Chapter 892: Scale
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My Iyashikei Game Chapter 892: Scale

The system notifications rang in Han Fei’s mind. However, he couldn’t do anything about them. If he stopped, he would die. He had to keep killing. It was not up to Han Fei to decide how many to kill. After losing the qualification to become a Sin Seeker, Han Fei continued his massacre. He became an emotionless executioner. The number became meaningless. There were cries everywhere in the abyss. All the sins were torn apart. The blood fell around the abyss, becoming a part of it.

As sins were eliminated, Gao Xing became weaker and Gao Cheng stronger. The fight between two eyes was coming to an end too. As the two’s memories clashed for one last time, Gao Cheng gathered all his strength with Han Fei’s help. The boy who was trapped, so long by Gao Xing in the aquarium charged at fate. Even if he might die, he would resist.

The flowers of the twinflower shuddered. The wilted flower glowed with light, while the blooming flower started to wilt. Fate was changing. The last collision smashed the greed abyss. The presence of Pure Hatred almost exploded Han Fei’s brain. The healed personas fell from the sky to join the abyss.

Han Fei’s greed abyss was made from the blood of ghosts. So he could use various powers of persona as support. The original greed abyss was shattered by Top Pure Hatred. The new greed abyss was made from ghosts and humanity.

“The Unmentionable’s altar world is the world they want to create?” Han Fei had a startling thought. “Then could the cryptic world be a world wished into being by a ghost too?” Gao Xing’s memory couldn’t fight anymore. It was consumed by Gao Cheng. Two eyes were covered in blood. The healing moonlight reflected the black flame. Between the moon and the abyss, a pair of eyes slowly opened. The abyss suddenly healed faster. The eyes could change the rules of this world or it was part of the rules.

“You’ve succeeded.” Han Fei looked at the sky. Gao Cheng’s eyes looked at him too. Now was Han Fei’s weakest moment. If Gao Cheng wanted to take his body back, he only needed to look an

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