Chapter 315 – [Heavenly Curtain Aegis]
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Nine Evolutions of the True Spirit Chapter 315 – [Heavenly Curtain Aegis]

In the monster race, cultivators with the potential of reaching the Core Forging Realm were often made as monster generals. Their status was equivalent to the human race's elite disciples. Hence, they would also have soul lamps that would be looked after to determine their status.

Clearly, this Peak Blood Condensation Realm monster general had a soul lamp that was in the hands of his cave master. As a result, the cave master was alerted the moment he was killed.

When Lu Ping heard the roar, he was surprised to discover that it belonged to the same Kun that had previously chased after Chu Ting. However, he wasn’t very worried as he was confident that the Kun monster wouldn't be able to stop him from escaping, not to mention that Beauty Sun was also with him.

But, they were still in the monster race territory, so It would be catastrophic if they were stuck here since they would eventually end up facing more than just one monster Enlightened Master.

A giant fish the size of a mountain leapt out of the sea. It flew into the sky and hurled ice projectiles towards Lu Ping and Beauty Sun.

Beauty Sun cast a spell immediately turning the ice projectiles back into water, which drizzled down like rain.

"You two… I recognize both of you!"

The Kun monster's massive eyes stared at the two of them in shock. The Kun plunged down into the sea creating a huge wave that threatened to swallow them.

An ice ring hovered in front of Lu Ping, as he shouted at the incoming wave, "Freeze!"

A burst of white air blew out of the ring, freezin the wave into a floating iceberg. However, just as Lu Ping turned to leave, the ice cracked and a small hole appeared, from which a dark-bluish shadow flashed across the sky.

Beauty Sun saw the fleeting shadow, and shouted anxiously, "Careful! There's a Core Forging Realm Shadow Fish!"

However, the shadow was too quick, and too sudden, so there was nothing else Lu Ping could do other than to trigger his aegis energy!


The Shadow Fish monster was shocked as the aegis energy blocked the attack. At the same time, Lu Ping suddenly turned invisible and disappeared. By the time he reappeared, he was already some distance away.

Just as the Shadow Fish monster was about to give chase, a strange sound came from underwater. The Shadow Fish monster stopped and watched as Lu Ping and Beauty Sun disappeared into the horizon.

The sea surface cracked open and a suave gentleman appeared. The Shadow Fish monster bowed at the young man and disappeared. The young man looked down at his own shadow and smiled. A breeze swept across the sea and the young man disappeared into thin air.

Far away, two light rays landed on the sea surface. They were none other than Lu Ping and Beauty Sun.

"How surprising, Dao Brother Lu has cultivated an aegis energy divine ability. Although that Shadow Fish was only in the First Layer Core Forging Realm, it's still very impressive that your aegis energy divine ability didn't break, it's almost as tough as a protective mystic treasure."

Beauty Sun was astonished by the prowess displayed by Lu Ping's [Heavenly Curtain Aegis]!

Lu Ping smiled, "It's also thanks to your Shapeless Water, without which I wouldn’t have been able to cultivate it so fast."

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Beauty Sun chortled, "Dao Brother Lu is too humble. Ordinary protective divine abilities aren’t this strong. Perhaps, it's because Dao Brother Lu has used all the Shapeless Water, that is usually enough for three cultivators. Otherwise, it can't explain your abnormally powerful aegis energy."

Lu Ping smiled, but didn't answer her.

Beauty Sun also didn't expect to hear any answer, and continued, "It's a pity that the Inebriant Purified Water is gone. I can detect that the Inebriant Purified Water is with the Kun monster. I'm sorry I couldn't fulfill my promise."

Lu Ping shook his head, and asked, "Beauty Sun, do you really have a secret technique that can detect heaven-and-earth waters?"

Beauty Sun opened her palm; a verdant water droplet condensed and rolled freely on her palm.

"Spirituality True Water! No wonder!" Lu Ping immediately understood after seeing the water droplet.

"Yes, Spirituality True Water. It was the Mystic-class wonder water I used to forge my Golden Core. I have cultivated it into a divine ability that allows me to detect heaven-and-earth peculiar waters in my surroundings. However, it doesn’t work for heaven-and-earth wonder waters since all wonder waters have their own spiritualities that can counter my divine ability"

Lu Ping was envious, "No wonder you can find Shapeless Water and Crystalline Purified Water, what an amazing divine ability."

To be frank, Lu Ping was disappointed after realizing he had just missed out on Inebriant Purified Water, as it was the final piece of the puzzle he needed to cultivate the [Tri-Pristine True Vision], which would be his second mini divine ability.

Left with no other business together, the two departed ways.

