Chapter 64
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The food in Jun Zishu's hand quietly fell to the ground.

Fortunately, a wrapper protected the food, so it didn't get dirty even though it fell to the ground. Afterward, the beggars by the roadside could pick it up and use it to fill themselves.

"Why did you personally come out to get me? Are we leaving now? Has stepfather already…"

"I'm sad, Yan Xi."

Qian Xing had been up to his ears with work recently that he had to forcibly endure the sadness in his heart to handle the cult's affairs.

He felt as if he was about to crumble because of the overwhelming sadness in his heart, so he needed someone who could help him vent his feelings and comfort him. However, apart from Jun Zishu, he could think of no other person who could do this for him. Everyone in the cult simply advised him to stay strong and told him that he couldn't show his weak side to others now that he was the new cult leader. Thus, he left to search for Jun Zishu as soon as he got a reprieve.

"Don't be sad."

Jun Zishu had only ever messed with Qian Xing, so even after racking her mind, she only managed to come up with these crappy comforting words. Though, she felt that no words could help soothe Qian Xing's current emotions.

When Shen Zheyan returned, she immediately spotted the teenage boy and girl embracing each other at the corner of the street.

Black and red intertwined with each other as the boy embraced Jun Zishu tightly.

Shen Zheyan stood still and quietly watched the scene. At this moment, her mind had seemingly stopped processing the sounds her ears picked up from her surroundings, focusing all of its attention on the sight her eyes saw.

Shen Zheyan saw that Jun Zishu wasn't pushing the boy away. On the contrary, the girl was doing her best to tolerate and console the boy, her delicate hand gently patting the boy's back.

She had clearly left for only a moment…

Shen Zheyan felt her heart grow cold as she looked at the scallion pancakes she deliberately bought for Jun Zishu. That feeling surfaced again as she watched Jun Zishu sharing intimate contact with ano

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