Chapter 893: Crazy Plan
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My Iyashikei Game Chapter 893: Crazy Plan

The man in white had seen many persona users with eight awakenings, but he hadn’t seen anyone like Han Fei. He faced problems deeper than entering the Strange Building alone.

The man in white originally had a perfect plan. He was sure that Han Fei was the person who attacked Hope City that night. If he could arrest Han Fei, he could pin everything on Han Fei. If the center didn’t allow that, he could use this opportunity to create chaos. No matter the result, he wouldn’t waste this trip. However, he didn’t consider a third possibility, where Han Fei was extremely hostile towards him even though he had just woken up.

“Don’t worry. I will not kill the innocent.” That was what he said, but the next moment, the greed abyss sealed up the whole zone. Han Fei dragged the man in white into the world of sins. Before the man could resist, he was sucked into the abyss.

“You should know this man, right?” The black water in the abyss churned. The soul of Flower Lawyer floated. He was bound by Flower of Resentment.

“It was you who killed the patrols of Zone A, right?” The man in white had that guess before, but he didn’t think Han Fei would be brave enough to bring this to the surface.

“Not only that, I’ll not let you escape either.” Han Fei was in a good mood. He remembered the faces of all the criminals in the case of ghost cards. This man in white was a King card!

“Do you want to start a war between Hope City and the center.” The man panicked. He couldn’t maintain the balance of the scale anymore.

“It doesn’t matter anymore.” Han Fei walked under the healing starlight. After his eighth awakening, his recovery power increased again.

“After consuming the Top Pure Hatred, my greed persona has completed the eighth awakening. To achieve the ninth awakening, then he has to consume the altar and the Unmentionable’s body. The center and Hope City won’t help with that. I need to venture into Strange Buildings and Taboo Buildings.” Han Fei said all these before the man in white. The man was about to die so Han Fei didn’t care i

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