Chapter 328 - First Paragon?
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"First?" Lightning Chaser forgot to breathe when he heard Desolate Fury's words. "Impossible!"

The Ancient River Kingdom might have been in a weak state for many years already, but those capable of ranking among the top 10 of the kingdom's younger generation paragons were all extraordinary individuals. Even a peerless genius like Desolate Fury would be swiftly killed if he tried to fight any of the Ancient River Kingdom's Ten Great Paragons in a one-on-one duel.

More importantly, it had already been a long time since the Ancient River Kingdom had officially crowned the title of "First Paragon" to anyone. Even a paragon as powerful as Saint Three was only known as one of the Ancient River Kingdom's top three paragons. A specific ranking for the top three paragons did not exist in the Ancient River Kingdom.

Yet, now, Shi Feng was given the title of First Paragon after only one battle. No matter how Lightning Chaser looked at it, this news must be a joke.

It should be known that when a kingdom decided to crown a player as its First Paragon, it meant that this player possessed the highest combat power out of all Tier 4 players operating within the kingdom. This player would become an expert that even the kingdom's various hegemonic powers would have to treat respectfully. During kingdom wars, this player would also wield considerable authority and the right to select participants for the war.

It was no exaggeration to say that a kingdom's First Paragon was an important individual who could decide the direction of the kingdom's development.

Although Shi Feng had indeed slain Markless Blade and repelled three veteran paragons, his achievements should only be enough to get him recognized as one of the Ancient River Kingdom's top three paragons. It didn't make sense that he would be designated the position of First Paragon.

"It's a logical decision for the Ancient River Kingdom to regard him as its First Paragon." When Desolate Fury saw that Lightning Chaser refused to believe his words, he explained, "According to the Alliance's investigative report, Black Flame has perfect mastery over a Saint-ranked Mana Technique. This factor alone is more than enough to qualify him for the position of the Ancient River Kingdom's First Paragon."

Lightning Chaser thoroughly fell silent when he heard the mention of a Saint-ranked Mana Technique. At this time, he even started to feel a little fearful.

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