Chapter 802: Feast Day
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My Iyashikei Game Chapter 802: Feast Day

“God is trying to turn the person with the strongest sense of justice into the most conflicting creation?” Han Fei had a feeling that the person involved was Li Xue’s teacher. “Yes. Night Police were all once Sin Seekers. Even though they are strong, there are few of them. Forbidden Night Police move only in specific zones, there is only a handful of Tragedy Night Police, and Night Police on the Night level only exist in legendary. If this kid is telling the truth, a new change is coming to the building.” Ji Zheng was a member of the Night Police too. “The Night is the darkness. Only just beneath God.”

The lights in the elevator lobby flickered. The numbers on the panels changed. The elevators kept sending dead bodies to the 25th floor. This scene was horrifying. The real cleansing had begun.

“Quick! We need to run and hide! We need to hide at a place that even God can’t reach! We need to hide inside the embrace of the Taboo! It’s better to die to the Taboo than to die to him!” The young Night Police screamed. His face was bloodied, but he didn’t appear to feel pain. Since Han Fei’s group didn’t move, he stood up and stumbled like a child learning how to walk as he moved toward Han Fei. “Run! Why aren’t you running!”

He took two steps out of the elevator when his head exploded.

“What kind of power is this? Curses? Pure Hatreds?” The boy’s head appeared to be caught in a trap. No matter where he had escaped to, when the culprit wanted his life, the boy’s head would explode.

“Clean up the booths. Don’t let the elevators stay on this floor for too long.” Han Fei stood among the pool of blood. He was not affected too much.

“The people above floor 50 have noticed the changes here. God hasn’t awakened. The False God’s dogs are coming over, but they must have run into God’s newest and strongest creation.” Ji Zheng looked at the dead bodies. “You’re lucky.”

“This isn’t luck.” Han Fei had Li Rou suck the Night Police’s blood. He turned to the director. “If no one interrupted them, could we have dealt with these Night

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