Chapter 43 - Chen Lian
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Nine Evolutions of the True Spirit Chapter 43 - Chen Lian

When it came to the most famous mystic instrument forger on Di Kun Island, that would naturally be Old Man Chen’s Smith Shop.

Back when he was still just a young man, Old Man Chen was fortunate enough to acquire a Mystic-class low-grade spirit fire—Pebbly Jade Fire. With the help of the spirit fire, Old Man Chen’s smithery skills improved greatly and he gradually made his fame. However, when word of his spirit fire leaked out, he started gaining unwanted attention.

Just when the younger Old Man Chen was at a loss and didn’t know what to do, a cultivator whose damaged life-weapon he helped repair then stood out. After his recovery, the cultivator had advanced into the Core Forging Realm and became an Enlightened Master as well as a core disciple in Zhen Ling Sect. The cultivator was grateful for Old Man Chen’s help and announced that the forger was under his protection, which saved Old Man Chen from being targeted.

After that, the aforementioned Enlightened Master was then assigned to Di Kun Island and Old Man Chen also opened his smith shop here. With the help of Pebbly Jade Fire, coupled with his exquisite craftsmanship, his business bloomed.

As Old Man Chen grew increasingly famous, his original name was forgotten and everyone just started calling him Old Man Chen.

Lu Ping arrived at Old Man Chen’s smith shop and spotted a young man inside. The young man looked to be in his twenties and was clad in a Zhen Ling Sect uniform. Lu Ping sensed the flow of arcane energy in the young man’s body and realized that he was a Blood Condensation Realm cultivator. And so, he quickly greeted him. “Side hall Grade 3 disciple, Lu Ping, greets the master immortal!”

The young man smiled gently. “Spare the formalities. I’ve just advanced not long ago myself. I’m your senior in the side hall, perhaps just a batch earlier than you. Are you here to craft a mystic instrument?”

Even when the young man was humble, Lu Ping still didn’t dare to address him as his senior martial brother. He replied politely, “That’s right, this junior is her

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