Chapter 748 - Battle of the Four Royals
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Reincarnation of the Strongest Sword God - Side Stories Chapter 748 - Battle of the Four Royals

To be able to find something like this… The Holy Guard truly is incredible. Shi Feng briefly fell into a daze as he looked at the tattered scroll.

The Ring City Royal Order wasn't something that could be acquired easily. Even though the one currently in Shi Feng's possession was only an incomplete fragment, its value still exceeded that of a Divine Weapon. Under the right circumstances, it could even be worth multiple Divine Weapons.

This was because the World Ark was one of the Eternal Realm's few World Mode Regional Dungeons. Simply the fact that the monsters here could drop Extraordinary Secret Treasures and above already made it an invaluable location, let alone the fact that it also housed various resources and ore veins that couldn't be found elsewhere.

Most importantly, the World Ark was home to Holy Ring City.

At first glance, Holy Ring City might not seem special. After all, although Neutral Cities weren't everywhere in the Eternal Realm, there were still quite many.

However, Holy Ring City's true value quickly presented itself once the various powers discovered the Eternal Realm's coordinates in the Void Sea.

A city of absolute neutrality!

Of course, this doesn't mean the other Neutral Cities of the Eternal Realm weren't genuinely maintaining a neutral stance. Instead, the issue was that most of these Neutral Cities could no longer uphold their neutrality once various powers discovered the Eternal Realm's coordinates, even if they intended to do so.

However, Holy Ring City was different. As mighty as the Holy Race's royal powers were, not even they could do anything about it. In fact, not even the legendary Battle of the Four Royals had managed to bring down the city.

The Battle of the Four Royals!

It was a battle that shook the Greater God's Domains of both the human race and the Holy Race. In Shi Feng's previous life, there wasn't a single player in either Greater God's Domain who did not know about that battle. It was such a spectacle that it was even broadcast live in the real world for all humans to

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