Chapter 82
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In the two days Yun Zizhou had stayed here, the person in front of her had shown her various kinds of smiles.

When they first met, this person had shown her a very customary smile. While this person's smile might have looked sincere, it was probably a smile this person could wear on demand. Even so, this smile was more than enough to make a good impression on other people.

Afterward, this person started using a more relaxed smile around her, the person's smile giving off a comfortable feeling. The carefree smile this person wore when she was exercising was especially mesmerizing.

Then, there was the smile this person made just now. Yun Zizhou felt her heart shuddering when she saw that smile. From the way the corners of this person's eyebrows moved to the way her long hair swayed, Yun Zizhou found herself charmed with every little detail.

"I heard you saying that you've never dated anyone before during your live stream. Is that true?" Jun Zishu asked with a raised eyebrow, hints of curiosity appearing on her expression.

"Love is too troublesome. I've been very busy in the past, so I never had any time or energy to waste on this aspect," Yun Zizhou said.

Jun Zishu was a little surprised by Yun Zizhou's answer. She had initially thought that with Yun Zizhou's personality, the girl might say something along the lines of having not met her fated person yet. She did not expect to hear such a simple and straightforward reason.

"Unlike me, you probably have a lot of experience in this regard, right, Big Sister?" Yun Zizhou asked.

However, Jun Zishu simply smiled and changed the topic, saying, "I've already had my fill of music today, so it's time I head back to rest. You should rest early as well. What time will you be going out tomorrow?"

Seeing that Jun Zishu didn't want to answer her question, Yun Zizhou tactfully played along with Jun Zishu and said, "Either in the morning or afternoon. I plan to see the weather tomorrow before researching where I should visit."

"Okay. Goodnight.'


When Jun Zishu returned to her room, she received a message from Shi Yu, a.k.a. Partner No.1.

Shi Yu: My work here is almost done. I can set off tomorrow. I'll be waiting for you in C City.

Jiang Wentong: Okay. I'll apply for leave tomorrow. I think everything should be fine.

Shi Yu: I've prepared a surprise for you~~

Jiang Wentong: What surprise?

Shi Yu: You'll know when the time comes. I'll see you on Valentine's Day. Will you be going one day earlier or on the day itself?

Jiang Wentong: On the day itself.

Shi Yu: Is your schedule so tight?

Jiang Wentong: You know that the hospital is very busy. Nobody knows when a patient will arrive. I'd be fortunate if I could even get a day's leave.

Shi Yu: Alright, then. I'll see you then.

After ending her conversation with Shi Yu, Jun Zishu called another person.

The scumbag's acquaintances in this world weren't limited to just boyfriends, girlfriends, and sex friends. She also had normal friends she interacted with.

"Evening, Ah Lan."

"Yo. What a rare guest. What wind brought you to me today?"

A hearty female voice came through the phone, the voice carrying a joking tone.

"How have you been recently?"

"Same old, same old. What about you? Have you taken care of those people yet? Don't tell me you're still keeping in touch with them?"

As Jiang Wentong's best friend, Zhang Lan naturally knew about Jiang Wentong's immoral conduct.

Personally, Zhang Lan admired Jiang Wentong's ability to maintain multiple relationships simultaneously. Although she didn't approve of such behavior, she didn't think much of it, either. Though, she did worry that Jiang Wentong might mess up and suffer the consequences of her actions one day.

"I already dumped two of them. I plan on taking care of the rest as well."

"You got tired of all of them already? How cruel of you. What made you change your mind all of a sudden?"

"I just find it boring all of a sudden. Rather than wasting time on love, I'd rather focus on work."

"My goodness. Are these words seriously coming out of your mouth? Did the sun rise from the west today?"

"Shoo, shoo, shoo. I'm not joking with you."

"That's good, I guess. Once you break up with all of them, you can find someone new to fall in love with. Though, one is enough this time. You're not getting any younger, so it's about time you think of getting married and having children."

"You speak just like my mother. Anyway, enough with this topic. I need you to do me a favor."


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"I have a friend who wants to work in our city. Can you help me find an apartment to rent? Preferably one with good conditions and an affordable price. Also, help me keep an eye out on openings for cafe waitresses."

Jun Zishu grew a little worried when she thought about Mi Rou's delicate face.

"Since when have you been such a good person? Don't tell me this girl is your new target?"

"She's one of the people I'm currently dating. I plan to break up with her, but not right now."

Mi Rou was probably the sickest of the bunch, and she was the person Jun Zishu wanted to provoke the least.

"Sure, leave it to me. You only want cafe waitress jobs, right?"

"Other jobs are fine as well. I'll leave it to you to decide."

"What reward do I get for doing this for you?"

"How about a free surgery?"

"Wew. Must you be so heartless?"

"What else did you expect? You best not show up in front of my blade in this lifetime," Jun Zishu said as she let out a prideful hum. This was the way Jiang Wentong typically conversed with Zhang Lan.

"Yes, yes. I'll do my best to cherish my life."

That was the end of the conversation. It was a rather enjoyable conversation.

Afterward, Jun Zishu fell asleep in a good mood. Going by the original storyline, she shouldn't come across any trouble for the next few days.

February 11th. Valentine's Day was one day closer.

Jun Zishu was finally able to relax for a few days from her crazy partners.

On Shi Yu's side, she had already made an appointment to meet in C City on Valentine's Day.

On Yu Biling's side, Jun Zishu had said that she couldn't accompany her on Valentine's Day. However, she did promise she would send a gift.

