Chapter 181.2: An Unexpected Encounter with the Married Goddess (2)
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Swear Fealty To Me, My Subjects! Chapter 181.2: An Unexpected Encounter with the Married Goddess (2)

The other party seemed to have just passed by coincidentally. He was also a little surprised when he noticed the God Consort.

"Your Highness…"

Rayne said respectfully, "I didn't expect to see the God Consort of Dawn here. If I'm disturbing you, I'll leave right away…"

The God Consort hurriedly stopped Rayne. As an esteemed guest, Rayne should be treated well on behalf of the Heavenly Kingdom. Now that the prince wanted to admire the scenery at the periphery of the Heavenly Kingdom, she naturally could not disappoint him.


The God Consort looked at Rayne and asked curiously, "Your Highness Rayne, the edge of the Heavenly Kingdom is very dangerous and not to be approached. Why did you come here?"

Did no one warn the prince after he visited Dawn?

Rayne smiled. "I do know the dangers at the edge of the Heavenly Kingdom. However, the threat here is only the children of Leviathan who occasionally come to the Heavenly Kingdom to prey on others. They are just ordinary wild beasts. Compared to the threats in the cosmos and the surface ground, they should be nothing, right?"

The God Consort: "Your Highness is right…"

The God Consort could tell that surprisingly, Prince Rayne was rather knowledgeable about the Heavenly Kingdom.

The God Consort stood up. "If you don't mind, Your Highness Rayne, shall I accompany you for a walk?"

Of course, Rayne could not agree. "How can I let the goddess deign to accompany me?"

The God Consort shook her head with a smile and walked to Rayne's side. "Actually… I was just about to apologize to you for the unhappiness yesterday. Our banquet wasn't well-planned."

Rayne immediately expressed his understanding towards the God Consort's apology.

The two of them looked at each other and smiled.

Thereafter, the prince and God Consort strolled around the wheat field together and chatted happily.

Rayne was knowledgeable, cultured and refined. His words were filled with wisdom and philosophy. At the same time, this prince was filled with respect for the God Consort but not excessi

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