Chapter 344 – Ouyang Wei-Jian
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Nine Evolutions of the True Spirit Chapter 344 – Ouyang Wei-Jian

The [Tri-Pristine True Vision] was already cultivated to the level of a mini divine ability, and while Lu Ping wouldn't intentionally use it while looking at others, it still enabled him to notice certain subtleties in his surroundings.

Hence, Lu Ping felt strange when he looked at Ai Shu-Tao, as if a layer of shadow was wrapped around him. By instinct, he observed him again with the [Tri-Pristine True Vision] to confirm his identity.

But little did he expect that underneath Ai Shu-Tao's disguise, he was in fact, a lady cross-dressing as a man!

Suddenly, everything now made sense in Lu Ping's mind. No wonder Ai Shu-Tao was timid and would behave effeminately at times—she was a girl all this while. Even though Lu Ping had considered this possibility in the past, he couldn't find any evidence to back up his suspicion.

Ai Shu-Tao was at first happy to hear Lu Ping praise her disguising skill, then her face quickly turned a bashful red. Whereas Ai Bo-Tao stepped forward, clasped his hands and greeted Lu Ping, "It has been years, Brother Lu's cultivation progress is astonishing. Your fame has spread after the battle at Flying Lightning Island!"

Lu Ping smiled and greeted back, "Brother Ai, please don't flatter me. I merely fought on par with Enlightened Master Li Xuan-Liang. It was a draw."

Ai Bo-Tao grinned. "Just as humble as ever. Brother Lu, everyone knows the truth. The title of Water Sword Immortal is a worthy one for you."

Lu Ping answered amiably, "Brother Ai, enough of that, aren't you one of the North Ocean Prodigies as well? I’ve heard the Ai Clan has another female cultivator who shares the alias of Ai Clan Twin Stars with you."

Ai Bo-Tao laughed, pointed at Ai Shu-Tao behind him and said proudly, "Brother Lu, let me make a proper introduction this time. This is my third sister, Ai Shu-Yao. She disguised herself as a man to make it more convenient to traverse the cultivation world alone. Who knew Brother Lu would be the first one to see through her disguise? Your prowess must have improved greatly since your

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