On Mi Rou's side, Jun Zishu had also said that she couldn't meet her. However, Jun Zishu promised Mi Rou that she would arrange for her to move to this city a few days after Valentine's Day.

Everything was perfectly handled.

Unfortunately, Jun Zishu didn't get to relax for long. While she might have settled things on her side, she had failed to account for the possibility of something happening to her godsister.

When Jun Zishu returned home after work and saw that Yun Zizhou's arms and face were covered in wounds, she couldn't help but be shocked.

"What happened to you, Zizhou?" Jun Zishu asked worriedly.

As Yun Zizhou wasn't part of her mission, Jun Zishu did not have Little Fairy keep an eye on her. Naturally, Little Fairy wouldn't take the initiative to check up on Yun Zizhou, either. So, Jun Zishu honestly did not know what had happened to the girl today.

"Something happened when I went out today," Yun Zizhou said aggrievedly while applying some ointment on her wounds.

"How did you get hurt like this? Did someone do it on purpose?"

Jun Zishu felt both angry and heartbroken when she saw the scratch marks and bruises on her little sister's arms and face.

"I was just passing by..."

In a very aggrieved tone, Yun Zizhou retold the incident that took place this afternoon. After having lunch today, she visited a lake to do some sketching. The lake was peaceful, and nothing strange had happened initially. However, just when she was about to finish her sketch, she heard sounds of arguing coming from nearby.

Based on the contents of the argument, it was the typical legal wife beating up the mistress drama.

This matter originally had nothing to do with Yun Zizhou. However, Yun Zizhou did not expect the homewrecker to suddenly grab her shirt and use her as a shield. Yun Zizhou naturally did not wish to be involved in this storm. However, the homewrecker desperately held onto her shirt and refused to let go.

At this point, the legal wife had already been blinded by rage. So, disregarding the fact that Yun Zizhou was an innocent bystander, she began attacking both Yun Zizhou and the homewrecker.

"Not only did they knock over my easel and ruin my drawing, but they even turned me into this state," Yun Zizhou said. She felt very heartbroken over the sketch she lost.

"Did you call the police?"

"Mhm. The police took them away."

"Good, then. I can't believe such substandard people exist in this world. Come, I'll apply the ointment for you," Jun Zishu said.


Yun Zizhou handed the cotton swab and ointment to Jun Zishu. Although she wanted to smile at Jun Zishu, her face stiffened in pain when she tried to raise the corners of her mouth.

"You look like a little kitty."

Jun Zishu put her handbag aside, removed her jacket, and rolled up her sleeves.

Jun Zishu couldn't help but feel heartbroken once more when she saw the state of Yun Zizhou's arms. It was currently winter, so Yun Zizhou should've worn several layers of clothing out today. Yet, the girl had bruises even on her upper arms.

After dabbing the cotton swab in the medicinal ointment, Jun Zishu carefully applied the ointment on Yun Zizhou's face, blowing some air on the girl's face from time to time.

Yun Zizhou's body became stiffer and stiffer as time passed, the red lips hovering before her and the scent coming from Jun Zishu's body toying with her sanity. The warm yellow lights in the living room only made the atmosphere even more unbearable.

The living room was quiet as Jun Zishu applied the ointment for Yun Zizhou. Apart from their breathing and the ticking of the living room's wall clock, no other sounds could be heard.

The living room's atmosphere had been relaxed just a moment ago. Yet, now, it had turned into a suffocating one.

The tipping point was when Yun Zizhou felt Jun Zishu's warm breath hitting her face. Suddenly, she felt a scorching heat spreading from her heart to her face, the heat causing her to subconsciously move her body.

"Did I hurt you?"

Jun Zishu thought that she had accidentally irritated Yun Zizhou's wound, so she gently blew some cold air onto Yun Zizhou's face, trying to alleviate the girl's pain.

"I-I'm good..."

After Jun Zishu was done applying the ointment, she retreated from Yun Zizhou, and the strange atmosphere in the living room vanished.

Yun Zizhou sighed in relief when the stifling atmosphere disappeared. However, for some inexplicable reason, she also felt a little disappointed.

"Do you still plan on streaming today?"

"Mhm, mhm. My throat is fine, and my hands still work as well."

"Are you sure you don't need to rest? By the way, the wounds on your face are light, so you don't need to worry about scarring," Jun Zishu said in an attempt to comfort the girl. Girls placed great importance on their faces, after all. To be precise, all humans placed great importance on their outward appearances.

"Mhm, mhm. I'll only be streaming for an hour; it's not a strenuous activity. I'll continue resting after the stream. However, I might not be able to go out to meet people for the next few days," Yun Zizhou said with a very faint smile. She was trying her best to keep her facial expressions subdued to avoid agitating her wounds.

"Mhm. Stay at home and rest for a few days, then," Jun Zishu said, nodding in agreement. Then, she asked, "You haven't had dinner yet, right?"

"Mhm, mhm."

"I'll go prepare dinner for us."


After seeing Jun Zishu disappear into the kitchen, Yun Zizhou turned to look at herself in the mirror and gently touched the wounds on her face. Then, as she recalled this afternoon's incident, a small smirk appeared on her face.

In reality, Yun Zizhou had quickly separated herself from the fight this afternoon, getting away with hardly any injuries. The rest of the injuries came after she beat the living daylights out of the two braindead women. After all, with the few injuries she suffered, there was no way the police could pass a prison sentence onto the two women. Thus, rather than relying on the police, she decided to seek justice for herself instead.