Chapter 44 - Garden
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As soon as Lu Ping returned to Huang Li Island, the Spirit Seeking Mouse Dabao immediately crawled over him. After eating half of the medicinal pellet Lu Ping had mistakenly given, it broke through from the First Layer to the Second Layer Blood Refining Realm. With its improved prowess, it also grew attached to Lu Ping.

Seeing Dabao’s excitement, Lu Ping asked with surprise, “Dabao, what is it? Did you find another spirit-gathering land? Does our Huang Li Island have so many spirit fields?”

Dabao nodded and shook. It pulled on Lu Ping’s trousers and scampered outside.

Helpless, Lu Ping had no choice but to follow Dabao.

This time, Dabao found two spots. Lu Ping understood after arriving at the place. They were not spirit-gathering fields but spirit-latent fields. In other words, these were unqualified spiritual fields.

In order to develop them into spiritual fields, he would have to spend spirit stones and cast the [Spirit Offering Art] on the fields. This would gradually stimulate and fill the area with spiritual energy so they would eventually reach the standards of a spiritual field.

Lu Ping gave it some thought. After using the [Spirit Offering Art] on these two spirit-latent fields, there would be enough to plant an acre of a spiritual garden. The [Spirit Offering Art] would cost 40 spirit stones to cast each time. But even so, after a year’s time, he would still be able to profit from the expense.

Not to mention, he’d learned a technique that could speed up the growth of the spirit herbs from [Sheng Tao's Travelogue].

It can be hard to make great work when its stolen from

The secret technique also required spirit stones to cast. However, ordinary growth-stimulating techniques could only speed up the growth time by a quarter. With Sheng Tao’s growth-stimulating technique, [Spirit Avail Art], one could speed up the growth time by almost half.

The spirit herbs on the island were the results of Sheng Tao’s [Spirit Avail Art], aided by the mini spirit vein underneath the island.

Otherwise, it would be impossible to grow 500-year-old spirit herbs in a garden planted less than two hundred years ago!

Therefore, the spirit fields in Huang Li Island would mature and be harvested six times instead of three every year.

The [Spirit Avail Art] required 80 spirit stones per acre of land and its effect would last for a year.

Lu Ping would be able to earn an additional 1,200 spirit stones every year from the seven-acre spiritual fields on the island.

Although 1,200 spirit stones could only cover three months of cultivation resources, it was a huge improvement.

After that, Lu Ping returned to his normal gardening life.

He had a total of three bottles of Blood Vigor Pellets; one bottle each from Sheng Tao’s cave-dwelling, the side hall’s Medicinal Pellet Store, and Di Kun Island’s Medicinal Pellet Store. Lu Ping could now enjoy a luxurious life of cultivating with Blood Vigor Pellets for the next three months.

With these high-quality medicinal pellets, his cultivation

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