Chapter 112 - Primordial Workshop
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An Advanced Workshop?

Shi Feng couldn't help but be surprised when he saw the system notification.

Shi Feng was no stranger to Workshops. Once a Guild City reached the Main City rank, players could construct a Workshop in the city simply by spending Coins and Magic Crystals.

Meanwhile, exactly as its name suggested, the Workshop was a place for the various Lifestyle classes to conduct their work. At the same time, it also possessed some of the Lifestyle Association's functions, such as issuing NPC commissions and trade offers. Not only could Lifestyle Players acquire rare resources through the Workshop, but they also had a certain chance to acquire designs and recipes from NPCs, thereby increasing their Lifestyle standards.

In addition, the Workshop would also sell materials needed by the various Lifestyle classes for crafting basic items. Sometimes, it would even sell rare materials cheaply.

However, while acquiring a Basic Workshop might be a straightforward process, acquiring an Advanced Workshop was a whole other story.

The Advanced Workshop was no longer something players could unlock simply by spending Coins and Magic Crystals. Instead, players needed to acquire the construction design for it.

Meanwhile, an Advanced Workshop was a qualitative leap from a Basic Workshop.

In the case of a Basic Workshop, it would, at most, have Basic, Advanced, and Special Workrooms. Although these workrooms could help increase players' production success rate, the increase was limited and would not exceed 10%.

However, it was an entirely different story for an Advanced Workshop. Even the most inferior workroom in an Advanced Workshop would be at the Special rank. Other than Special Workrooms, there were also Magic Workrooms that could increase players' production rate by 25%.

In God's Domain, many Master and Grandmaster Lifestyle Players would often defect to another power just so that they could have the privilege of using a Magic Workroom.

If news got out that the Abyssal Star Primordial City had unlocked an Advanced Worksho

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