Chapter 955: Peace Street
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My Iyashikei Game Chapter 955: Peace Street

Happiness Neighborhood only sent three people, but that was enough to shock everyone in the game. No one dared to interrupt Han Fei anymore. The large pavilion was silent.

"Since you have no questions, then I'll continue," Han Fei opened the documents he had and shared all the info he had on the nightmare to all the players through the comms device, "This is all the guides Happiness Neighborhood had found out based on the nightmares. We're now sharing it with all the players! Our current progress is on the fifth layer. The solution and experiences we've seen are all here. Happiness Neighborhood will help more players to clear the nightmare!"

Once Han Fei said that, the players gathered at the pavilion were excited. The first guild shared the info they risked their lives for so easily with everyone. They really wanted to save everyone!

Seeing this, the expressions of the representatives from Absolute Truth and Merchant Union darkened. They had paid a hefty price to get to the fifth layer. From their perspective, power was the premise for the exchange of equal value. The normal players had no right to participate in this battle. Their best wish was to share the info among the top 10 guilds. If the other guilds wanted a piece of the info, they had to pay an equivalent price. Unfortunately, Han Fei had shattered the rules.

"I know what some of you are thinking." Han Fei lowered his voice. "Because you have higher funds and level, you delineate the players among yourselves. However, there is no need because, in my eyes, all the players are the same." Han Fei was already very kind. The difference between him and the normal players was not something that could be bridged by levels.

"This is just the beginning. In the future, Happiness Neighborhood will write the guides to every layer of the nightmare on the signboards at the central pavilion." Han Fei said with determination, "Our enemy is filled with malice and is far more cunning than we can imagine. The invitation in the fifth layer is to separate the players. Hap

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