Chapter 61
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Hangzhou City was a beautiful place with exquisite food. Although the light-tasting cuisines here didn't satisfy Jun Zishu's fondness for spicy food, they were delicious nonetheless.

The martial arts conference was set to begin in half a month, so Hangzhou City gradually became more and more crowded. At this point, the state of the city's liveliness had already surpassed that of Weishui City.

As Jun Zishu's group had arrived somewhat early, they didn't choose to stay at an inn this time. Instead, they rented a small courtyard for their stay, giving them much more freedom and privacy. The courtyard even came with a small kitchen.

Out of the group of three, the responsibility of manning the kitchen fell on Wei Zinan.

Wei Zinan had originally placed his hopes on the two ladies in the group to cook. However, neither Jun Zishu nor Shen Zheyan knew how to cook.

It went without saying that Jun Zishu didn't know how to cook. After the Demon Cult kidnapped her, she had been focused on training every day. As the Demon Cult's Saintess, she also had several maidservants take care of her every need. So, there was no way she would ever have to cook for herself.

Initially, when Wei Zinan asked Jun Zishu if she could cook, Jun Zishu eagerly entered the kitchen and tried cooking. However, what she ended up returning with was something that could only be described as an abomination, and nobody even dared to give it a try, let alone eat it.

As for Shen Zheyan, although she had originally known how to cook, she had stopped cooking after joining her sect. After all, while the Heavenly Spirit Sect might be small, it still had people specialized in cooking. Thus, it had already been many years since Shen Zheyan had cooked, and she had long since forgotten how to cook.

Faced with this situation, Wei Zinan had no choice but to enter the kitchen himself.

Although the food Wei Zinan cooked wasn't delicious, it wasn't terrible, either. So, Jun Zishu couldn't nitpick even if she wanted to. After all, she had created something that couldn't even be cons

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