Chapter 63
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When Shen Zheyan saw the person in the room, she instantly recognized the other party.

"So it's Miss Yun. Having you look at my injury is truly overkill."

"Do you know her, Big Sister?" Jun Zishu asked curiously.

"She's a very famous doctor in the world of martial artists," Shen Zheyan answered.

Yun Sheng's fame wasn't solely due to her superb medical skills. Her legs and face also contributed to her fame. Even though she was already in her forties, her face looked like it belonged to someone who had just gotten out of their teens. Because of her immortal beauty, many women sought after her to ask about her secret.

"It's not a serious injury. This ointment should do it for you. Apply it for a day, and your wound will be gone," Yun Sheng said as she took out a small bottle from the wooden box attached to the side of her wheelchair's armrest. Then, she handed the bottle to Jun Zishu.

"Thank you, Miss Yun," Jun Zishu said, accepting the bottle without hesitation. According to Little Fairy, the ointment inside the bottle was superior medicine.

"Don't be in a hurry to thank me yet. I have a request I need to ask of you," Yun Sheng said as she looked at Jun Zishu. "Miss Zheyan, do you mind letting the two of us talk in private?"

Hearing Yun Sheng's request, Shen Zheyan looked at Jun Zishu briefly before nodding and stepping out of the room.

If it was before she met Yun Sheng, Shen Zheyan would've been rather worried about letting Jun Zishu be alone with the other party. However, after discovering that the other party was Yun Sheng, she no longer had such worries. After all, she had heard about Yun Sheng's life story.

According to the rumors, Yun Sheng had a lover who had already passed away. Nobody knew who that lover was. Many years ago, when someone tried to profess their love for her, Yun Sheng's reply to the other party was that she only wished to leisurely live her remaining days by herself. Sometime later, she said that she had someone she loved. Then, after another period, she said that her lover had died.

After her lover had passed, Yun Sheng had also disappeared from the world of martial artists. Only after a long time had passed did she gradually show herself again.

"What kind of help do you need from me?" Jun Zishu asked after making sure that Shen Zheyan was no longer in the vicinity.

"I want you to get something for me."

The sunlight shining through the window illuminated half of Yun Sheng's face, the contrast between the two sides of her face giving her a gentle appearance.

"What is it?"

"A bracelet with a small bell attached to it. It's something that belonged to her, and it should be in the Demon Cult," Yun Sheng said. "I don't know where the Demon Cult is, and my legs make it difficult for me to find it. I've searched for nine years, but I still haven't found that place even until now.

"That day, she and I argued. She left in a huff, and I never managed to find her. So, I had no choice but to wait for her at the same place until her anger subsided. I waited for a month before she finally returned. However, she was already on her last breath when she returned."

Although Yun Sheng showed no intense emotions when she spoke about her dead lower, Jun Zishu could feel an indescribable sadness coming from the woman in front of her.

"What happened to her?"

"I was partly to blame. I failed to notice that she had already encountered a small problem at the time. After she returned to the Demon Cult, she tried to forcibly achieve a breakthrough but failed," Yun Sheng answered. "I buried her afterward, but apart from the house we shared, I realized I didn't have anything to prove that she once existed in my life. When she came to meet me one last time, she didn't bring anything with her. I wanted to acquire some of her belongings, but I couldn't find where the Demon Cult was at."

Speaking up to this point, Yun Sheng tightly gripped the handles of her wheelchair. She didn't wish to describe the pain she felt at the time any further. She wasn't looking for sympathy, anyway.

"You two…were together?"

"That's right. We experienced many…many things together…" Yun Sheng said, her eyebrows trembling as a faint smile appeared on her face.

"What if I can't find her belongings? Nobody in the cult has mentioned her to me before. I don't know where her room is, either. It's been so many years already. Maybe someone has already…"

Jun Zishu wasn't confident in finding the previous Saintess's belongings. She was worried that someone might have thrown those things away already.

"It's fine even if you can't find it. However, if you can find it and bring her belongings to me, regardless of what they are, I will owe you a favor."


Jun Zishu agreed to Yun Sheng's request without hesitation. She had nothing to lose in this transaction, after all.

"Honestly, I only came here to try my luck today. Back then, it was also because of her interest in the martial arts conference that we managed to meet. So, I wondered if you would attend the conference as well. Thankfully, my luck seems to be good. Not only did you attend the conference, but you even appeared before me."

"If I find her belongings, how should I contact you afterward?"

"You can find me at Hangzhou City's Shishui Residence."

"Okay. Goodbye."


Before Jun Zishu opened the door, she turned back to look at Yun Sheng. Currently, Yun Sheng had already turned her wheelchair and faced her body toward the balcony. Shrouded in the afterglow of the setting sun, the beautiful widow looked to be in peace.

"What did she say to you?" Shen Zheyan curiously asked when she saw Jun Zishu coming out of the teahouse.

"I'll tell you after we get back. We should get your wound treated first," Jun Zishu said.

"Mhm, okay."

Shen Zheyan's injury wasn't serious. Her opponent's sword didn't reach bone; it only left a small stab wound on her shoulder. It wouldn't even have bled much had she not insisted on continuing the match just now.

After treating the wound, Jun Zishu applied the medicinal ointment over it before bandaging it.

"I'm done. Yun Sheng says that it should be healed by tomorrow morning."

