Chapter 937: Night and Net
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My Iyashikei Game Chapter 937: Night and Net

Han Fei shared part of his plan with Qiang Wei and Boss. However, for these kids, the main thing wasn't to take revenge but to save themselves. Only by being alive could they witness the future they wanted.

Li Xue and her colleagues burst into the room. They escorted Han Fei away. "Come on. Let's go to the headquarters. My superior wants to see you." Li Xue drove Han Fei. Two officers sat at the back.

"It's fine. You don't need to assign such heavy protection detail on me." Han Fei felt his social anxiety coming back, surrounded by the police.

"Xin Lu is too dangerous now." The fact that this came from Li Xue signified how serious the situation was. "It doesn't look like much on the surface, but we've already crossed swords with three criminal organizations on many invisible battlefields. They are a lot more cunning than we thought."

"Invisible battlefields?"

"Yes. Those people have taken down the defense of Xin Lu's online world. They have sent many viruses into the web." Li Xue's expression was severe. "Whenever night falls, they would attack the internet to destroy the traffic control, communication system, and economy. This is an attack from all sides. Panic spreads among the citizens." The three organizations contained a lot of criminals, but some of them were very clever. The firefights that Han Fei expected didn't happen. The Unmentionables chose the battles that would hide their weaknesses. Dream, Gao Xing, and Butterfly were experts at playing with human emotions.

"They appear to be fighting a war without any bloodshed." Han Fei knew the scariness of Unmentionables. But he didn't expect they could still cause such damage after the cryptic world was sealed.

"The enemy is scary, but we're not pushovers. Until now, they haven't really reached the core control system. We're basically pushing and pulling around Deep Space Tech's seventh supercomputer." Li Xue revealed some insider info.

"The seventh supercomputer? Isn't that the core of the intelligent city too?"

"Yes. The three organizations no longer

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