Chapter 806: Eye
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My Iyashikei Game Chapter 806: Eye


“God’s family? Does that False God still have a family?”

Han Fei and Evil Sin turned to Mr. Mo. Being stared at by the two, Mr. Mo felt suffocated. He quickly explained, “The eye has divinity. This old man is ‘family’ approved by God. Killing him means challenging God directly.”

“How do you know these things?”

“Dictators are the people you mustn’t challenge in this building. You know the dancer, right? He was once a Dictator from above floor 50. After he gave everything, he escaped with the gardener when God was asleep.” Mr. Mo revealed another secret.

“The dancer was once a Dictator?”

“God has killed many people in his life. Many fear and respect him, but not many have helped him. Based on what the dancer said, all the Dictators are people who have once helped God. And they have helped him unconditionally.” Mr. Mo realized the old man’s forehead was bleeding. “In any case, we can’t kill him. That eyeball represents God.”

“I’ve tortured him in any way possible, but he refuses to reveal God’s secret. So the issue is this eyeball.” Evil Soul understood it. He picked up the old man. The fate threads surged to the old man’s head.

“What are you doing?” Mr. Mo was shocked.

“I want to eat God’s eyes and look into his fate.” The director’s body opened up. Evil Soul used all of his strength and readied to consume the eyeball.

“You’re mad!” Mr. Mo saw someone like this for the first time. He grabbed Han Fei, hoping the latter would stop Evil Soul, but Han Fei looked on with anticipation. What if he was God? Why couldn’t they eat God’s eye? Endless fate threads entered the old man’s head. They started to sever the eyeball’s connection with the outside world. The old man was threatened. He started to struggle, but Evil Soul was prepared. He combined his flesh with the old man’s. “You can’t run. Let me taste God’s flesh!”

Scream echoed. The bloodred eye in the old man’s forehead was slowly yanked out. The black rain poured, and the wind blew. The building shook. The special eye glowed. The presence contai

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