Chapter 28 - Ninth Rank
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Nine Evolutions of the True Spirit Chapter 28 - Ninth Rank

After returning from the trade fair, Lu Ping plunged into another round of intensive cultivation.

Although he didn’t spend many spirit stones in the trade fair, he traded quite a notable amount of his unused items for other valuables. Overall, it had been a satisfying outing.

Especially so for the two bottles of Blood Solidifying Pellets that were equivalent to 40 Blood Essence Pellets. With the pellets, he could absorb the same level of medicinal efficacy in just 20 days instead of 40, the time it would take with the usual Blood Essence Pellets.

In other words, Lu Ping’s cultivation progress would be two times faster with the help of the Blood Solidifying Pellets. They were truly much better.

Another half year passed, and Lu Ping was turning 18 soon. With the help of sufficient spirit stones and medicinal pellets, he finally reached the peak of Eighth Layer Blood Refining Realm and was on the cusp of entering the Ninth Layer.

For the past six months, the biggest piece of news was the truce between Zhen Ling Sect and Xuan Ling Sect, aided by the other sects in the North Ocean Alliance.

Xuan Ling Sect had carried out a series of investigations and finally found out the “truth” behind the spies. It turned out to be the work of several Blood Condensation Realm cultivators in Xuan Ling Sect who lacked cultivation resources. In order to obtain more, they secretly supported smaller groups of rogue cultivators. Then, they used these rogue cultivators to obtain cultivation resources for themselves through unlawful means.

Search for the original.

For this reason, Xuan Ling Sect expressed its deep regrets for the losses caused to Zhen Ling Sect and the other five sects due to its own mismanagement. Xuan Ling Sect also publicized the punishments sentenced to the evildoers. They sealed their cultivation bases, stripped them of their statuses as inner hall disciples, and then demoted to be coolies for the sect.

Zhen Ling Sect and its allies gave their approval of Xuan Ling Sect’s investigations yet still maintained the need for remuneration—15 occupied islands would serve as compensation for their losses. Zhen Ling Sect and its allies were trying to make these islands theirs.

However, Xuan Ling Sect and its own allies have traditionally led the North Ocean Alliance for many years. They convinced the majority of the other sects in the North Ocean Alliance that ownership of the islands would be determined through an “Island Duel”.

Both sides would send 15 Blood Condensation Realm disciples to draw lots and duel for the islands. One duel for one island, with the victor claiming ownership of the island.

In the face of strong diplomatic pressure, Zhen Ling Sect and its allies were forced to agree to the “Island Duel”. However, Zhen Ling Sect strongly requested to exclude Xuan Qi Island from the competition due to its strategic location, which was right on the border between Xuan Ling Sect and Zhen Ling Sect. But Zhen Ling Sect’s prowess was much weaker than Xuan Ling Sect,

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