Chapter 210: Darling, When I Become a Widow, We Can Be Together!
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Swear Fealty To Me, My Subjects! Chapter 210: Darling, When I Become a Widow, We Can Be Together!

The great victories in Mantia and Marigold were enough to excite all the Heavenly Kingdoms.

However, for the God Consort on a personal level...

Apart from the joy of victory, she was dealt a considerable blow thanks to Thea Haines who had appeared out of nowhere from Heavenly Kingdom Marigold.

How could the God Consort have expected that?

Her lover, the young Prince Rayne, had long had a wife with whom he shared deep feelings...

Regarding that, the God Consort had no intention of blaming Rayne at all. That was because based on the situation at that time, the God Consort could easily conclude that the relationship between the two of them did not seem to be… the usual type.

It was more like the feeling of a childhood sweetheart who had died and was suddenly revived.

Rayne could not be blamed for fooling around behind his main wife's back either.

After all, the God Consort was a married woman to begin with.

As the God Consort had once said to Rayne, she would not ask the next Emperor of Haines to be devoted to her. However, the problem was that…

Although the God Consort could be magnanimous, this main wife who suddenly appeared did not seem to be that easy to talk to.

At that time, the threat that Empress Thea whispered coldly into the God Consort's ear seemed to still be ringing in her ears.

To be honest…

The God Consort was a little frightened.

The God Consort had never seen anyone with such a powerful aura. This had nothing to do with strength or divinity. It was the result of a soul going through countless pain and tests.

She had walked through mountains of corpses and seas of blood, fought countless battles on the battlefield and in the officialdom, defeated countless strong enemies. Bit by bit, it took more than ten years and decades before she was finally forged into an iron-blooded Empress from the gigantic furnace of the mortal world.

No matter how warm she was towards her husband, it was only towards him.

If it was anyone else, they did not know what terrifying consequences they would have t

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