Chapter 59
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This was an incredibly unfortunate situation.

Hearing Little Fairy's reminder, Jun Zishu felt that she might have to face death together with the brethren in her arms today.

"Will you come over yourself? Or do I have to come and catch you?" the masked man asked.

Ying Rushi's body stiffened, which allowed Jun Zishu to clearly sense his fear. At the same time, Jun Zishu also couldn't help but let out an awkward smile to the white-robed girl that had appeared outside the door.

When Shen Zheyan heard Jun Zishu saying that she was only going out for a short stroll, she patiently waited at the inn for Jun Zishu's return. However, even after the sun had set, Jun Zishu did not come back.

Unable to let go of her worry, Shen Zheyan decided to leave the inn and search for Jun Zishu.

However, Weishui City was a big place. She had no idea where she should begin searching for Jun Zishu.

Just as Shen Zheyan wondered whether she should continue waiting at the inn, she suddenly got a creeping suspicion that Jun Zishu might have visited the red-light district. Thus, she decided to go out and ask around to see if anyone saw a young girl dressed in red.

Sure enough, on the third brothel that asked, Shen Zheyan got her answer.

Shen Zheyan didn't know whether to laugh or be angry. After all, based on what she heard, Jun Zishu had swaggered into the brothel without even changing her outfit.

After getting her answer, Shen Zheyan asked the procuress for Jun Zishu's room. However, the procuress refused to tell her. Only after saying that she was Jun Zishu's friend and that she was in a hurry to find Jun Zishu did the procuress relent and guide her to Jun Zishu's room.

As soon as she reached the top floor, she spotted a man standing by the door of a room. Then, when she followed the procuress to that room, she found the person she had been worried about holding a woman in her arms.

Shen Zheyan's expression instantly turned cold. She didn't know what she should say about Jun Zishu. Should she say that a leopard never changes its spots? Must the girl come to a brothel?

However, including the previous time, Jun Zishu had seemingly only visited a brothel twice thus far.

So, should she say that Jun Zishu had gone back on her words? However, Jun Zishu had only promised that she would stop being a flower thief and that she wouldn't do the immortal things flower thieves did. Jun Zishu did not say that she would stop visiting brothels. Jun Zishu had even walked into this brothel without trying to hide it.

The atmosphere was chaotic, and Ying Rushi seemingly noticed that something was amiss. However, he stubbornly refused to face reality and lift his head.

Meanwhile, Chun Xiao, Qiu Ying, and the procuress standing outside the door were utterly confused by this situation. They didn't know whether they should stay or leave.

"Why are you here, Big Sister?" Jun Zishu broke the silence and asked Shen Zheyan with a smile. At the same time, she also poked at Ying Rushi, trying to get him to move away. Brother, please stop playing dead and face reality! If you want to die, die by yourself! Don't drag me down with you!

Ying Rushi refused to let go of Jun Zishu's waist and looked up at Jun Zishu with pleading eyes. Saintess! You can't just watch me die! Are you going to just sit by and watch my weak and pitiful self get dragged away by that man outside?! I'll die, I tell you! Think of our sisterhood! Think of our brotherhood! Think of our culthood!

However, Jun Zishu simply shook her head in response to Ying Rushi's pleading. She felt that Ying Rushi was exaggerating the situation. She couldn't sense any killing intent coming from the masked man at the door. So, she felt that Ying Rushi shouldn't face any life-threatening situations even if he fell into that man's hands. At most, she would have Little Fairy keep an eye on Ying Rushi. If the masked man intended to kill Ying Rushi, she would save him at that time.

Afterward, Jun Zishu firmly pushed Ying Rushi away and looked at the other party with a kind gaze, her eyes conveying a clear message.

Serves you right for poking your hands at where they don't belong! You even knew that someone was guarding the jade, yet you still chose to dig your own grave!

"What? You can come to this place, so why can't I?" Shen Zheyan responded with a question of her own, her expression unchanged.

"No, no, no, of course I don't mean that," Jun Zishu hurriedly said and shook her head. Seeing that Shen Zheyan's expression was growing colder and colder, she tried to push Ying Rushi away once more. However, no matter what she tried, she failed to get rid of Ying Rushi. So, she looked at the masked man and said, "Brother, please come give me a hand and take him away."

Ying Rushi looked at Jun Zishu aggrievedly when he heard her words. However, Jun Zishu could only respond with an apologetic gaze.

Sorry, but the problem has blown up too much. Even I am panicking a little now.

Shen Zheyan rarely got angry. However, once she got angry, it would be incredibly difficult to calm her down.

When the masked man started walking over, Ying Rushi shot out from Jun Zishu's waist and dashed for the window. However, before he could escape out of the window, his robe got caught.

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Ying Rushi changed course without hesitation. Then, he began running around the room while trying to rip off the part of his robe that had been caught.

Meanwhile, Chun Xiao and Qiu Ying watched this scene in shock, becoming obstacles for Ying Rushi's escape.

"Can you stop following me?!" Ying Rushi bellowed, his youthful voice surprising Chun Xiao, Qiu Ying, and Shen Zheyan.

Shen Zheyan was dumbfounded. She didn't think that the pretty "woman" wearing pearl hairpins was actually a man in disguise.

"Hand over the jade," the masked man demanded.

