Chapter 79.2
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When evening arrived, Jun Zishu managed to get off work on time, so she gave Wei Jiangen a call and said she could keep the appointment.

"That's wonderful!"

"Where are we eating?"

"I'll tell you when we meet up."

"Should I go and pick you up, then?"


After hanging up the call, Jun Zishu went home and changed her clothes. Since she would be meeting a group of university students, she decided to dress younger.

"I drew a portrait of you today, Big Sister. Can I put it on the internet? It's a hand-painted one."

"Hm? You drew me? Can I see it?" Jun Zishu raised an eyebrow as she removed her coat.

"Of course."

Yun Zizhou quickly took out her drawing book and handed it to Jun Zishu.

"You drew my back so beautifully?" Jun Zishu was a little surprised when she saw the portrait. The portrait did not reveal her face. Instead, it showed the sight of her back when she was jogging.

"It's because you look beautiful, to begin with."

"You can upload it online," Jun Zishu said, chuckling. After permitting Yun Zizhou's request, she made her way to her room to change.

"Are you not eating at home today, Big Sister?"

When Yun Zizhou saw Jun Zishu walking out of her room dressed as if she was getting ready to head out, she couldn't help but grow a little disappointed. After all, she had gone out of her way to go outside and buy ingredients for dinner today.

"I have something to do outside today, so I'll be back later."

"Are you going out on a date, Big Sister?"

"No, I'm going to find trouble," Jun Zishu calmly said as she started putting on a pair of high heels. Then, when she saw the confused look on Yun Zizhou's face, she chuckled and said, "I'm joking."

After waiting at Yun Zizhou, Jun Zishu opened the front door and left the house.

After the door closed, silence returned to the house. Yun Zizhou stood still and caressed her chin for a moment before she walked into the kitchen.

After having her dinner, Yun Zizhou looked at the woman she drew in her painting book and took a picture of the painting with her phone. Then, after placing a huge watermark on the image, she uploaded it onto her Weibo.

Zizhou: She really is beautiful. [Image]

As soon as her Weibo post appeared, many of her fans came to check it out.

Let The World Burn: Heavens! A certain artist finally remembers about her Weibo! It's been over half a month since you posted anything, Madam! But your painting this time really is beautiful! Even though the person in the painting isn't showing her face, this composition and this coloring are simply marvelous!

Comments praising Yun Zizhou's art appeared one after another. However, some people wrote different comments.

Have You Seen My Soap: I keep getting a strange feeling from Madame Zizhou's comment. "She really is beautiful?" Who is this "she?" I doubt the Madam is so narcissistic as to praise the painting of her own back.

The Wind Is Too Strong: Agreed. I also got a strange feeling when I read the Madam's comment.

While reading the comments, Yun Zizhou flipped to the next page of her drawing book and revealed another painting.

This time, the person in the painting was smiling at her, the person's smile looking incredibly warm and gentle.

Yun Zizhou had no intention of uploading this painting. Even if she included a watermark, others could still download it and use it for their own purposes.

She truly is beautiful… Yun Zizhou thought as she caressed the painting with her fingers.

While Yun Zizhou was reading comments from her fans, Jun Zishu had already arrived at Wei Jiangen's university in her car. Then, Wei Jiangen and her friends quickly got onto her car.

"Wow, so cool."

"So you managed to find yourself a tycoon, huh, Jiangen?"

"Shoo, shoo, shoo! Love ties us together, not money!"

The group of half-adults talked and laughed merrily with each other.

When Pan Yingying looked at Jun Zishu's profile, her fists clenched momentarily before loosening up again. Then, she turned to look at Jiangen, malicious intent hidden in her eyes.

Jun Zishu's car couldn't seat too many people, so only a portion of Wei Jiangen's friends could get on. Wei Jiangen naturally took the passenger seat while four of his friends sat at the back. Meanwhile, Pan Yingying was one of these four.

"How was work today? Busy as usual?"

Wei Jiangen asked, a happy smile on his face as he caressed Jun Zishu's hand.

Wei Jiangen looked very handsome for his age. Otherwise, Jiang Wentong would have never taken notice of him. Moreover, his clingy and puppy-like personality matched Jiang Wentong's tastes perfectly.

It was a pity that the boy met with a scumbag out of all people.

Jun Zishu didn't like others touching her very much. However, in this situation, she had no choice but to endure the uncomfortable experience.

