Chapter 675 - Shock
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There was a silver crescent blade marked by gold holy patterns quietly floating amidst the dark void. Although nobody wielded the blade, it still radiated a Divine Might that could cause the average Tier 6 player to suffocate. In the case of Tier 5 players, they wouldn't even be able to move within 100 yards of the weapon. The weapon was much superior to the average Divine Artifact.

To think even the Sunlight Blade dropped… When Shi Feng saw the Sunlight Blade floating in the void, he couldn't help but start to pity Chalk Splendor.

Originally, Shi Feng thought he'd be fortunate if he could even kill Chalk Splendor. As for the Sunlight Blade, he never hoped for it to drop.

While it was true that players could drop their Divine Artifacts on death, the chances of that happening were incredibly low. More often than not, players wouldn't lose their Divine Artifact even after losing all the items in their bag.

Not to mention, Shi Feng could feel that Chalk Splendor did not suffer Soul Annihilation when he killed the other party. Had Chalk Splendor only dropped a couple of pieces of Legendary Equipment, he could have continued his life as one of the Sun Dynasty's Holy Child once he was resurrected. After all, such a loss was inconsequential to someone of his status.

But now that Chalk Splendor had dropped the Sunlight Blade, he was doomed.

As one of the Sun Dynasty's Seven Arcanas, the Sunlight Blade was infinitely more valuable than any Holy Child. Chalk Splendor would pay the price for losing it. At the very least, he could say goodbye to his position as a Holy Child.

It's a pity this is a weapon exclusive to the Holy Race… Shi Feng thought after inspecting the Sunlight Blade.

[Sunlight Blade] (Saber, Divine Artifact)
Equipment Requirement: Tier 5, Strength 40,000
Cannot be equipped or inspected by players outside of the Holy Race.

Significant differences existed between the weapons and equipment of Greater God's Domains. For example, most of the weapons and equipment used by human players were developed around M

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