Chapter 58
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"Alright, then. If you don't want to say it, I won't ask. That person is still looking for me, so I need to leave this place as soon as possible. I don't know when we will meet again, but if we do, I'll be sure to treat you to a meal, Saintess," Ying Rushi said.

"I'll pass on the meal. Just teach me some of your qinggong if you want to repay me," Jun Zishu said. She had wanted to learn Ying Rushi's qinggong for a long time now.

"The person who learns my techniques must be my disciple, Saintess. If I accept you as my disciple, the cult leader might beat me to death," Ying Rushi said, waving his hand. Then, he made his way to the door.

"Tsk, what's wrong with just teaching me a thing or two? By the way, when will you be returning to the Holy Cult?" Jun Zishu asked.

When conversing with other members, members of the Demon Cult wouldn't refer to the cult as the Demon Cult. Instead, they would refer to the cult as the Holy Cult. They would also do so when spreading the cult's teachings to outsiders. Only when they were revealing their identities would they say use the name of 'Demon Cult.'

"I'm not sure. I'll return when I have the chance."

"Got it. Hurry up and leave, then," Jun Zishu said, waving her hand.

After Ying Rushi left, Jun Zishu walked out of the room and closed the door behind her. Then, just when she was about to make her way back to the inn, she suddenly stopped and fell into thought.

[Host? What's wrong? Do you need help?]

I'm wondering if I should stroll around here before going back to make Shen Zheyan angry.

[Ermmmm… I think that's doable.]

Little Fairy didn't know how she should answer Jun Zishu's question, so she chose to go along with Jun Zishu's wishes.

That settles it, then.

Jun Zishu smiled and made her way to the brothel's front entrance. If she was going to visit a brothel, she naturally had to do it boldly and righteously. Once news of her actions got out, she wouldn't even need to confess or wait for Shen Zheyan to catch her; Shen Zheyan would automatically learn about her actions through the mouths of others.

When the two women greeting guests at the brothel's entrance saw a beautiful young lady dressed in red walking up to them, they didn't know whether they should continue with their greeting.

"Did you come to the wrong place, young lady? This isn't someplace you should come to," one of the women asked.

"No. Aren't you open for business? Why aren't you welcoming me in?" Jun Zishu asked as she blinked her eyes innocently.

Hearing Jun Zishu's question, the two women exchanged glances at each other, unsure of whether they should let Jun Zishu in or not. Then, one of the women went inside and returned with the brothel's procuress shortly afterward.

The procuress was a beautiful middle-aged woman with a slender body. While fanning herself with a paper fan, she leisurely walked over and scrutinized Jun Zishu from head to toe. Then, she said, "This is a place for men to seek enjoyment, young lady. A young lady like you shouldn't visit such a—"

Before the procuress could finish her words, Jun Zishu turned her body slightly. Then, outside of the vision of the two greeters, she pulled out a small token from her sash and whispered a few words to the procuress. Upon seeing the token and hearing Jun Zishu's words, the procuress's expression immediately changed to one of respect.

"I believe I can head inside now, right?"

"Naturally. All who visit are guests. Come inside quickly, young lady," the procuress said. Then, she turned to one of the greeters and said, "Prepare the best room right away."

"No need for such a large welcoming. I'm just here to drink some alcohol," Jun Zishu said with a smile.

Jun Zishu attracted the attention of many people when she entered the brothel. After all, not only was she a girl, but she was even a beautiful girl. So, it was only natural that others would grow curious and look at her.

"Where are your top talents?"

"Two of them are currently serving guests. Should I call the other two to accompany you?"


Jun Zishu nodded and headed upstairs elegantly.

Jun Zishu was led to the top floor and into the best room in the brothel. Shortly after she arrived in the room, two women exuding charm and grace walked into the room. Both women looked beautiful, and each had their own uniqueness.

Before Jun Zishu even opened her mouth, one of the women took the initiative to pour her a cup of wine.

"What are your names?"

"I am Chun Xiao," the woman pouring the wine said.

"I am Qiu Ying."

"Young lady." Chun Xiao placed the cup of wine in front of Jun Zishu, her actions crisp and clean. She did not try to make any flirtatious movements.

"Which one of you is better at playing the guqin?"

"I am," Qiu Ying said as she took a small step forward.

"What about you? What are you good at?" Jun Zishu asked as she looked at Chun Xiao.

"I am good at dancing," Chun Xiao answered with a smile.

"Begin, then. Let me see and hear your performances," Jun Zishu said as she sat down on a chair like a wealthy young master.

This was the first time Qiu Ying and Chun Xiao were serving a girl as a customer. Moreover, this young lady's appearance was even more exceptional than theirs. However, as the brothel's top talents, they quickly adapted to the situation and began treating Jun Zishu seriously like their past customers. Only, instead of making flirtatious movements, their movements and posture this time were slightly cleaner.

Ju Zishu did not drink herself drunk like most customers, either. Instead, she took on a lazy posture and enjoyed the two women's performances as she leisurely sipped on her wine.

The wine served wasn't anything that could be regarded as high-class. At the very least, it couldn't compare to the wine Jun Zishu had in the Demon Cult. However, it was still passable. The mild taste and alcohol content suited Jun Zishu's palate.

