Chapter 343 – Avatar Forum
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Nine Evolutions of the True Spirit Chapter 343 – Avatar Forum

Avatar Realm Great Ancestors were already at the pinnacle of the cultivation world, leading cultivators and the history of mankind. Therefore, the rise of every Great Ancestor was a big event that could potentially change the cultivation world.

This resulted in a custom known as the Avatar Forum. Besides celebrating the rise of a new Great Ancestor, it was also an important event to establish the Great Ancestor's prestige in the cultivation world. At the same time, sects would also take the opportunity to strengthen the bonds between disciples.

In recent years, Zhen Ling Sect saw the rise of two new Great Ancestors, which rarely happened in the North Ocean. Needless to say, this greatly affected the political stability in the region, threatening Xuan Ling Sect's supremacy over the North Ocean.

Back when Great Ancestor Jiang Tian-Lin advanced to the Avatar Realm, there were already speculations about Zhen Ling Sect rising to the top as it had six Avatar Realm Great Ancestors, one more than Xuan Ling Sect. However, because Xuan Ling Sect's Great Ancestor Dao-Sheng was the only Late Avatar Realm Great Ancestor in the North Ocean, it was able to remain in power.

However, in the second generation of disciples, the Zhen Ling Sect already had two Great Ancestors, Jiang Tian-Lin and Liu Tian-Ling, while the Xuan Ling Sect only had Feng Xu-Dao. Feng Xu-Dao was also defeated by Jiang Tian-Lin when they were both in the Avatar Realm.

Due to the increasingly fierce human-monster war, the sects were forced to maintain a unified North Ocean alliance. However, this didn't mean that the disputes between the sects had been resolved, they were merely brushed under the carpet. The sects were all aware that a silent storm was brewing behind the scenes.

For instance, Zhen Ling Sect now had two additional Great Ancestors that were still in their peak state and full of potential, which gave the sect the confidence to challenge Xuan Ling Sect's position.

Sure enough, Zhen Ling Sect wasn't going to let go of this opportunity; it took advan

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