Chapter 105.1: The Truth With Edaline (1)
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Swear Fealty To Me, My Subjects! Chapter 105.1: The Truth With Edaline (1)

The crystal lift descended rapidly.

In the lift that could theoretically only accommodate a single person, Rayne hugged Edaline and stuck close to this sister of his.

"My head kinda hurts..."

Edaline rubbed her forehead and said softly.

For some reason, her head felt increasingly uncomfortable as the lift descended into the depths of the crystal world.

For some reason, this unfamiliar crystal world gave Edaline a sense of déjà vu.

It was as though she had been here before.

A strong but inexplicable feeling surged in Edaline's body, as though something hidden in the depths of her body was about to awaken.

In reality, the pain was not something that Edaline could not endure.

However, what truly tortured her was that as the mysterious emotions in her soul intensified, her body seemed to be breaking free from her control.

"I can't take it anymore…"

Edaline grumbled softly, "Why did you bring me to this godforsaken place for no reason without even explaining why to me? Rayne… what are you trying to do?"

Rayne looked at his sister in his embrace tenderly. He felt that it was time to reveal the entire truth.

Rayne said, "Edaline, I have a question for you."

Edaline replied, "Ask whatever you want..."

Rayne: "Do you think there's really a possibility that there can be a demigod with a bloodline purity of more than 90% in this world?"

Edaline: "…"

Edaline fell silent and her expression turned complicated.

She had always known that something like that was extremely ridiculous.

It was not that she and Histia had not thought of this question.


There had never been an answer to the question.

She was the strongest demigod and was the most eye-catching existence in the mortal world. Everyone attributed the birth of her and Histia to the greatness of Goddess Order.

Apart from that, there was no other special meaning.

As the eldest and second daughters who had received the greatest favors from Goddess Order, Edaline and Histia naturally had no right to raise any doubts.

Now that Rayne brought up the

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