Recently, the southern region of the East Ocean was once again thrown into turmoil revolving around the Flying Fish Island which was the second largest power in the region, after the Sky Cleaving Sword Sect. It was said that there were three Avatar Realm Great Ancestors in Flying Fish Island.

However, Enlightened Master Xia of Flying Fish Island who had just exchanged a spirit-gathering teapot from Sky Cleaving Sword Sect's trade fair was intercepted by several mysterious cultivators on his way back to the island.

The interceptors seemed to have come from different organizations as they all worked alone. But, as Enlightened Master Xia wasn’t weak, and a mysterious Late Core Forging Realm Enlightened Master was secretly helping him, he eventually managed to safely regroup with the reinforcements from Flying Fish Island.

However, on the same night that the spirit-gathering teapot reached Flying Fish Island, a Late Core Forging Realm Enlightened Master sneaked into the island's vault to try and steal it. Fortunately, a Great Ancestor quickly noticed him and stopped the thief. But, the thief managed to escape and even stole two mystic treasures from the vault.

This piece of news astounded the East Ocean cultivators, and the Flying Fish Island's reputation took a hit.

When Lu Ping heard the news, he quickly returned to Silver Sword Island and returned to the inn. By the time he arrived, Zhu Xuan-Meng had already left. Lu Ping checked the suite and then cast a spell at the wall facing his room.

The stone wall cracked open slightly, revealing a hidden jade scroll. This was Zhen Ling Sect's secret means of communication. The jade scroll was protected by a seal that would destroy it if anyone tried to break open the seal.

As expected, the jade scroll was left behind by Liang Xuan-Feng. Liang Xuan-Feng had returned whilst Lu Ping was away, but due to pressing matters, they didn't have time to wait for him and so they left first. The jade scroll gave a date where they would meet so that Liang Xuan-Feng could bring Lu Ping to Zhen Ling Sect's hideout in the Fallen Rift.

A few days later, Lu Ping walked out of the teleportation formation in Qian Yuan City. He immediately noticed that the guards standing outside were looking at him weirdly. As he walked in the city, he also noticed a heavy atmosphere. Lu Ping shrugged it off and then rented a cave-dwelling from the Northern League.

After entering the cultivation room, he put down the Golden House. The spiritual energy in the room immediately flowed into the spatial mystic instrument and gathered inside.

The second day after his arrival, Chu Ting came to visit him. He welcomed her to the living area of the cave-dwelling, and smiled, "Maiden Pavilion sure is well-informed. I arrived in Qian Yuan City just yesterday, and Young Lady Chu has already found out where I live."

Chu Ting's expression was solemn, "Brother Lu, this is not the time to joke around. The human-monster confrontation is worsening day by day, the snake monsters are pressuring the Northern League into a war; we will have to speed up our plan."

Lu Ping asked in confusion, "I've heard about the confrontation. But I still can't figure out why the snake monsters slaughtered the Shangguan Clan?"

"We don't know for certain." Chu Ting was also confused, and continued, "But according to the rumors amongst the monster race, it has something to do with Emerald Sea Spirit Snakes."

Lu Ping's heart lurched, but he remained calm on the surface, and said, "Didn't one survivor escape? We just have to ask him, and the truth will be revealed, right?"

Chu Ting sneered coldly, "Who would've thought that the Shangguan Clan actually came from the Central Plain. There was a long-distance teleportation formation in the clan. When the Northern League's reinforcements arrived on the island, the teleportation formation had already been activated. After interrogating the captured monsters, the Northern League confirmed that the sole survivor was Shangguan Hao."

Lu Ping was surprised to hear that the Shangguan Clan was related to the Central Plain. However, when he heard that Shangguan Hao had left the East Ocean, he eased his unsettled heart. It seemed that the news of him having Emerald Sea Spirit Snakes wouldn't be exposed anytime soon.

Chu Ting looked at Lu Ping and couldn't help but ask, "Brother Lu, do you really refuse our Maiden Pavilion's assistance? Are you sure that you can expel the Wang Clan and supplant them with your own power?"

Lu Ping naturally knew this was the real reason that brought Chu Ting here today. He smiled and insisted, "My stance is still the same. I can accept Maiden Pavilion's help, but to hand over the command rights is impossible. Wave Listening Island will belong to me alone."

Chu Ting intentionally sighed, "I've already contacted two Core Forging Realm Enlightened Masters to help you. But if you insist on doing it yourself, Maiden Pavilion can only help you hold back Wang Clan's main forces in Three Clans Islands."

Lu Ping smiled, "We will commence the operation in six months, that should be enough time for all preparations."

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