Chapter 820 - Outcome
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When Shi Feng activated Sword Law World, Chains of Law emerged from the void to restrain Ink Crystal. Even though Ink Crystal's Law Projection put up a strong resistance against the chains, they still weakened her by 15% in all aspects.

"What a powerful Tier 6 Super Spell!" Ink Crystal was a little surprised when she sensed the Chains of Law affecting her. However, her surprise was brief before she said, "Even so, you still can't stop my Thornstorm!"

Previously, when she allowed Shi Feng's Law Projection to affect her, it suppressed her in all aspects. It even suppressed her surrounding environment, preventing her from using her surroundings to her advantage.

Now, although Sword Law World had similarly weakened her in all aspects, it failed to recreate the Law Projection's environmental suppression.

However, before the first hundred vines could connect, Shi Feng suddenly transformed into a 20-meter-tall giant covered in glowing divine patterns. His Life Rating also increased, and his Basic Attributes could now rival a Level 190 player equipped with four Divine Artifacts.

After activating Holy Mana's Body, Shi Feng executed Dark Moon to defend himself without hesitation.

This time, a moon several times larger appeared in the void, and the moonlight it radiated eliminated the oncoming vines like light erasing darkness. The difference between the two attacks immediately became apparent.

"Crap! He managed to block even that?!"

"No way! Ink Crystal got pushed back!"

When the radiant moonlight dissipated, the spectators were stunned to see Ink Crystal moving back by half a step. Ink Crystal's five party members were especially shocked by this development.

"What an incredible Berserk Skill! He actually managed to push the leader back by half a step!" the bald young man from the Ink Crystal Party said in astonishment as he looked at Shi Feng's mighty figure.

When enhanced by Ink Crystal's Primordial God-ranked Law Projection, Thornstorm could exhibit unbelievable power. Even players equipped with four Divine Artifacts us

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