Chapter 686 - New Generation of Experts
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Reincarnation of the Strongest Sword God - Side Stories Chapter 686 - New Generation of Experts

Following the arrival of Crimson Mist, the Level 202, Tier 6 Sword God, all the players in the cavern inadvertently found themselves turning to look at her. Even Fiery Heart was not an exception.

"Incredible! Even though she's just standing there, I'm having trouble moving in her presence!"

"As expected of one of the top five experts from the most recent S-League. Now that she has advanced to Tier 6, she can probably match the various superpowers' veteran Tier 6 experts already."

"Match? I heard that Crimson Mist managed to kill a Tier 6 Fallen Angel with her team just recently for a Legendary Quest, and she obtained a Legendary Sword from the quest. In her current state, she can probably even try to fight Tier 6 Gods of the same level."

When the crowd in the cavern looked at Crimson Mist, all of them, regardless of gender, wore looks of yearning and worship.

Tier 6 players were as rare as a phoenix's feather in God's Domain. They were so rare that not every first-rate Guild would have one. As for the various superpowers, many of them only had one Tier 6 expert. So, it wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that Tier 6 players represented the apex of strength in God's Domain.

In a situation where veteran Tier 6 experts were operating behind the scenes, Crimson Mist had become a living legend for the general public.

The Crimson Sword? Shi Feng also turned his sight toward Crimson Mist, and he couldn't help but scrutinize the female Swordsman with crimson, shoulder-length hair.

Shi Feng had heard of Crimson Mist's name in his previous life. It was some time after his home God's Domain became fully connected with the Greater God's Domain, and the owner of this name came from the newest generation of experts of his home God's Domain.

In that generation, seven individuals stood out the most, and the public regarded them as the Three Gods and Four Saints.

Meanwhile, one of the Three Gods was none other than Crimson Mist, the Crimson Sword.

Because Shi Feng had been busy evading Demon's Gate's pursuit in his previous life, he

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