Chapter 106.2: Loading of the Lust Corruption Program for the Star Destroyer Mechagod (2)
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Swear Fealty To Me, My Subjects! Chapter 106.2: Loading of the Lust Corruption Program for the Star Destroyer Mechagod (2)

However, Rayne was no fool. He had long known about the suppression of the quasigods by Prosperity.

There was a reason why Rayne wanted to form a group with the Great Teacher to come and f*ck Prosperity despite the fact that the latter was countered by her.

Histia could not defeat Prosperity.

The Great Teacher could not defeat Prosperity either.

However, if it was the two of them combined, there was a high chance of success!

Rayne knew very well that there was no room for delays in this fight against the mechagod, Prosperity—he had to end this battle quickly.

He could either kill Prosperity instantly while she was caught off guard before she took things seriously.

Or... he could wait until she recognized the threat he possessed and go all out such that they would die immediately without any chance to resist.

At that moment, because Rayne blocked a wave of attacks from Prosperity, the latter's attitude had already changed.

The sun behind her began to transform and the god slaying armor on her body activated as well.

Goddess Prosperity glanced coldly at the large number of structures destroyed by her photon torrent.

She said indifferently, "Organism of the sixth era, your threat level is higher than I imagined."

This was bad…

Prosperity was about to get serious.

However… it was fine.

At that moment, Prosperity merely regarded Rayne as a slightly more powerful ant.

However, what she did not know was that in reality, Rayne possessed the strength to kill her!

Rayne made a decision.

With his next move...

He was going to end this Star Destroyer Mechagod.

"Main God of the elves, free spirit of the blazing sun, esteemed Goddess Life."

Rayne said to the Great Teacher, "Given your intelligence, you should be able to understand what is the only way for us to win right now!"


A solemn female voice sounded from the mithril lake beneath the Great Teacher's feet.

[Rayne Haines, you're a mysterious person. With just a trace of mixed divinity of Life, you're able to conduct a perfect ascension p

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