"Dream on! You want me to hand over something that has already entered my hands? I refuse!"

After successfully tearing off his robe, Ying Rushi jumped out of the window, executed his qinggong, and started running away via the eaves of the brothel.

The masked man also jumped out of the window and chased after Ying Rushi.

Meanwhile, after recovering from her shock, Shen Zheyan looked at Jun Zishu and asked, "Do you have something to say to me?"

Ying Rushi, the number one thief in the world of martial artists. This was a name Shen Zheyan had heard before.

What do you want me to say? That tonight's moon is pretty? Jun Zishu naturally wouldn't say such a thing. Thus, after calmly analyzing the situation, she walked up to Shen Zheyan and smiled, saying, "Let's go back to the inn first, Big Sister."

Shen Zheyan turned around and led the way, tacitly agreeing to Jun Zishu's request.

After waving goodbye at the procuress, Jun Zishu chased after Shen Zheyan and held her hand. Then, the two made their way back to the inn, an awkward silence surrounding them as they walked back.

Unable to bear the silence, Jun Zishu cleared her throat and carefully said, "My original plan was to head out for a short stroll, but something unexpected happened in the process."


Shen Zheyan quietly watched Jun Zishu's act. She wanted to see what kind of nonsense her childhood friend could come up with.

"I came across a crossdressing acquaintance of mine. I don't know what he did, but he rushed up to me and embraced me as soon as he met me. Then, that other man appeared; the one wearing the silver mask that you saw just now. That man was trying to apprehend my friend, so my friend tried to play dead, which is why you saw the scene just now," Jun Zishu innocently said, making sure to put on an aggrieved expression while doing so.

However, Shen Zheyan was no fool. Jun Zishu's story was full of holes. Jun Zishu also did not mention anything about Ying Rushi's identity.

After walking some distance in silence, Shen Zheyan asked, "Do you have anything to do with the item stolen from the magistrate?"

"Of course not," Jun Zishu flatly denied. She was nothing by a bystander. The incident this time was purely a coincidence. Even she did not expect her friend to bring such trouble to her.

"Young Miss Bai said that she saw you receiving something this morning. Did you, or did you not?"

The air between them instantly fell silent. Initially, Jun Zishu had thought of putting up a struggle. However, she knew that it was pointless to struggle in the current situation.

While Jun Zishu might be good at scheming, she also knew that some people weren't easy to fool. In reality, playing with people's hearts was the worst thing one could do. There was no lack of intelligent people in the world. Meanwhile, what intelligent people disliked the most was being played like a fool by others.

Jun Zishu knew that Shen Zheyan must've deduced parts of the situation already. Thus, she had no choice but to come clean now.

"I did." Jun Zishu nodded and put on an anxious expression as she looked at Shen Zheyan. Then, she hurriedly tried to explain herself, saying, "But I swear that I didn't know he had stolen something from the magistrate. I was just standing there today, and he suddenly stuffed something into my hands and ran away. I didn't know what he had passed to me. I also couldn't give it away at the time. Otherwise, I'd have a hard time explaining myself to him. It'd also be bad for my reputation if I betrayed my friend. So, I chose to lie."

After blabbering a bunch of things, Jun Zishu stopped to catch her breath. Then, she continued, "I knew he would come to find me for the item, so I decided to go out after dinner. I also needed to find a place that he could follow me into without catching the attention of others, so I chose the brothel. What happened afterward was mostly the same as what you saw. He ran into my embrace and took the item from me. He also said that someone powerful was chasing after him, so he asked to hide in the room with me for some time."

After finishing her words, Jun Zishu stopped walking and looked at Shen Zheyan earnestly.

Shen Zheyan relied on the moonlight to look at Jun Zishu's face. After some time had passed, she let out a sigh.

"What's wrong, Big Sister? Do you not believe me?" Jun Zishu asked with an aggrieved expression. She even nervously tugged at Shen Zheyan's sleeve to get her pitiful state across.

"I don't know which words I can trust and which words I can't trust," Shen Zheyan frankly said.

Right now, Shen Zheyan felt that Jun Zishu was like a little vixen; the girl was both beautiful and incredibly good at lying.

"Big Sister, all you need to know is that my kindness toward you is real," Jun Zishu said, smiling as she hugged Shen Zheyan from the side. Then, she looked up at Shen Zheyan, sparkles in her eyes.

Under the bright moon, the little vixen tried to confuse the warrior's justice with half-truths and half-lies. The warrior couldn't distinguish between truths and falsehoods. Although the warrior wanted to believe in the little vixen, she also couldn't lie to herself.

"This is absolutely true, Big Sister. I might not be honest about other things, but you must remember that I am Yan Xi, and you are Shen Zheyan. You are my Big Sister Zheyan, and my kindness toward you is absolutely sincere."

The little vixen launched an attack composed of sweet nothings. Failing to resist the attack, the warrior had no choice but to compromise.

The wind blew gently, and the moon shone brightly on this night.

The words of the picturesque girl were so, so sweet and so, so sincere that Shen Zheyan had no choice but to believe them.

"Let's go back to the inn."

"My legs hurt. Carry me, Big Sister."


"Can't carry me?"

"Get on."

Even though the warrior knew that the vixen's words were a lie, the warrior couldn't resist the vixen's charm.