Chapter 80
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Why do kids nowadays have such extreme thoughts?

Despite Wei Jiangen's forceful approach, Jun Zishu did not put up a fierce struggle. Instead, she extended a hand and slowly placed it on the boy's head. Then, with a helpless expression on her face, she dotingly rubbed the boy's head.

Wei Jiangen stared at Jun Zishu in a daze, caught off guard by Jun Zishu's actions.

"So you get upset so easily, huh."

Wei Jiangen's eyes had already reddened. He looked like he could cry at any moment but was just forcibly enduring it.

"Please don't play this type of joke on me. My mental tolerance isn't as good as you think it is."

"But I'm not joking."

Wei Jiangen tightly grabbed onto Jun Zishu's shoulders. He felt as if he was about to lose his mind because of Jun Zishu.

Jun Zishu furrowed her brows in pain.

Seeing this, Wei Jiangen quickly relaxed his grip a little. Then, he said, "What are you trying to do? Breaking up is impossible. I will never agree to it."

"You know that I dislike playing jokes, but I can wait."


"Didn't you ask for me to wait for you to grow up?" Jun Zishu asked with a smile.

Wei Jiangen fell into a daze. The woman in front of him looked exceptionally beautiful when she smiled, her smile giving off an amorous and gentle feeling.

"But didn't you say…"

"How dumb of you."

Jun Zishu gave Wei Jiangen a flick on the forehead, her actions stunning the boy once more.

"Have you still not understood my words?"

"I still don't quite understand…what you mean…" Wei Jiangen said skeptically. He thought that Jun Zishu was trying to dump him, yet Jun Zishu's actions didn't make it seem so. She also acted as intimately as she did with him before. Yet, the intentions she conveyed in her words were clear and unwavering.

"I have already reached marriageable age. I do not need an immature little friend as my partner. While I can do as you say and wait until you grow up, I have no reason to pointlessly wait for you," Jun Zishu explained. "I will do my best to remain single. So, you can pursue me once you've grown up. Who knows? I might agree with your pursuit."

After saying so, Jun Zishu held Wei Jiangen's hands, her gesture looking very affectionate.

"So, what you mean is…"

Wei Jiangen's voice trembled slightly as he spoke. His eyes also widened as realization dawned upon him.

"It is exactly what you think. Don't tell me I haven't made myself clear enough yet?"

"But why can't we maintain our current relationship while you verify my growth afterward?" Wei Jiangen asked in confusion.

He had previously felt delighted over having such a beautiful woman as his girlfriend. However, this beautiful woman was now trying to leave him while giving him only a specious promise.

"Because you are not qualified to be with me right now," Jun Zishu bluntly stated. Then, before Wei Jiangen could say anything in response, she quickly continued, "Don't blame me for being cruel. This is the way the world of adults works. Before you try to court me, I want you to first become someone qualified to stand beside me."

"What if you choose someone else before I grow up?" Wei Jiangen asked as he looked at Jun Zishu aggrievedly. However, he, too, knew that there was a massive gap between him and Jun Zishu right now. Not only were they far apart in age, but they were also far apart in social experience and ability.

With Jun Zishu's excellent conditions, appearance, and personality, she would have no lack of suitors to choose from. Even the elites of society would line up to win her heart.

It was also for this reason that Wei Jiangen felt fearful.

"As the saying goes, it is better to go without than make do with a substandard substitute. As you can imagine, I have plenty of suitors. Yet, why did I choose to date you out of all people? It is because I like your personality," Jun Zishu said with a gentle and captivating expression.

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"Who knows? You might grow to dislike me once you become an excellent person. At that time, you'll have plenty of beautiful and younger women surrounding you. In comparison, I'd just be an old hag who's seven years older than you," Jun Zishu said, her voice carrying a hint of self-mockery.

Wei Jiangen panicked when he heard Jun Zishu's words. Hurriedly, he said, "I won't—"

Jun Zishu pressed a finger on Wei Jiangen's lips. Then, she gently shook her head and said, "Don't make any promises to me so soon. I don't want to hear them. Neither will I believe them.

"Let's break up for now. You do not need to tell others about our break-up. I can also continue attending your gatherings and having meals with you.

"Is that alright, Jiangen?"

Jun Zishu's voice carried hints of coaxing. After hearing Jun Zishu's words, Wei Jiangen stared at Jun Zishu for a moment before tightly embracing the woman.

"Jiang Wentong."

Wei Jiangen called out Jun Zishu's name while gnashing his teeth.

"Jiang Wentong."

He called out her name again, his voice sounding a little choked.

"Jiang Wentong.'

This time, the boy's voice had gotten so soft that it could hardly be heard. One could also sense hints of sadness in the boy's voice.

"You truly are heartless.

"Everyone must take responsibility for the words they say. Sooner or later, there will come a day where I can stand alongside you. When that day comes, you better remember the words you said today.

"Don't ever think of getting rid of me."

After saying these words, Wei Jiangen stared at Jun Zishu for a long time, seemingly trying to engrave her face into his mind.

When Wei Jiangen walked away, his back looked very lonely.

Jun Zishu ran her fingers through her long hair, a smirk appearing on her face as she looked at the boy's departing figure.

She felt that she was both evil and sly.

Regardless, she had successfully taken care of another mission target. Moreover, the mission target this time was resolved much more easily than the previous one.

Compared to females, breaking up with males was much easier. It was especially true when the other party was a boy who had yet to enter society. Had Wei Jiangen possessed any experiences in society, he would've been much less innocent and gullible.

