to fight against the wolf pack.

Instead, she killed her sister who wanted to fight the wolf pack to the end cleanly and carried

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