Chapter 743: A Busy Night
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My Iyashikei Game Chapter 743: A Busy Night

The water droplets slid down the mirror. Shen Luo looked at the AI butler in the mirror. His brain was numb. He didn’t give any order, so why did the butler appear at the bathroom door? He held the sink and turned around. The butler’s near-human face made him very uncomfortable. Shen Luo grabbed the electric toothbrush. He wanted to poke it into the butler’s face!

When he had that violent thought, the invisible butterfly in his brain secreted something. It encouraged him. “Don’t come any closer!” Shen Luo never thought that he’d be scared by his own butler. He shouted at the machine, but it was pointless. The butler appeared to have gone out of control. It blocked the bathroom door, looked at Shen Luo, and didn’t stop laughing.

“Go away! Don’t get any closer!” Shen Luo shouted anxiously. The butterfly in his brain flapped its wings. All he could hear was that sound. “Get out!” Shen Luo lunged at the butler. He was like a caged beast. He knocked the butler over and stabbed the toothbrush into its face again and again!

When Shen Luo regained his senses, the butler’s face was ruined. It was scary.

“No. I didn’t mean to do it. It’s your problem!” Shen Luo crawled away from the butler. He knocked into the couch and fell to the ground. He kept glancing at himself in the mirror. His reflection was anxious, and his face was pale, but his expression was strange. His face was slowly changing. His nose and mouth slowly opened. Shen Luo’s reflection’s face slowly morphed into a giant blood butterfly.

“Ah!” Shen Luo was scared. He grabbed the remote on the couch and threw it at the mirror!

The mirror shattered, but the pieces became transparent butterflies and flew at Shen Luo!

Shen Luo hugged his head and screamed. His body shook. Then, something even more terrifying happened. The butler with the holey face slowly climbed up from the ground. It slowly moved towards Shen Luo!

“You’re just a machine. Why would you do this?” Shen Luo resisted the pain and stumbled to the door. He held the wall and cried for help. The only

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