Chapter 213 - With A Skilled Hand, You Can Pull Out The Rug From Under Anyone
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Necromancer: I Am A Disaster Chapter 213 - With A Skilled Hand, You Can Pull Out The Rug From Under Anyone

Lin Moyu arrived at the God Bai Courtyard and respectfully saluted Bai Yiyuan, "Greetings, Teacher."

Subsequently, he saluted Meng Anwen and Ning Tairan, "Greetings, Senior Meng, Senior Ning."

Bai Yiyuan looked Lin Moyu up and down, "Not bad. In two days, you went from level 28 to level 30. Your speed isn't worse than mine back in the day."

"Sheesh!" Ning Tairan sneered disdainfully.

Meng Anwen spoke in a most placid tone, "It took you 18 days to go from level 28 to level 30."

Bai Yiyuan's face fell immediately, "Old Meng, that's uncalled-for."

"Talking big in front of your student is even more uncalled-for." Meng Anwen's tone remained placid, showing no intention of giving Bai Yiyuan face.

Bai Yiyuan waved his hand, "Forget it, I won't stoop to your level!"

"You should first meditate and restore your energies to their peak!"

Upon hearing Bai Yiyuan's words, Lin Moyu stepped aside and quickly entered a meditative state.

It had been a while since he exited the dungeon, and his mind had already settled down. In less than a minute, Lin Moyu entered a meditative state, and his energies were rapidly being restored.

Bai Yiyuan gave Meng Anwen a sign with his eyes.

Meng Anwen conjured the Shenxia Tower's phantom in his palm, and a ray of light shot out from the tower and enveloped Lin Moyu.

Lin Moyu's brow unfurled, his entire body relaxed, and the rate at which his spirit force was restored increased.

It was even more effective than the Dimensional Battlefield's Military Skill Grinding Site. In less than an hour, Lin Moyu was back to peak condition, his energies fully restored.

In fact, they were not just restored, but even slightly exceeded their usual levels. This was all thanks to the ray of light released by the Shenxia Tower's phantom.

Bai Yiyuan nodded in satisfaction, "Good, your energies are fully restored. Now you can use skill scrolls."

When your energies were at their peak, the likelihood of you awakening a skill increased.

Lin Moyu made a sound of assent and took out the skill scrolls he had prepared.

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