Chapter 40
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"Why is this girl in such a hurry? Wait, did she take her bike?"

"That's right."

Mother Qin nodded.

"Ranran rushed out to go and fetch her cousin when she heard the news. Mhm, yes, she took her motorcycle… Don't worry, don't worry. Her bike handling skills are quite good, and she has never gotten into an accident before…"

While Father Qin was doing his best to persuade his elder sister, a black-haired girl riding a large motorcycle hummed a happy tune as she drove in the setting sun's direction, the afterglow of the sunset casting a layer of light on her face.

"I'm riding forward to the end of this road because my lover is there, hulalala…"

Qin Youran made up a random song and sang it as she rode forward. Then, after failing to come up with any more lyrics, she leaned down against her bike and accelerated.

Fortunately, there were no other vehicles on the road she rode on, so nothing would happen even if she accelerated.

"Do you promise that nothing would happen if I let her ride with you?"

Qin Xiaoman couldn't help but worry for her daughter's safety when she looked at Qin Youran's motorcycle. She was afraid that Qin Youran might not have the necessary strength and skills to ferry another person on such a large motorcycle.

"I promise! Believe in me, Auntie!"

Qin Youran patted her chest and promised. Although she had been behaving like a model student for the past two months, she frequently went out for joy rides before that, so she was rather confident in her riding skills. She had also familiarized herself with the feeling of riding again during her ride here.

"Are you scared, Yaoyao?" Qin Xiaoman turned to ask her daughter.


"But what about your luggage?"

Qin Xiaoman grew worried again when she looked at the suitcase sitting beside Jun Zishu.

"I'll have to trouble you to have someone send it to my house, Auntie. I want to take Yaoyao out for a ride before we head home," Qin Youran said, smiling as she held Jun Zishu's hand.

"Don't stay out for too long. Make sure to head back before it gets dark completely, understood?"


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