Chapter 744: Sunday
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My Iyashikei Game Chapter 744: Sunday

“Delivery? But I didn’t order anything.” Shen Luo turned to the living room door. Then, he realized something. Earlier, he purposely left the door unlocked because he was afraid of ghosts. The people outside could easily open the door. Shen Luo broke out in cold sweat. He grabbed the nearest chair and looked at the door that was slowly opening. The door opened, but there was no one outside. The voice appeared to be part of his imagination too. Shen Luo held the chair and slowly moved to the door. He looked down, and there was a heavy delivery box outside. “Someone was here and left this for me?”

With anxiety and curiosity, Shen Luo opened the lid of the delivery box. Butterflies and moths flew out. There were some young worms, animal meats, and cocoons inside. “What is this?!” Shen Luo was angry and afraid. He had no idea why he had been targeted. There was an invisible web around him, trapping him inside. “These crazy people are watching me!”

Shen Luo was under great pressure since he crawled out of the gaming hub. At this moment, he finally exploded. “Prank me, is it?” He walked to the kitchen, grabbed the lighter, and burned the box. “Die! Disgusting bugs…” Then, the sensor in the corridor sensed the flame. Water jets shot at Shen Luo. “Ah, Fuck!”

Shen Luo stomped angrily. His neighbors opened their doors again. But this time, no one came to help. They looked at Shen Luo with pity and alertness.

“I’m not crazy. My brain is fine. Don’t look at me like that!” Shen Luo knew it was pointless. He went back to grab the cleaner robot and started to clean up the water stains. “I’ll deal with this myself.” He resisted his discomfort and picked up the box, and headed to the elevator. When he moved the box, Shen Luo noticed there was a hidden compartment at the bottom of the box. To discover this compartment, one had to move the worms and cocoons. Shen Luo only discovered this because the box was wet.

“If I really look through this, doesn’t it mean that I’m really a psycho?” That was what he said, but Shen Luo couldn’

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