Chapter 290 – Breakthrough (2)
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Nine Evolutions of the True Spirit Chapter 290 – Breakthrough (2)

Lu Ping had no idea he had caused such a huge ruckus in the city, he was now like a black hole of spiritual energy!

When the nine true energy droplets began to gather in the center, Lu Ping's divine revelation also flowed into the heartspace and fused into the energy droplets.

The [North Ocean Wave Listening Scripture] continuously absorbed the surrounding spiritual energy into his body. After refining it into true energy, it then flowed into the energy droplets in the heartspace.

The combination of his divine revelation and true energy stimulated the awakening of his foundation bloodline, giving it a sense of spirituality, as if an inner Jiao had truly come to life inside him.

Because of Lu Ping's immensely consolidated foundation, it demanded an equally massive spiritual energy to support his breakthrough. The spiritual energy absorbed by his cultivation alone was not enough.

Fortunately, Lu Ping had long prepared for this. He had set up a spirit-gathering formation with 180 mid-grade spirit stones which provided a constant supply of spiritual energy.

The huge vortex above the cave-dwelling drew in all the spiritual energy from the surroundings. The vortex was so huge it could be seen five miles away from the cave-dwelling.

The cultivators in the city almost immediately noticed the vortex, and they exclaimed in shock, "A heavenly phenomenon!"

"Who is breaking through to the Core Forging Realm?"

"Core Forging Realm? This phenomenon is beyond that scale of advancement! Someone must be ascending into the Mid or even Late Core Forging Realm!"

"Impossible! It may give that impression, but Enlightened Masters wouldn’t make such a scene when they can easily control their true energy."

"Maybe this Enlightened Master is intentionally showing off, so he didn't try to contain the impact?"

"Maybe this Enlightened Master is trying to fuse a wonder item above his league, so the breakthrough went beyond his control?"

At this time, an oppressive divine revelation radiated outward, covering a mile and a half beyond the cave-dwelling.

"More than a mile's range, this is definitely a Mid Core Forging Realm Enlightened Master. Seems like the breakthrough is a success."

"The pressure in his divine revelation is greater than usual. Is he trying to make a statement with this display?"

"It might be the wonder item that he fused. Hmm, interesting, I didn't know wonder items could enhance one’s divine revelation? Interesting…"


When the nine true energy droplets finally collided in the center of the heartspace, the spiritual energy around Lu Ping suddenly rumbled, letting out a shockwave. It hit Wu Yan, who fell rolling on the ground.

A loud bang roared in Lu Ping's ears, and when he recovered, his senses were suddenly sharper and much more enhanced. His divine revelation spread out on its own and he could clearly sense everything within 1.5 miles around him. He could hear cultivators talking and discussing the breakthrough.

Lu Ping retracted his divine revelation and quickly familiarized himself with his new prowess. The vortex of spiritual energy had disappeared after his advancement, but spiritual energy was still flowing towards his cave-dwelling.

At this time, Lu Ping's heartspace had been dyed gold, the huge but somewhat unstable Golden Core was in the center, and the twelve Primordial Stars were orbiting slowly around it.

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As Lu Ping focused his attention on the Golden Core, an inexplicable bond was formed. He could feel a life force hibernating deep within it, slowly growing and waiting for the day it would come to life.

Just like the Blood Condensation Realm, the Core Forging Realm was also separated into nine layers and three stages. In each cultivation layer, Enlightened Masters must infuse their divine revelation into the Golden Core to deepen the connection.

Then, in each stage, the Golden Core had to be fused with a wonder item. This would increase the quality of the Golden Core and also enhance the spirituality of the life force hibernating in the core. At the last stage, the life force would be awakened to achieve the Avatar Realm.

Right now, Lu Ping's divine revelation had successfully established a connection with his Golden Core. After nearly twenty years of hard cultivation, Lu Ping had finally condensed his own Golden Core and became a high-rank cultivator in the cultivation world.

Although the energy vortex has disappeared, it left a lasting effect that continued to attract the surrounding spiritual energy to the cave-dwelling. The phenomenon lasted for three months. In those three months, the area around the cave-dwelling was left with little to no spiritual energy.

