Chapter 24 - Disputes
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Nine Evolutions of the True Spirit Chapter 24 - Disputes

Frightened by Zhang Zhihe’s attack, Lu Ping was close to suffering an internal injury. He never expected that a Blood Condensation Realm cultivator, even when severely wounded, would still be this strong!

Little did he know that Zhang Zhihe was also shocked and frustrated as well. He thought it would be easy to crush a puny Eighth Layer Blood Refining Realm cultivator in a single blow. But he never expected the puny cultivator’s cultivation foundation to be so solid—not only did he fail to kill him, that little cultivator actually managed to slow him down!

Master Immortal Du might have given the order hastily, but who would’ve thought Lu Ping could actually hold his ground and stall Zhang Zhihe?

In the split-second Zhang Zhihe paused, Master Immortal Du’s top-grade Flying Fish Sword was already inches away from piercing through his back. Left with no hope of escape, Zhang Zhihe had no choice but to turn around and fight.

Seeing that he had destroyed Zhang Zhihe’s plan to escape, Lu Ping was afraid that the man would act out of desperation. He quickly retreated to a place far away from the battle. On the other hand, he was also worried that Master Immortal Du would order him to help him fight the battle.

However, Lu Ping’s worries were unnecessary—Zhang Zhihe had reached his limit. He’d already cast [Blood Spirit Escape] twice in order to escape, so there wasn’t much energy left in him.

A few moments later, Lu Ping heard a cry of death as Zhang Zhihe was killed mid-air by Master Immortal Du.

Quickly, Lu Ping moved upwards and reported to Master Immortal Du on his current mission progress. Pleased, the Master Immortal praised him for his achievements, before briefing him on his chase for Zhang Zhihe.

It started when a Zhen Ling disciple came across Zhang Zhihe, who was hiding out on a mini island the disciple had been dispatched to. The disciple encountered Zhang Zhihe and before his death, managed to send out a signal. Master Immortal Du was patrolling nearby and hurried to the scene to battle Zhang Zhihe.

Zhang Zhihe was already severely wounded, so naturally he wasn’t a match for Master Immortal Du. Left with no choice, he was forced to cast [Blood Spirit Escape] one more time.

Unfortunately for him, Master Immortal Du was prepared for it this time and chased closely behind. Then, Lu Ping stalled Zhang Zhihe for a split second which eventually led the escapee to his death.

Master Immortal Du took out a jade scroll and said, “This scroll records Zhang Zhihe’s secret technique, the [Blood Spirit Escape]. It’s not bad, as it can help a person out of a predicament. You helped to stall Zhang Zhihe and saved me some work in killing him. So here, take this jade scroll.”

Theft is never good, try looking at

Lu Ping was very excited. The power of a secret technique would grow as the cultivator’s cultivation base increased. Although there was always a price to pay for casting them, each and every secret technique was extremely effective in killing the enemy

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