Chapter 807: Good News
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My Iyashikei Game Chapter 807: Good News

“I’m sorry. Other than the doctor, no one can enter.” Two officers were ready to pull Han Fei away, but one of Li Xue’s seniors walked over. “Han Fei is Teacher’s final student. He’s one of us.” Li Xue’s senior took out his phone and broadcasted a video. “Teacher appears to know what you’re doing. He used his life to support you.”

The video was prerecorded. The elder was already very sick. He resisted the pain and voiced his thoughts on Han Fei and how he chose Han Fei as his final student.

“But…” Han Fei opened his mouth. He turned to the window to look at the unconscious elder. “Did he say anything else before he fainted?”

“No.” Li Xue’s senior shook his head, “But teacher had been preparing for this day since several months ago.” He clicked on his phone. The information about the intelligent city, old city, and the five biggest Xin Lu countrysides were projected in the corridor. There were several thousand red bases marked out on it. “All the criminal organizations in Xin Lu have been marked out. It took three years and seven months. We’re waiting for the big fish.”

All the red dots were connected by a thin line. Han Fei could see the elder simulated everything in his mind. The lines kept overlapping, and the center was the city center where Deep Space Tech’s seventh-generation photon computer was located.

“Before Teacher fainted, he locked himself up in his room. No one knew what he was thinking. But the manager who found him said that he had a smile of relief on his face. He had done everything he could. So now it’s our turn.” Li Xue’s senior handed a black device to Han Fei. “Teacher would give every student a present. This is something he left for you. Take good care of it.”

Han Fei accepted the black communicator. He wanted to ask something else, but Li Xue’s senior turned and left. “We’ve completed our mission. We should go.” The officers followed Li Xue’s senior. Han Fei opened the communicator. After the static disappeared, the old man’s final message sounded.

“I don’t know whether I should call y

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