Chapter 55 - Kill
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Qiao Xipeng’s mid-grade mystic instrument was blown to shreds from the blast. He spurted out a mouthful of blood and fell backwards a far distance. He was in bad shape, his clothes tattered from the impact.

The severely injured Qiao Xipeng couldn’t care less about the spirit snake’s condition anymore. He quickly reached for his interspatial pouch and took out a few jade bottles, pouring out medicinal pellets to consume.

As he raised his hand and tilted his head, ready to stuff the medicinal pellets into his mouth, he was suddenly stunned with shock!

Unknown as to when, a three-feet long metal cube loomed above him, overshadowing his figure and blocking his view of the sky. The name of the mystic instrument was clearly visible on the bottom, glowing with a deep light.

Qiao Xipeng had no time to consume the medicinal pellets anymore as Landslide was already swinging down with a mountain-heavy momentum.

Qiao Xipeng made a strange noise, it was too late to evade Landslide’s attack now. He had to brace for impact. Although his shield mystic instrument was shattered, as a Blood Condensation Realm expert, he naturally had more than just one defensive mystic instrument.

A tree-crown-looking mid-grade mystic instrument flew out from his interspatial pouch. It flew above his head and grew into a huge tree that sheltered him underneath.

However, as Landslide rammed down, creaking sounds could be heard. The branches of the big tree were crushed by Landslide and its trunk cracked apart, looking like it would collapse at any moment.

Qiao Xipeng watched as his mystic instrument was slowly squashed flat. He infused his arcane energy into the tree mystic instrument, but it was like fighting against an iron wall. The opposing force from Landslide was so immense that his pallid face turned red again. His chest tightened up and breathing suddenly became difficult. It was incredibly uncomfortable.

Qiao Xipeng shouted in anger, “High-grade mystic instrument! Who’s the shameless prick attacking this Granddaddy Qiao!? Are you not afraid of my Qiao Clan and Xuan Ling Sect coming after your head!?”

As if in response, a soft noise could be heard from underwater. It was Lu Ping, who had flown up from the seabed to the nameless island. He waved his hands, casting out dozens of top-grade blood charms towards Qiao Xipeng as if they were waste papers.

When Qiao Xipeng saw him, he immediately recognized Lu Ping as the Zhen Ling Sect Blood Refining Realm disciple he had just killed. He couldn’t help exclaiming in shock, “You? You’re not dead?”

Meanwhile, dozens of top-grade blood charms exploded around Qiao Xipeng, forming ripples on his protective light barrier.

Qiao Xipeng smirked contemptuously, “What a joke. What can those Blood Refining Realm toys even do?”

As soon as he said this, a loud cracking noise could be heard. The tree mystic instrument finally couldn’t bear the pressure anymore and collapsed.


Qiao Xipeng swore and then spurted out a mouthful of blood. This little Zhen Ling prick used top-grade blood charms to distract him into diverting his arcane energy, just so he could destroy his mystic instrument.

However, Qiao Xipeng was wrong again!

Qiao Xipeng escaped Landslide’s attack by a hair’s breadth before the tree mystic instrument gave way entirely. But immediately after, he saw the little Zhen Ling prick hold a jade talisman in front of him. The jade talisman glimmered with golden lights that were about to burst out.

“Talisman treasure! Damn it!”

So the top-grade blood charms were used as a decoy while he charged and activated the talisman treasure!

Qiao Xipeng flipped his hand and a silver item appeared. He also had a talisman treasure!

He mustered every last strand of arcane energy he had to charge the talisman treasure. Sadly, due to his severe injuries and the prolonged battles, his arcane energy was almost depleted.

Lu Ping finally charged up his talisman treasure and a ball of goldens light flew out from the jade talisman. The golden lights morphed into a golden javelin above him, which then shot out towards Qiao Xipeng.

Qiao Xipeng’s eyes flared wide as if he’d seen a ghost. He screamed in shock and anger, “Why do you have the Golden Javelin Talisman Treasure? You killed my brother?”

Abandoning his attempt to fully charge his talisman treasure, he immediately activated its power in response. A ball of silver lights flew out from the talisman treasure and morphed into a silver sword that flashed out to parry the golden javelin.

When the attacks collided, not a single noise was made. Only the shockwaves from the spells rippled out and destroyed half of the nameless island, shattering the island into pieces.

Lu Ping was also shocked, not because Qiao Xipeng also had a talisman treasure, but because of the silver talisman treasure’s power. As expected, if even the little brother had a talisman treasure, it was only normal for the eldest young master of the Qiao Clan to have one as well.

However, Lu Ping didn’t think Qiao Xipeng would have time to activate his talisman treasure. Although it wasn’t fully charged, Qiao Xipeng was still a Blood Condensation Realm expert after all. The powers of the two talisman treasures were almost equal.

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Lu Ping looked over and noticed Qiao Xipeng’s talisman treasure had three spiritual halos flowing inside it. It should have been forged by a Third Layer Core Forging Realm Enlightened Master. No wonder it could parry the Golden Javelin at partial strength. After all, the Golden Javelin was only forged by a First Layer Core Forging Realm Enlightened Master.

Fortunately, that wasn’t all Lu Ping had up his sleeves. He raised his hands and two red-colored, low-grade flying swords shot out towards Qiao Xipeng.

Right now, Qiao Xipeng had calmed down from the discovery of his little brother’s true murderer. When he saw the low-grade flying swords, he heaved a sigh of relief and said with a gloomy smile, “Running out of moves? Good, let your Grandaddy Qiao teach you a lesson here today! I’ll let you know what true pain is and avenge my brother!”

With these words, he cast the mid-grade flying sword he used to battle the spirit snake and slashed towards Lu Ping’s low-grade flying swords.

As the blades clashed, the red flying swords suddenly exploded and Qiao Xipeng’s weapon broke into two pieces!

Qiao Xipeng screamed in pain, “Shameless!”

He was flung backward from the explosion.

This time, the already severely-injured Qiao Xipeng couldn’t get up from the ground anymore.

The mid-grade flying sword was his natal weapon!

natal weapons were a special type of weapon that cultivators forged based on their cultivation methods, needs, and capabilities. These weapons were closely-linked to their owners’ mind and divine sense, and would grow stronger in power as the cultivators increased in prowess. The natal weapons were a cultivators’ strongest trump card.

As Qiao Xipeng was severely wounded, he wanted to kill Lu Ping as soon as possible. This led to him casting out his strongest trump card, his natal weapon. But who knew the cunning Lu Ping would so shamelessly sacrifice two low-grade mystic instruments and blow them up to destroy his natal weapon?

With the destruction of his natal weapon, and in addition to his deep wounds, Qiao Xipeng’s body had reached its limit and finally collapsed.

Lu Ping had calculated all his moves and finally lured Qiao Xipeng to his demise.

However, being the cautious guy that he was, Lu Ping didn’t go forward immediately. Instead, he cast the Flying Swallow Sword from a distance and beheaded Qiao Xipeng first. It was only then he felt assured to go forward and loot his interspatial pouch.

Lu Ping initially wanted to take the Condensed Blood Beads in Qiao Xipeng’s heart too. However, he didn’t want to cut open a human’s body and heart like he did with the previous sea snake monster. After all, the sea snake monster was a monster, not a human being.

Lu Ping thought for a while and then set Qiao Xipeng’s body on fire. Then, he collected the three Condensed Blood Beads that were left in the pile of ashes and stored them in his interspatial pouch.

After that, he cleaned up the battlefield and wiped away any remaining traces. When he turned to look around, the dying sea snake monster had already disappeared, nowhere to be found.

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