Chapter 803: Cleanse
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My Iyashikei Game Chapter 803: Cleanse

When human lives were priced, this would happen. Every room had been turned into a shop and each shop was connected to a breeding area at the back. A metallic door separated the customers from the livestock. When the customers chose the livestock they wanted, they would contact the shop owner to release them. This was a gory and cruel place, but it was filled with joyous festivities.

The day was Feast Day. Even the sickest victim would crawl out of their holes and dangle out their tongues and hands like dogs to wait for kind merchants to gift them rotten meat. The merchants who normally would ignore these people became generous after night fell. The whole street was lively and peaceful. Endless Sustenance was taken out for sale. Hearing the sounds of haggling, laughing, and talking, blood vessels popped in Han Fei’s eyes. He wiped away the blood on his palms and looked down the corridor.

Flags made from various ‘animal’ skin hung on the door. It was very colorful. Every shop gave out this amazing smell. Every shop had a large signboard. Even the cart at the door was filled with samples for customers to try. There were price lists pasted on the wall. There was a strict standard for food here. Good smell, taste, and appearance were basic. The real good food had a special personality. ‘Consuming’ them would be an irreplaceable experience.

“Which floor do you come from?” The merchant smiled to welcome them. He stared at Han Fei’s wallet and could tell that he was carrying a lot of bone coins. “Today is Feast Day. Everyone will show off their best ingredients. If you’re interested, please come in to take a look. I’ve reserved some ‘meat’ that normally would be sent to above floor 50.”

“Lead the way.” Han Fei said lightly. “This way, please!” The merchant led Han Fei’s group into his shop. There were all kinds of slaughtered meat in the living room. However, they didn’t stop there but entered the adjacent room. “The 27th floor is the breeding floor, and each merchant has their own specific methods to breed the Susten

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