Chapter 343 – Avatar Forum
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Nine Evolutions of the True Spirit Chapter 343 – Avatar Forum

Avatar Realm Great Ancestors were already at the pinnacle of the cultivation world, leading cultivators and the history of mankind. Therefore, the rise of every Great Ancestor was a big event that could potentially change the cultivation world.

This resulted in a custom known as the Avatar Forum. Besides celebrating the rise of a new Great Ancestor, it was also an important event to establish the Great Ancestor's prestige in the cultivation world. At the same time, sects would also take the opportunity to strengthen the bonds between disciples.

In recent years, Zhen Ling Sect saw the rise of two new Great Ancestors, which rarely happened in the North Ocean. Needless to say, this greatly affected the political stability in the region, threatening Xuan Ling Sect's supremacy over the North Ocean.

Back when Great Ancestor Jiang Tian-Lin advanced to the Avatar Realm, there were already speculations about Zhen Ling Sect rising to the top as it had six Avatar Realm Great Ancestors, one more than Xuan Ling Sect. However, because Xuan Ling Sect's Great Ancestor Dao-Sheng was the only Late Avatar Realm Great Ancestor in the North Ocean, it was able to remain in power.

However, in the second generation of disciples, the Zhen Ling Sect already had two Great Ancestors, Jiang Tian-Lin and Liu Tian-Ling, while the Xuan Ling Sect only had Feng Xu-Dao. Feng Xu-Dao was also defeated by Jiang Tian-Lin when they were both in the Avatar Realm.

Due to the increasingly fierce human-monster war, the sects were forced to maintain a unified North Ocean alliance. However, this didn't mean that the disputes between the sects had been resolved, they were merely brushed under the carpet. The sects were all aware that a silent storm was brewing behind the scenes.

For instance, Zhen Ling Sect now had two additional Great Ancestors that were still in their peak state and full of potential, which gave the sect the confidence to challenge Xuan Ling Sect's position.

Sure enough, Zhen Ling Sect wasn't going to let go of this opportunity; it took advantage of Great Ancestor Liu Tian-Ling's Avatar Forum to help boost the sect's reputation. Not only did Zhen Ling Sect invite the North Ocean sects, even independent clans and famous rogue cultivators were invited to join the forum.

There would also be those who would come uninvited; some came to make connections, whilst others bore ill intent. Fortunately, Lu Ping had anticipated this and made thorough preparation for them. They would be allowed to join the forum after identifying themselves, which gave him the chance to remember their faces and arrange for people to monitor their actions.

Although Lu Ping didn't participate in Great Ancestor Jiang Tian-Lin's Avatar Forum, he had heard about it from Fourth Senior Martial Sister Wang Xuan-Jing. Comparing the two, Great Ancestor Liu Tian-Ling's Avatar Forum was far grander and larger than Great Ancestor Jiang Tian-Lin's Avatar Forum.

Lu Ping suddenly had a strange thought.

Although the Avatar Forum was purposely grander because the sect wanted to showcase its power, it also felt that his teacher was also competing with Great Ancestor Jiang Tian-Lin.

After all, it had been fewer than ten years since Great Ancestor Jiang Tian-Lin had broken through, making it seem like his teacher had pushed herself to catch up with Great Ancestor Jiang Tian-Lin's progress. It somehow felt a little personal.

In fact, Lu Ping wasn't the only one who felt this way, with the senior martial sisters and the disciples under Great Ancestor Jiang Tian-Lin also feeling the same.

It was the sect's custom that the youngest disciple would be the one to handle and plan the Avatar Forum, giving them the chance to showcase their capabilities and widen their perspective. However, Lu Ping was still young and inexperienced compared to the senior martial sisters, so they naturally lent him some help.

Lu Ping also had the help of Great Ancestor Jiang Tian-Lin's disciples in managing the guests. Great Ancestor Jiang Tian-Lin originally had five disciples, but the third disciple had died of old age after failing to break through to the Core Forging Realm. The other four disciples had all reached the Core Forging Realm

Even though the two teachers had fallen out with each other, the disciples still respected both teachers the same and saw each other as martial siblings, always assisting one another in every way possible. This was also why Enlightened Master Xuan-Sheng, who was Great Ancestor Jiang Tian-Lin's fourth disciple, stood up against Enlightened Master Xuan-Jing to defend Enlightened Master Liu Xuan-Ling.

Tian Ling Mountain's protective formation had been lowered slightly for the Avatar Forum, and formed a stairway purely made from spiritual energy that led directly from the foot of the mountain to Chong Hua Palace. The guests would fly to Zhen Ling Island and land at the mountain foot, and then walk on the staircase to show their respects to Great Ancestor Liu Tian-Ling.