In this situation, all Jun Zishu needed to do was injure Wei Jiangen's pride. A boy at his age would automatically distance himself and secretly prepare for a big comeback.

Right now, the boy was probably having thoughts like "I will make you look at me properly one day."

Despite being children of similar ages, Wei Jiangen and Pan Yingying showed significantly different reactions when Jun Zishu broke up with them.

In Pan Yingying's case, her first reaction was to cry and beg Jun Zishu not to abandon her. The girl had even gone as far as to threaten to do many crazy things for the sake of love. Pan Yingying showed no heed to her pride whatsoever. This was because she deemed herself weak and that it was only natural for her to attach herself to a strong person. It was also because she perceived Jiang Wentong to be strong that she had fallen in love with Jiang Wentong in the first place.

However, it was a different story for Wei Jiangen. As a handsome and confident young man, he didn't have a weak personality like Pan Yingying. Thus, he definitely wouldn't accept Jun Zishu's excuse to break up. To be precise, his pride wouldn't accept it.

What Jun Zishu said to him was incredibly cruel, after all. She had basically said that he wasn't worthy of her. Even an adult man wouldn't be able to endure such an insult, let alone an immature brat like Wei Jiangen.

Jun Zishu was willing to bet that Wei Jiangen would force himself to improve in an almost masochistic manner for the foreseeable future. Then, he would become an excellent person. Moreover, he wouldn't pester her, call her, or even message her during this period.

This was probably the way boys showed their stubbornness. They would bury the hatred deep in their hearts and repeatedly use it as motivation to push themselves.

Pan Yingying's threat to Jun Zishu lay in the present. Pan Yingyingonly wished to cling to Jun Zishu and chase away the people around Jun Zishu. She could tolerate not being around Jun Zishu, but she couldn't tolerate letting anyone else stay near Jun Zishu.

In comparison, Wei Jiangen's threat lay in the future. Once Wei Jiangen felt like he could control Jun Zishu, he would not hesitate to strike and make her submit. He wouldn't mind snapping her wings and imprisoning her in a place where only he could see, either.

Pan Yingying didn't hate Jun Zishu. Wei Jiangen, however, loved and hated Jun Zishu.

Jun Zishu got into the driver's seat and started her car. Then, a nonchalant smile appeared on her face.

Despite knowing the threat Wei Jiangen posed to her in the future, Jun Zishu paid no heed to it whatsoever.

She did not forget what her mission was—to break up with her five partners while avoiding a bloody end.

In other words, once she got all five partners to agree to a break-up, her mission would be complete. It didn't matter what method she relied on. Whether she did it via tricking or angering her partner, it was fine so long as she achieved a break-up. Once she got all five partners to agree to break up, she wouldn't be afraid even if all five of them came to chop her up. She could simply run away.

The world was a vast place. There was bound to be a place where she could hide.

Although Jun Zishu initially harbored thoughts of saving her five partners, in the process of doing so, she realized that her goal was simply too difficult to accomplish. After all, neither of the first two partners she made contact with were normal. Both of them had twisted personalities. So, Jun Zishu decided to prioritize her own safety and only help those who could be saved.

Moreover, the division she currently worked at was named Helping the Scumbag Break Up Division, the emphasis being on the "scumbag."

Thus, Jun Zishu didn't particularly care about things that would happen in the distant future.

Jun Zishu was never one to shrug away from a frontal clash. The current Wei Jiangen was still incapable of committing crimes such as kidnapping. Once he grew up into a powerful and influential person, though, he might use such means to achieve his goals.

Honestly, Jun Zishu felt a little guilty for turning an innocent youth into such a person. However, only a little. After all, she needed to help a scumbag break up with her partners.

Hah… That's another one turning crazy.

Jun Zishu wished that Shi Yu would be as easy to deal with as Wei Jiangen. However, that evidently wasn't possible.

Turning the steering wheel, Jun Zishu started making her way back home.

Of course, Jun Zishu didn't forget to have Little Fairy keep an eye on Pan Yingying, either. The girl had an impulsive personality, so it'd be terrible if she committed a crime.

Fortunately, everything was normal on Pan Yingying's side. After Jun Zishu left, Pan Yingying had sent the girl she injured to the hospital. According to Little Fairy, Pan Yingying was even peeling an apple for the girl right now.

Just like Little Fairy described, Pan Yingying was indeed peeling an apple right now. Only, the way she did so scared the wits out of Miao'er.

Miao'er had thought of having her roommate accompany her in the hospital. She also wanted to call her parents and tell them she was scared. However, she didn't have her phone with her right now, so she could only stare at Pan Yingying in fear.

Miao'er didn't even dare to press the bell and call for a nurse. Pan Yingying had previously threatened her that if she dared to shout for help, she would dare to stab the fruit knife she held into her body.

Miao'er felt that Pan Yingying was a lunatic, the type that became utterly irrational once she went crazy.

"What exactly do you want from me?" Miao'er asked in a trembling voice.

"Nothing in particular. All you need to do is keep quiet about today. You should understand by now, right? That I don't mind making you disappear for real one day. Not to mention, nobody will believe you even if you do accuse me," Pan Yingying said as she removed the last peel from the apple. Then, after tossing the peel into the nearby trash bin, she asked, "Do you know where you did wrong?"

"I… I bad-mouthed…Big Sister Wentong…"

"Do you think you're worthy of calling her that?"

Pan Yingying coldly snorted, giving Miao'er a scare.

"Did I scare you? Here, have an apple."

Pan Yingying smiled as she handed the apple to Miao'er.