Chapter 175.1: The Humiliating Sacrifice of the Lover and the Painful Growth of the Moonlight Queen (1)
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Swear Fealty To Me, My Subjects! Chapter 175.1: The Humiliating Sacrifice of the Lover and the Painful Growth of the Moonlight Queen (1)

No one could deny that Alice was now experiencing the most tragic moment of her life.

Perhaps her identity as a woman made it such that it was difficult for the secular world to understand her sadness.

However, if her gender was swapped, one would realize how painful and despondent Alice was right now.

She was a goddess that had descended upon the mortal world and the princess of an Empire.

When he was at his lowest point, she offered herself to him, motivated him, trusted him and helped him rise against the tides to deal with all his enemies. At the same time, she selflessly satisfied all his legitimate or improper requests.

As for him, he was a miserable commoner. In order not to let down the goddess's expectations, he fought his way through all obstacles and burned his life. Finally, he achieved success and was crowned as a king, becoming a man worthy of her.

After experiencing the test of life and death and defeating an impossible enemy, he made an eternal oath to her in front of a god and obtained the blessings and recognition of his elders.


His wish was fulfilled and he became the husband of that supreme goddess.

At that moment, he knew that he already possessed the entire world.

He was so happy that in his excitement, he ignored the big picture and coveted his fiancée. After begging in all sorts of ways, the cold and aloof woman finally could not resist his coaxing and forced a smile as she put down her work…

However, right then…

That man.


No matter how humble he was, he was convinced that this unfamiliar man who suddenly appeared was far inferior to him in terms of strength, status and looks.

There was no reason for his beloved and proud goddess to fall in love with this man.


Something heartbreaking happened.

This man came prepared. He had a hold over the goddess.

The goddess now... owed the man a debt.

In order to help him win the throne, his goddess, his lover to the death, had no choice but to seek the help of this man.

Now, it was finally time to repay th

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