Chapter 209: Darling, Let's Go In
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Swear Fealty To Me, My Subjects! Chapter 209: Darling, Let's Go In

The first night she arrived at this world line, Empress Thea had a dream.

She dreamed that she had returned to the despairing and tragic apocalyptic battlefield.

However, this time round, she did not have the Haines Empire behind her. She was going to face the strongest enemy she had ever faced alone.

This enemy was her old enemy who had already fought her for a thousand reincarnation cycles.

Its understanding of Thea was ten thousand times deeper than her own. It spent 10,000 years fighting her in different timelines and saw through all her tricks. It knew all her weaknesses like the back of its hand and had an extreme grasp of her psychology.

It possessed god-like martial arts that was enough to crush all strong enemies. As its designated punching bag for 10,000 years, Thea had to endure an additional ten or even a hundred times of special attacks.

Against Thea...

This longevity monster was an all-rounded god.

Killing Thea had already become its instinct for 10,000 years. It enjoyed it even more and was fanatically obsessed.

The faith of the Empire, the tyrant of the mortal world and the Empress of Haines who ruled over the world. In the face of this mortal being that should have been extremely weak, the Empress's wails were as tragic as a lamb waiting to be slaughtered.

She was just... its prey.

The Empress could not understand. She clearly possessed the strongest corporeal body in the mortal world. Even though her strength had decreased drastically after the jump through the world line, she should be strong enough. However, how did it do it? Was it power or magic? Why was it that every single casual attack of that monster could crush her into pieces, causing her to have a mental breakdown and let out heart-wrenching screams continuously?

Yesterday was her most embarrassing, humiliating and crazy day.

Against this powerful enemy who crushed her with ease with its skills, she was helpless and even had no self-esteem.

Death, awakening, death, awakening…

Be it launching a counterattack with the digni

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