In addition, the spiritual energy in the rented Tier-2 cave-dwelling was equivalent to that of a medium spirit vein, and he had also set up a spirit-gathering formation with 180 spirit stones. All of that combined was just barely enough for him to consolidate his cultivation base.

In fact, Lu Ping himself was surprised by the amount of spiritual energy he needed. But it was understandable. First of all, his true energy had been used up to condense the Golden Core, so it could only be replenished.

Secondly, the Core Division Pellets left a massive amount of true energy in his body that he had yet to completely refine into his own true energy. One must know, the Core Division Pellets were concocted using Enlightened Master Jin Li's Golden Core, who was a Second Layer Enlightened Master, so his true energy was naturally harder to refine.

Three months passed quickly, the effect of the vortex finally ceased, and spiritual energy began to return to the surroundings. Thankfully, the Northern League didn't have any cave-dwellings for rent nearby, otherwise, the occupants would surely complain about him.

Despite that, half of the cultivators in the city were talking about him. They were saying that he was an Enlightened Master who fused a high-level wonder item, which caused the unusual phenomenon.

However, the Northern League had records of the occupants in the cave-dwellings, so naturally they knew he was just a Blood Condensation Realm cultivator before the breakthrough. Most of all, this cultivator was Alchemist Lu Jiu who’d just made a splash in the Alchemy Conference.

Hence, when Lu Ping's cave-dwelling stopped gathering spiritual energy, Enlightened Master Qin and Zhou Chuang both came to pay him a visit.

The trembling Wu Yan greeted them, then explained the situation politely.

"Brother Lu is still in cultivation?" Enlightened Master Qin frowned.

"Yes sir." Wu Yan finally calmed down from his initial panic. He took a long breath and replied, "The young master said he had overly prepared for the breakthrough, leading to a huge amount of spiritual energy detained in his body that must be refined before it affects his foundation."

"So, do you know when Brother Lu Jiu will end his closed-door cultivation?" For some reason, a trace of envy flashed past Enlightened Master Qin's face.

"Regarding this, the young master didn't mention a specific time, he only said that he will come out after refining the spiritual energy and consolidating his foundation."

Wu Yan answered, while suddenly feeling a sense of accomplishment for talking equally to a Late Core Forging Realm Enlightened Master. This was all thanks to the young master, if not for him, he would never be treated accordingly by any Enlightened Master.

"Well then, we will come back to visit when Brother Lu comes out."

After they left the cave-dwelling, Zhou Chuang couldn't hold back anymore and asked, "Senior Brother, did Lu Jiu really become a Master Alchemist while still in the Blood Condensation Realm?"

Enlightened Master Qin answered calmly, "Otherwise, how do you think he passed the first test of the Grandmaster Alchemist's legacy? You also passed a Grandmaster Alchemist's test, you know exactly how difficult they are, don't you?"

Zhou Chuang lapsed into silence for a moment, then said, "Unfortunately, I didn't pass the other Grandmaster Alchemist's test. So, he still has some reservations in the Alchemy Conference?"

Enlightened Master Qin heard Zhou Chuang’s unwillingness to concede in his words. "The cultivation world is full of talents and geniuses. Many are known, but there are also some that stay inconspicuous and are unheard of until one day in the future. Who dares to say that they are the best in the world?

"Keep in mind that there will always be someone better than you, so never lose sight of yourself trying to match them. Walk your own path at your own pace, and you will eventually be where you should be in the future."

Zhou Chuang remained quiet for some time, then he regained his composure and said calmly, "Senior Brother is right, I will always remember this lesson."

Enlightened Master Qin nodded quietly. He was gratified that Zhou Chuang was able to accept the advice and could quickly adjust his temperament and attitude. Then, Enlightened Master Qin said, "Junior Brother, your foundation is solid, your breakthrough is imminent. You should get ready for the Core Forging Realm after we’re done here."

After Enlightened Master Qin’s and Zhou Chuang’s visit, Black Mountain Gang Qiao Zheng-Yan and his son also dropped by, followed by Melodious Inn's Chu Ting and Li Xiu-Zhu. However, they were all dismissed and left after Wu Yan explained the situation to them.

At this time, Lu Ping was surprised by the series of cultivation progress he was experiencing.

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