"It's okay."

"What does your girlfriend work as, Jiangen?" a boy at the back asked, his eyes looking at Jun Zishu curiously.

"She's a doctor, the amazing kind. I originally wanted to study medicine as well, but I ended up choosing something else. I should've stuck with my first decision if I had known I would meet her," Wei Jiangen said in a regretful tone while sneaking a glance at Jun Zishu.

Under the illumination of the street lights, Jun Zishu's profile as she concentrated on driving looked exceptionally beautiful.


Dinner was very lively due to how many people attended the birthday celebration. However, although many people chatted around the birthday star, some people would occasionally bring up Jun Zishu and Wei Jiangen in their conversations as well.

Boys at this age tended to like beautiful and mature women. So, a large portion of the boys attending the party had their eyes attracted to Jun Zishu.

This situation naturally displeased some of the girls present. This was especially true for the girls who liked Wei Jiangen.

As for Jun Zishu, although she maintained a friendly smile on the surface, she inwardly wished she could stop mingling with these children.

"How old are you this year, Big Sister Wentong?" one of the girls asked after plucking up her courage.

"Twenty-seven," Jun Zishu stated honestly.

Upon hearing Jun Zishu's answer, the girl who asked the question softly gasped and muttered, "So old…"

Jun Zishu's expression remained unfazed. To these youngsters aged between 19 and 20, she was indeed a little old.

Everyone at the party had varying thoughts when they heard of Jun Zishu's age. Some thought that Jun Zishu and Wei Jiangen were having a May-December relationship, some thought that Wei Jiangen had found himself a sugar momma, and some thought nothing of it.

The celebrative atmosphere in the room quickly disappeared, replaced by a strange atmosphere.

"It's none of your business," Wei Jiangen said in an angry tone.

Although Wei Jiangen wasn't one to normally take a harsh tone against women, he decided to make an exception this time. After all, it wasn't easy for him to invite Jun Zishu out for a meal. Yet, now that Jun Zishu had taken some time out of her busy schedule for him, one of his friends ended up ridiculing her for her old age.

However, as soon as Wei Jiangen finished speaking, the atmosphere in the room grew even stranger.

Meanwhile, when the girl who spoke saw the glare Wei Jiangen directed at her, she nearly broke into tears.

"Alright, alright, I'm sure Miao'er didn't do it on purpose. Everyone, let's continue eating," the birthday star said in an attempt to mediate the situation.

Wei Jiangen also felt Jun Zishu tugging at his sleeve, so he had no choice but to stomach his anger and sit down.

As for the girl named Miao'er, she ran out of the room with reddened eyes.

Seeing this, Pan Yingying stood up and told the person beside her that she would be heading to the restroom.

Just when Jun Zishu was about to continue stuffing food into her mouth, Little Fairy's voice appeared in her mind.

[Pan Yingying just hit that girl in the restroom, Host.]

Jun Zishu's hand froze momentarily before she continued putting the food into her mouth. Then, after she finished chewing, she stood up from her seat.

"What's wrong?"

"I'm going to use the restroom."

"Go ahead."

Inside the female restroom…

After getting slapped in the face, Miao'er pushed her attacker away and glared at the other party.

"Pan Yingying! Are you insane?! Why did you hit me?!"

"This slap is to teach you to stop saying whatever you want with that stinky mouth of yours. Do you think you're very pretty? Ugly girl," Pan Yingying coldly said as she gently patted Miao'er's face.

"I never knew you were so good at acting. If you have the courage, behave like this in front of the others. What's the point of acting all innocent? Bitch."

Even though Miao'er had a palm print on her face, her mouth remained unrelenting. As soon as she stood up, she immediately tried to fight back.

However, having anticipated this, Pan Yingying kicked Miao'er's shin, causing Miao'er to fall back to the ground. Then, she grabbed Miao'er by the hair and smashed the girl's head into the nearby wall.

"Why don't you take a look at yourself in the mirror before thinking of getting Wei Jiangen to like you? You're not worth even one of Big Sister Wentong's fingers," Pan Yingying said with a scary expression.

Miao'er's vision blurred a little after suffering an impact on the head. Then, she shrank back in fear, only to notice that Pan Yingying was still holding onto her hair.

"Let go of me."

Miao'er tried to push Pan Yingying away, only to fail because she wasn't strong as Pan Yingying.

"Yingying," Jun Zishu called out to Pan Yingying with a frown.

"Big Sister Wentong," Pan Yingying responded, immediately reverting to her usual well-behaved appearance.

Seeing Pan Yingying release her hair, Miao'er stood up and tried to get away. However, before she could leave, Pan Yingying grabbed her by the wrist.

"Let go!" Miao'er shouted. Then, she looked at Jun Zishu for help. The pain in her head constantly reminded her of what kind of lunatic Pan Yingying was. She was certain that Pan Yingying had attacked her just now with the intent to kill.

"You don't need to worry about this, Big Sister Wentong. I'll send her to the hospital," Pan Yingying said with a sweet smile, her behavior making it seem as if she was seeking praise from Jun Zishu. Then, she continued, "I absolutely will not let anyone badmouth you."

After saying so, Pan Yingying shifted her gaze toward Miao'er, her eyes turning cold.

"Don't do such a thing in the future, Yingying," Jun Zishu said as she pinched the bridge of her nose when she looked at Pan Yingying. Even though Pan Yingying was currently smiling, Jun Zishu could faintly see a dark aura emanating from the girl's body. You need to get your worldview checked, little girl! Where has your moral compass disappeared to?!

"But I can't help it... These people are clearly inferior to you. So, what right do they have to ridicule you?"

Pan Yingying did not care whether girls like Miao'er liked Wei Jiangen. On the contrary, she welcomed these pests to stick to Wei Jiangen. It'd be best if one of them could win Wei Jiangen's heart and separate Wei Jiangen from Jun Zishu. However, it was a different story if these people dared to target Jun Zishu. That was the one thing Pan Yingying could not tolerate.

"Be a good girl and send her to the hospital. I trust that you can handle it."

"Don't worry, Big Sister Wentong. I won't kill her. I just want to teach her a lesson. I'll take care of everything properly. I'll be very obedient."

Pan Yingying had initially planned to get rid of Wei Jiangen one way or another. However, after knowing that Jun Zishu would break up with Wei Jiangen, the bit of killing intent she possessed had vanished.

In Pan Yingying's opinion, Wei Jiangen was no different than expired goods right now.

Even though Pan Yingying wore an innocent smile on her face, Jun Zishu couldn't help but secretly shudder when she saw the girl's smiling face.

Jun Zishu also couldn't help but look at the girl named Miao'er sympathetically and apologetically. Though, it was the girl's fault for picking a fight first. Jun Zishu had many crazies around her, after all.


Afterward, Jun Zishu returned to the private room and finished her meal. Then, when the others decided to continue the celebration at a karaoke center, Jun Zishu politely declined Wei Jiangen's invitation to join them.

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After Wei Jiangen was alone with Jun Zishu, he asked, "Do you not want to go? Did the previous matter upset you? I'll make sure to talk things through with Miao'er after I go back."

"It's fine. Such a small matter isn't enough to get me worked up. Not to mention, what she said is the truth. I am indeed old to youngsters like you. You have only started university recently, while I am already at the age where I should be married and have children. Seven years is a huge difference."

While Jun Zishu was saying all this, she was also mentally condemning Jiang Wentong. After all, not only was Jiang Wentong a philandering scumbag, but she even dared to lay her hands on Wei Jiangen and Pan Yingying, youngsters who were seven years younger than her. However, this was also the perfect excuse for Jun Zishu to break up with Wei Jiangen.

"I don't mind it. I'll be alright with it even if you want us to get married now. Although there are still two years until I can legally marry, just wait for me, alright?" Wei Jiangen said as he tightly held onto Jun Zishu's hands.

"Jiangen, marriage isn't a trifling matter. Dating you has been a pleasant experience, but the man I want to marry is someone the same age as me or even older. I want my partner to be mature, stable, and knowledgeable. I want to spend the rest of my life with someone who can let me live a worry-free life."

"Wentong... Stop talking... I don't want to hear what you have to say next. Give me some time to grow up, okay? I'll grow into the kind of man you described. Please," Wei Jiangen pleaded as he tightly embraced Jun Zishu.

"Let's break up."

"No! I don't want to!" Wei Jiangen shouted as he tightened his embrace over Jun Zishu even further. "Don't even think of dumping me, Jiang Wentong!"