"Mhm." Shen Zheyan nodded absent-mindedly. Rather than her wound, she was more concerned about something else. "You still haven't told me what kind of help she asked you for."

"Are you that curious?"

"Yes." Shen Zheyan nodded without hesitation. She wouldn't be able to figure it out even if she racked her mind, so she might as well ask Jun Zishu.

"She wants me to help her retrieve an item."

"Is that so?"

Shen Zheyan did not ask what that item was. Since Yun Sheng had asked her to leave the room before making her request, it was obvious that Yun Sheng did not want a third person to know about the item. Thus, Shen Zheyan felt that there was no need to get to the bottom of the matter.

"Big Sister, did you know that Yun Sheng loves a person, but that person is no longer of this world?"

"I've heard of it before." Shen Zheyan nodded.

"The person she loves is a woman," Jun Zishu added, her eyes staring meaningfully at Shen Zheyan.

Shen Zheyan suddenly felt as if she had choked on something when she looked into Jun Zishu's eyes. Although she tried to open her mouth to say something, she couldn't think of any words to say.

Thus, an awkward silence descended upon them for a moment.

"Rest well, Big Sister. You don't need to make dinner tonight. I'll go out and buy some food for us."


The next day, Shen Zheyan's wound had healed, just like Yun Sheng said it would.

Afterward, Shen Zheyan continued participating in the conference, while Wei Zinan located his sect members and grouped up with them.

Unfortunately, Shen Zheyan did not win the championship in the conference this time. Even so, she had still won a lot of attention for herself.

There were many talented warriors in the world of martial artists, and Shen Zheyan could be considered very young among the numerous participants. Hence, there was no shame in her loss.

Personally, Shen Zheyan wasn't satisfied with this outcome. However, she did not feel depressed over it, either.

After the martial arts conference ended, Wei Zinan bid goodbye to Shen Zheyan.

"I have something I need to return to the sect for, so this is where we part ways."

When Wei Zinan said these words, his eyes were focused intently on Shen Zheyan's face. He hoped to see some kind of reaction from her. He would immediately change his mind about leaving if she showed even the slightest sign of reluctance. However, if Shen Zheyan showed no reluctance to part ways, he had no choice but to admit that they weren't fated to be.

Wei Zinan was a relatively carefree person. This was also the case for most people in the world of martial artists. If he couldn't acquire the result he aimed for, there was no point for him to continue pursuing it. Not to mention, Shen Zheyan had never shown any interest in him, so he'd be foolish and selfish to continue insisting for her love.

To Wei Zinan's disappointment, Shen Zheyan's response was just like he expected—nothing. All Shen Zheyan did was generously say goodbye to him. There wasn't even a hint of reluctance in her eyes.

"The world is a big place, so it might be difficult for us to meet again in the future."

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Wei Zinan felt liberated when he said these words. Even if he could only remain as friends with Shen Zheyan, he was also happy with this outcome. At the very least, he would have an excellent friend.

"You don't have to think that way, Brother Zinan. The world might be a big place, but it can also be surprisingly small. Who knows? Maybe we will have an unexpected reunion someplace someday?"

"Will you always remain firm on your path, Zheyan?"


"If you have decided to head down a path and someone tries to stop you, will you ignore them and remain firm on your path? Or will you change your belief because of them?"

"Why would you say that, Brother Zinan?"

Shen Zheyan looked at Wei Zinan in confusion.

"I'm just asking for fun."

In reality, Wei Zinan could sense that something was amiss with Jun Zishu. However, he couldn't tell what exactly was wrong with the girl. The only thing he could be sure of was that Jun Zishu didn't hold any hostile intentions toward Shen Zheyan.

"I won't. Nobody can shake my belief," Shen Zheyan firmly said, earning a smile from Wei Zinan.

"Goodbye, Zheyan."


Shen Zheyan and Jun Zishu were the first ones to leave Hangzhou City. The weather on the day of their departure was good. The sun was shining brightly, and the wind was cool and comfortable.

As they left the city, Jun Zishu felt that she had completed one-third of her mission. Now, all she needed to do was take care of the two remaining male leads. Qian Xing should be easy to deal with since she could be considered his childhood friend. The two of them also shared a relatively good relationship. If she handled things properly, Shen Zheyan wouldn't even have the opportunity to meet with Qian Xing, let alone come into conflict with him.

The only problem Jun Zishu faced now was the third male lead. However, there was still a long time until the third male lead would appear, so there wasn't anything Jun Zishu could do about him.

Jun Zishu and Shen Zheyan no longer continued journeying south. Instead, they began heading west.

They traveled forward aimlessly, stopping to rest whenever they felt like resting. They passed their ways in a leisurely and fulfilling manner.

However, that all changed when one fateful day arrived...

When Jun Zishu saw Qian Xing appearing before her, she knew that what would come had come.

"Let's go, Yan Xi."

Compared to their last meeting, Qian Xing looked a lot more mature. He no longer wore the childish and wimpy expression he used to wear before. Instead, he now wore a somewhat cold expression. Clad in black, he exuded an invisible pressure as he stood before Jun Zishu.

Jun Zishu was shopping for dinner when Qian Xing appeared before her. She even held some food in her hand. As for Shen Zheyan, she was buying something on the other side of the street.

"What happened?"

"My dad died."

Alas, the man who had spoiled her rotten and watched her grow up had still died in the end.

Even if this was only a mission, Jun Zishu still felt a little sad.