Chapter 104: Star Destroyer Mechagod, Prosperity
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Swear Fealty To Me, My Subjects! Chapter 104: Star Destroyer Mechagod, Prosperity

The feeling of crossing the crystal door was extremely similar to traveling through a slit.

In the chaotic vortex, a fixed track connected the two places.

Finally, after the world spun…

Rayne's vision cleared up.

What appeared before him was a land made of silver-white crystals.

There was nothing on the ground. In the distance, there was a barrier made up of crystals that sealed the skies.

It was bright here and the weather was warm and pleasant. It was completely different from the Deep Tundra outside.

However, the light source of this world did not come from the skies.

It came from underground.

Through the semi-transparent crystals, everyone could vaguely observe that under the complicated structure of the crystals was a blazing sun.

The sun that came from underground brought light to this world as well as the energy required to run it.

A large number of the Black Catastrophe army was being transported out of the underground storage through the lift that connected to the surface, sending them to the surface of the crystallized land. Thereafter, they passed through the crystal doors and arrived at the battlefield with the bug swarm.

From the various details, it was not difficult to tell.

In this crystallized world with a complicated structure…

Its core was the complex and massive underground city. As for the surface, it was the outermost perimeter of this world.

It resembled the outer wall of a ship.

"Time is tight for us and the god guarding this place will arrive soon. Little Eda, hand the crystal to me."

Rayne received the golden crystal he obtained from the lake giant.

Squatting down, he embedded the golden crystal into the silver-white crystals on the ground.

The silver-white crystals shone faintly and scanned through some information contained in the golden crystal.

A code that had not been used for millions of years was activated instantly.

Immediately after, a crystal lift rose in front of Rayne as well.

However, the lift before them was extremely cramped. Unlike the lift that ferried

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