Chapter 39
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"Let's talk about this three years later. If you still like me at that time, that is."


Qin Youran wasn't afraid of waiting. She didn't hurry to make any claims or promises, either.

"I'm going to the bathroom again," Qin Youran said as she released Jun Zishu's hands and made her way to the bathroom.


"I'm going to go wash my face," Qin Youran said before closing the bathroom door and placing a hand over the sink faucet.

Qin Youran had been incredibly nervous just now. However, she also couldn't believe how bold and cool she was just now. If she were to rate herself, she would give herself a score of 100 out of 100 for coolness.

After taking a deep breath to calm her rapidly beating heart, Qin Youran made a victory gesture at herself in front of the mirror. She even had the urge to jump in excitement but held back to avoid making any noises.

Honestly, Qin Youran felt that she had acted incredibly rashly just now. Fortunately, her rashness had borne fruit, and the bookworm had agreed to answer her confession three years later.

Not only did she get a response from the bookworm today, but she had even snuck in two kisses.


Now that they had kissed today, would future kisses be far off?

Definitely not!

After Qin Youran thoroughly calmed herself, she left the bathroom and sat beside Jun Zishu, their bodies practically glued together.

The corners of Jun Zishu's eyes twitched when she saw Qin Youran's actions. Then, she shifted her butt to the side slightly. However, upon seeing this, Qin Youran immediately followed suit and stuck to Jun Zishu once more.

"I can't read if you sit like this," Jun Zishu said in a helpless tone. Restrain yourself, little cousin!

"Oh, come on, come on. I promise I won't make any noises. Do you want me to turn the pages for you? How about we read together?"

"Either you move further away from me, or I move further away from you," Jun Zishu flatly said as she shifted away slightly again.

"Hmph. Fine, then," Qin Youran harrumphed and shifted away from Jun Zishu.

However, regret filled Qin Youran immediately after she did so. She had seemingly used too much force when moving away, so there was now a huge gap between her and Jun Zishu.

Letting out an awkward cough, Qin Youran said, "I'll move a little closer to you."

After saying so, Qin Youran immediately shortened the gap between her and Jun Zishu, maintaining only half an arm's width between them.

Subsequently, Jun Zishu quietly read her book while Qin Youran quietly stared at Jun Zishu. The atmosphere in the room was incredibly peaceful.

While spending time with the person she loved, Qin Youran felt that even the air she breathed in carried a sweet and pleasant fragrance.

The midterms arrived on schedule. As Qin Youran performed exceptionally during the previous exam, she got assigned to the same exam venue as Jun Zishu this time.

Jun Zishu sat in the first seat in the first exam venue like before. Upon arriving at the exam venue, she leisurely set up her writing utensils, her calm behavior contrasting the tense atmosphere in the classroom.

Apart from Jun Zishu, Qin Youran also behaved strangely in the exam venue. The weather had already begun to turn colder, so she warmed up a carton of milk in hot water and placed it on Jun Zishu's table. Then, she tactfully inserted a straw into the carton for Jun Zishu, patted Jun Zishu on the head, and returned to her seat.

In response, Jun Zishu obediently accepted the milk and started sipping on the straw.

The other Class 1 students present in the exam venue thought nothing of this scene. They had long since gotten used to seeing their class representative pampering their class's study committee member. Not to mention, this wasn't even the most lovey-dovey action they had seen Qin Youran doing.

Rather than Qin Youran's actions, the other students in the class placed more attention on Jun Zishu. After all, Jun Zishu's previous test results were clear for all to see. She was akin to a large mountain that cast an invisible pressure over them.

Meanwhile, Qin Youran sat with her chin resting on her hand as she stared at Jun Zishu in a melancholic mood. She had scored third in their year during the previous monthly exam, so another person was sitting in between them. And as students were seated according to their test rankings this time, another person ended up sitting between her and Jun Zishu.

Qin Youran felt a little displeased by this situation. She felt that she should be sitting right behind Jun Zishu.

Meanwhile, facts had later proven that Qin Youran had accomplished her goal.

Father Qin and Mother Qin were confused. They didn't know what had brought about this situation, but ever since their daughter started high school, she had been studying exceptionally hard without voicing any complaints about school. She didn't escape back home or skip classes either. It was a truly unbelievable sight.

"That's because I have a goal."

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That was the answer they got when they asked their precious daughter.

"Is your goal to get first place? What's with the sudden change of mind? Don't worry, my daughter is the best. You'll definitely get first place next time," Father Qin said, placing an arm around Qin Youran's shoulders. He behaved as if he was Qin Youran's elder brother instead of her father.

Meanwhile, Mother Qin smiled as she watched her husband and daughter's interaction from the side.

"That's out of the question. Getting first place is impossible."

"Why? Not confident?"

The parents of most of the students attending Yunying High were from wealthy families, so they were typically very busy with other affairs. Knowing this, Yunying High's teachers wouldn't bother their students' busy parents with mundane matters such as parent-teacher conferences, either. Thus, parents like Father Qin and Mother Qin would rarely get the chance to understand their children's situation at school.

This was also why Father Qin didn't know that a person like Jun Zishu existed in Yunying High.

"That's right. I'm not confident," Qin Youran said, shrugging. However, her voice did not carry even the slightest hint of disappointment.

"Oh? What kind of person managed to make my daughter admit defeat so willingly?"

"You'll be frightened if I tell you," Qin Youran said with her chin raised proudly.

"Oho, is this person that amazing?"

"The person who came first in my class and first in my year is my deskmate. She is an exceptionally smart person, she knows many things, and she likes to study a lot. She is also a very kind and serious person. Do you know how amazing she is now?" Qin Youran proudly boasted.

"Hm? It seems you are very close to this classmate of yours. Exactly how smart is she? Let Daddy learn a thing or two about her."

"Full marks! She scored full marks in both our first monthly exams and midterms! Amazing, right?"

"Wow, that sure is amazing."

Father Qin nodded in agreement. Yunying High might not be the best school in the city, but its curriculum was by no means easy. Being able to score full marks in two consecutive exams was indeed an amazing feat.

"Moreover, do you know which family this child comes from?"

"Hm? Which?"

"Eldest Aunt's!" Qin Youran said and snapped her fingers.

"Huh? Your eldest aunt's family? You mean the slightly autistic daughter they adopted?"

"Mhm, that's right! But I don't think she can be considered autistic. She's just a little dull in the head."

"How did you find out?"

"I went to celebrate her birthday last time. Then, I found out that she was my cousin. Tsk, fate truly is a strange thing."

"That's great, then. Do your best to get along with each other."

"I know. I'll definitely get along with her," Qin Youran said, secretly distorting the meaning of her words.

While Qin Youran was communicating with her parents, Jun Zishu was also having a conversation with Qin Xiaoman and Jun Qi.

"Yaoyao, Mommy has to go out of the country for some business dealings for some time. As the place I am going to is far away this time, your father plans to go with Mommy out of worry. Also, we don't know when we'll be able to come home since your father also plans to visit another place to gather materials for his book. Can you take care of yourself at home?" Qin Xiaoman patiently asked as she helped braid Jun Zishu's hair.

"I can, Mommy. Did you forget that I'm staying at school now? Also, haven't I always taken care of myself when you two are off traveling in the past?"

"But we might be away for much longer this time. I can't help but worry."

Qin Xiaoman frowned. She was confident that her daughter would have no problems taking care of herself while she and her husband were away. However, