Chapter 230 - Mr. Black Flame?
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I really didn't think the second underground level's loot would be so astonishing. The Void Serpent is only a Realm Lord near the central area, yet it has dropped a Tier 4 Legacy Search Scroll. No wonder the Five Great Guilds chose to join forces, Shi Feng thought excitedly as he put the tattered parchment into his bag.

The Tier 4 Legacy Search Scroll was a precious treasure for players seeking to get promoted to Tier 4. Although it wasn't as useful as a Legacy Scroll that could teleport players directly to a Legacy Land, players could find the entrance to a Legacy Land much more easily with the Legacy Search Scroll's help. This, in turn, would save them significant amounts of time.

Laura Crader and Glimmer's three vice commanders have reached Level 121 already. They had already met the standard for getting promoted to Tier 4. So long as he passed this Tier 4 Legacy Search Scroll to one of them, the Asura Mercenary Alliance would soon gain a bona fide Tier 4 expert.

After keeping the Tier 4 Legacy Search Scroll away, Shi Feng collected the two Epic Weapons as well. Of the two weapons, Shi Feng was very happy to see the longsword that had light-purple electric arcs circulating its blade, choosing to equip it immediately. With this, he resolved his problem of having only one longsword to rely on.

[Blasphemer] (One-handed Sword, Epic Rank)

Level 100 - Level 150

Equipment Requirement: Strength 3,000

Attack Power (230% of Strength)

Attack Speed (2.2% of Agility)

All Attributes (Increases according to the user’s level)

When equipped:

Ignore Levels +25;

Attacks have a 60% chance of ignoring 50% of the target's Defense;

Attacks have a 30% chance of ignoring 80% of the target's Defense;

Attacks have a 10% chance of ignoring all of the target's Defense;

Every attack will increase all of the user's Attributes by 0.5% up to 20% for five seconds;

Strength increased by 40%;

Agility increased by 50%;

Intelligence increased by 40%,

Endurance increased by 50%,

Attack Speed increased by 40%;

Effects of all Weapon-related Skills increased by 15%.

Additional Passive Skill-

Blasphemer's Heart: Recover a small amount of Stamina and Concentration when landing a fatal blow.

Although Blasphemer's Basic Attributes couldn't compare to a Fragmented Legendary Weapon, its Passive Skill was something that all experts would want. This was because experts were always short on Stamina and Concentration. One could easily imagine how valuable a Passive Skill that could help players recover Stamina and Concentration would be.

After Shi Feng finished collecting all of the loot, he promptly resumed his journey to the divine statue at the center of the map with his team.

"Sure enough, they're going after the Flower of Seven Sins' main force," Chiyang Tianhe commented when he saw where Shi Feng's team was headed. Then, he turned to Death Omen and asked, "Aren't you going to contact Gluttony's team and have him quickly retreat? If their two teams meet, I highly doubt your organization's main force can retreat safely."

"That is unnecessary. The powers of our two worlds are gathered at that place right now. The other side's two hegemonic powers are also there. There is nothing Asura can accomplish there!" Death Omen said with a confident smile on her face. "The Flower of Seven Sins might not be able to do anything about Asura right now, but the same is true for Asura."

"How lucky of your organization to be able to get in touch with the other side so soon," Chiyang Tianhe said. Surprisingly, he did not voice any objections to Death Omen's words. On the contrary, a trace of envy had even appeared in his eyes.

With the strength of Asura's team, there were indeed no teams in the Miniature Ancient World capable of threatening it. However, compared to the other God's Domain, a force of eight God-ranked experts still wasn't enough. It was especially true when the other God's Domain's two hegemonic powers were involved in the joint operation this time.

The Boundary Mountain Range's second underground level was different from the first underground level. Entry into the second underground level wasn't limited to just their God's Domain. The other God's Domain connected to the Miniature Ancient World could similarly access the second underground level. So, the second underground level could more or less be considered the border of the two God's Domains.

Meanwhile, the two God's Domains' various powers were currently gathered at the second underground level's divine statue. The Flower of Seven Sins had even managed to partner with one of the other God's Domain's hegemonic powers. Because of this, no power at the divine statue dared to make a move against the Flower of Seven Sins.

Numerous powers were gathered at the plaza located on top of the divine statue's head. At a glance, one could see over a hundred experts with combat standards at the level of God-ranked experts. Even the Five Great Super Guilds' teams looked ordinary in this place. In fact, the Five Great Super Guilds' members were inferior to the other God's Domain's teams when it came to player levels.

"You look like you're in a bad mood, Gluttony. Did something happen on your side?" a middle-aged Level 120 Demidragon Shield Warrior curiously asked as he looked at the young Berserker before him.

"It's nothing," the young Berserker going by the name of Gluttony said, a contemptuous smile forming on his face when he recalled the message he just received. However, when he looked at the middle-aged man before him, he put on a respectful look as he said, "Some people are just trying to find trouble with the Flower of Seven Sins. But if those people dare to come here, I wouldn't mind getting rid of them!"

Although Gluttony had already heard about the Asura Mercenary Alliance's situation from Death Omen, he didn't pay much heed to it. After all, even at Tier 3, there were vast differences among God-ranked experts. It was especially true in terms of Life Rating.

Thanks to the Flower of Seven Sins' partnership with Bright Dragon, one of the two hegemonic powers of the Desolate Star God's Domain, he was no longer human. Instead, he had become a Tigerkin, a lifeform with a superior Life Rating to humans. Moreover, he wasn't the only one who had converted to a different race. Over twenty of the Predators he led had also converted to a different race. Because of this, the overall strength of his team was completely different from when they entered the second underground level. It was just that he hadn't informed Death Omen about this matter yet.

Shortly after Gluttony finished speaking, a commotion suddenly occurred in front of the plaza's entry staircase.

Subsequently, a 100-man team led by a man riding on a three-tailed wolf entered the plaza. Of the team's 100 members, nine gave off the presence of a God-ranked expert. This time was significantly stronger than most of the other teams present, which only had two or three God-ranked experts.

"Who are those people?"

"I've never seen them before. They shouldn't be people from our Desolate Star God's Domain."

The various God-ranked experts in the plaza couldn't help but grow curious when they saw this 100-man team.

Meanwhile, when the middle-aged Demidragon from Bright Dragon saw this time, a surprised look appeared on his face.

"Is there anything special about them, Brother Menghao?" Gluttony asked when he noticed the change in the middle-aged Demidragon's expression.

"This team is quite something," Menghao, the middle-aged Demidragon, said in a low voice. "There are actually seven higher lifeforms among them. That's already close to what Bright Dragon's team has."

"Seven higher lifeforms?" Gluttony's expression turned solemn when he heard Menghao's words.

Unlike the various superpowers' executives, he knew that higher lifeforms were rare even in the Greater God's Domain. Even a hegemonic power like Bright Dragon could only afford to let a very small number of its members convert to a higher lifeform. Moreover, these members needed to have made great contributions to the Guild before they could exchange this opportunity.

Meanwhile, anyone who succeeded in converting to a higher lifeform would have vastly superior combat power compared to other players of the same tier.

Yet, now, it was revealed that the Asura Mercenary Alliance actually had seven players who were higher lifeforms…

"What's wrong? Are they the ones finding trouble with you, Brother Gluttony?" Menghao asked when he saw the expression on Gluttony's face. Then, he chuckled and continued, "If that's the case, let me help you take care of them, then. They might have quite a few higher lifeforms, but Bright Dragon has the last say on everything in this place."

"I'll have to trouble you, then, Brother Menghao," Gluttony said gratefully.

Bright Dragon was significantly stronger than even the Five Great Super Guilds. The hegemonic power was so strong that even the Five Great Super Guilds working together would be no match for it.

A force of eight God-ranked experts might be powerful in the Miniature Ancient World, but it was still nothing but an ant in front of Bright Dragon's 20-plus God-ranked experts. At most, the Asura Mercenary Alliance was a slightly stronger ant.

In reality, if not for Bright Dragon having a use for the Flower of Seven Sins for the operation this time, the Flower Seven Sins could have never gotten the opportunity to partner with Bright Dragon.

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Meanwhile, just when Menghao was about to gather his subordinates, another team appeared at the plaza's entrance.

Along with the arrival of this new team, the various teams present in the plaza, including Bright Dragon's team, suddenly grew serious. The various teams even took the initiative to step aside and open a path for this new team.

"Are those the people you were talking about before, Brother Menghao?" Gluttony asked when he noticed that over 50 of the new team's 200-plus members were God-ranked experts. Moreover, out of these 50-plus God-ranked experts, four of them were even Beyond Domain Realm experts.

"Mhm. They're the leaders of the operation this time," Menghao said, nodding.

When Gluttony heard this, a hint of yearning appeared in his eyes as he looked at this group of new arrivals.

While the 10,000-plus players on the plaza were directing their attention to the new arrivals, a Demidragon woman walking among the team suddenly looked toward Asura's team and said in a surprised tone:

"Mr. Black Flame?"

TL Notes:

[1]a Tigerkin, a lifeform with a superior Life Rating to humans:

Fyi, Tigerkins aren't considered "higher lifeforms." They only have a higher Life Rating than humans.

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