The atmosphere in the room was quite harmonious, with one of the attendants playing the guqin and the other dancing slowly according to the tune. Of course, the dance wasn't of the serious sort, with every move made exuding with temptation.

Jun Zishu naturally wouldn't be tempted by this dance. Closing her eyes to enjoy the music, she inwardly wondered if she should stay the night here. Rather than sharing a cramped bed with Shen Zheyan, she preferred to sleep on the big bed here all by herself.

However, this thought only passed through Jun Zishu's mind briefly. If she didn't return the entire night, Shen Zheyan would probably start looking for her.

Taking a sniff of her dress, Jun Zishu noticed that none of the brothel's unpleasant, flowery fragrance had tainted it yet.

"Come." Jun Zishu beckoned with her hand.

Immediately, Chun Xiao stopped her dance and walked over to Jun Zishu. Then, Jun Zishu wrapped an arm around Chun Xiao's waist and pulled Chun Xiao to her side, causing the woman to let out a small cry of surprise.

Chun Xiao was at a little loss on what to do since this was the first time she was serving a girl. Thus, she stiffened her body and dared not move.

"What's wrong? Afraid?" Jun Zishu asked with a raised eyebrow.

Even though Jun Zishu had a tender appearance, Chun Xiao couldn't help but get a stern feeling from the girl beside her. So, she hurriedly said, "Not at all."

After saying so, Chun Xiao relaxed her body and began refilling Jun Zishu's cup with wine.

At this time, the door suddenly opened and closed. Then, a familiar figure appeared in front of Jun Zishu.

"Why are we meeting again so soon?" Jun Zishu asked as she gently pushed Chun Xiao away and walked up to the intruder.

Coupled with the sound of swaying pearl hairpins, Ying Rushi walked up to Jun Zishu, looking to be in a great panic. Then, he stuck close to Jun Zishu's body and whispered into Jun Zishu's ear, saying, "I can only say that it is fate. I saw him in the corridor downstairs, and I even met eyes with him. I don't know how he found out where I am, but I heard the procuress saying that you were in this room, so I came here in a hurry."

"You should've just stayed in the rear courtyard, then. What are you doing at the front?"

"I was scared that he would sneak into the rear courtyard and find me. I felt that it'd be safer if I hid in a crowd, so I came here. But I didn't think he would be at the front as well," Ying Rushi said with a look of despair. He felt like banging his head against a wall for his stupid decision right now.

"Why are you so afraid of that person?"

"He is incredibly skilled. If he catches me, not only will all of my previous efforts go to waste, but I will also die if he brings me to that corrupt official," Ying Rushi said in a low and anxious voice.

"But he shouldn't recognize you in your current appearance, right?"

"I don't know. Anyway, let me hide here with you for now. By the way, What are you doing visiting a brothel?"

"It's none of your business. Hurry up and pour me some wine," Jun Zishu said as she wrapped an arm around Ying Rushi's waist.

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Ying Rushi's mouth twitched at first, but he quickly cooperated and picked up the wine cup.

As for the two other people in the room, although they were confused by the sudden intrusion, they chose not to say anything after seeing that Jun Zishu and Ying Rushi were acquaintances.

"Continue. Don't get distracted," Jun Zishu said to Qiu Ying.

Thus, the sound of the guqin filled the room once more. Meanwhile, seeing that Ying Rushi had taken her place, Chun Xiao tactfully switched to giving Jun Zishu a shoulder massage.

[The mission target is approaching, Host. You have around five minutes.]

Don't panic.

Jun Zishu's expression remained unfazed as she continued humming a tune while embracing Ying Rushi.

The crossdresser's service was on point. Although he wore an expressionless face, his pouring action was smooth and professional.

A few minutes later, knocking sounds came from the door. Upon hearing this sound, Ying Rushi nervously looked at the door as if his natural enemy was standing outside.

The knocking sounds were slow and unhurried, appearing one after another.

Jun Zishu frowned and gave Chun Xiao a look. Chun Xiao quickly took the hint and went to open the door.

The person standing at the door was a man wearing a silver mask covering half of his face and exposing his tight jawline. Just by standing there, the man exuded a dangerous presence.

The instant the door opened, Ying Rushi immediately hid into Jun Zishu's arms, his slightly scattered hair covering his face.

Jun Zishu nearly exploded in rage when she saw Ying Rushi's actions. However, she endured her anger and held Ying Rushi in her arms. Then, while patting his head, she sent a skeptical look at the man at the door.

"Sir, may I know why you are knocking on the door at this place and this hour?" Jun Zishu asked.

However, the man did not answer. Instead, he carefully scrutinized the people in the room before settling his gaze on Ying Rushi.

"I know it's you. Stop hiding," the man said in a sonorous voice.

Jun Zishu immediately felt Ying Rushi trying to bury himself deeper into her embrace, seemingly trying to escape from reality.

Although Jun Zishu wanted nothing more than to beat up Ying Rushi right now, she couldn't do so for the sake of her friend's continued existence.

[Three more seconds until the mission target arrives at the battlefield, Host.]