Following the customs of the cultivation world, Avatar Realm Great Ancestors wouldn't join as they could end up stealing the spotlight from the forum master. The only exception to this were Great Ancestors who had also just advanced like the forum master.

The other requirement was that the guests had to be in the Core Forging Realm. This was so that the forum could broaden their horizons and stimulate them into cultivating harder.

At this time, two young Enlightened Masters landed on Zhen Ling Island, as a Zhen Ling Sect disciple quickly moved forward to welcome them, "Enlightened Masters, are you here for Great Ancestor Liu Tian-Ling's Avatar Forum?"

One of the Enlightened Masters, who looked like a gentle scholar with an upright stature, smiled and answered, "That's right. The original invitee is our grandfather. He has sent us to deliver his congratulations to Great Ancestor Liu Tian-Ling."

The Zhen Ling Sect disciple immediately became solemn because only Avatar Realm Great Ancestors would send their juniors to attend the forum. Apart from that, no one else would dare appoint someone else to come in their stead without good reason. Even the Enlightened Masters who were invited would have to come personally, otherwise they would be offending the forum master.

The disciple received the invitation card with both hands, read it, and then passed it back with both hands again. He then said, "The invitation card belongs to Ai Clan's Great Ancestor Ai Ru-Sheng. So, you must be Ai Clan's Enlightened Master Ai Bo-Tao, Rank 41 of the North Ocean Prodigies. Welcome to the forum, this way please!"

After that, the disciple gestured at them to follow him.

Suddenly, the other Enlightened Master, who was shorter and had smooth white skin, asked, "I heard that Great Ancestor Liu Tian-Ling's ninth disciple has returned and even defeated a Mid Core Forging Realm Enlightened Master, is that true?"

The disciple was surprised to hear the random question. He quickly answered with pride and admiration, "Yes, he is Junior Uncle Lu Xuan-Ping, one of the youngest Enlightened Masters in our sect. They say he has cultivated for less than 30 years and yet he’s already in the Third Layer Core Forging Realm. If he had returned earlier and showcased his strength on the frontline, he would've been ranked even higher amongst the North Ocean Prodigies."

The shorter Enlightened Master said happily, "Great! Can you bring me to see him? I'm a good friend of his, my name is Ai Shu-Tao."

The Zhen Ling Sect disciple looked puzzled, and then said, "Enlightened Master, worry not. Junior Uncle is the planner of the forum, you will meet him in the hall soon."

They followed the disciple to the stairway and slowly made their way to Chong Hua Palace.

At the same time, many other Enlightened Masters were also arriving at Zhen Ling Island and making their way to the palace.

Whilst walking on the stairs, Ai Bo-Tao felt the surging spiritual energy beneath his feet, and exclaimed to Ai Shu-Tao, "The Zhen Ling Sect sure is strong, it requires at least three large spirit veins to support this spiritual energy stairway."

Ai Shu-Tao nodded, "That's right. After all, it's a sect with a history of more than ten thousand years."

An Enlightened Master walking beside them suddenly glanced at them coldly, and said, "Who knows, the Zhen Ling Sect might just be pretending to be strong. It's possible that they have extracted all their spiritual energy to this area. This can easily raise the spiritual energy concentration and make it seem as though they have several large spirit veins in the sect."

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The Zhen Ling Sect disciples leading the Enlightened Master and the Ai siblings were furious, but they didn't dare to speak up to the Enlightened Master.

Ai Shu-Tao was about to talk back when Ai Bo-Tao raised his hand, and said, "Brother, you could be right. We are just saying what we think, please don't mind us."

The Enlightened Master sneered coldly, before continuing towards Chong Hua Palace.

Ai Shu-Tao stared angrily at the Enlightened Master, and asked, "Brother, why didn’t you let me talk back to him?"

Ai Bo-Tao smiled, while a voice above them said, "He’s from Fei Yu Sect, which isn't very friendly with Zhen Ling Sect. It's normal that he'd say something bad about us."

Ai Shu-Tao looked forward and was happy to see Lu Ping standing in front of the forum's main entrance.

Ai Bo-Tao waved his hand happily, and shouted, "Big Brother Lu!"

A white light flashed in Lu Ping's eyes. Then he smiled bitterly, and said, "Brother Ai, you two… have hid the truth from me for so long. I didn't know that Brother Ai Shu-Tao is actually… Sister Ai Shu-Tao? What a marvelous disguise."

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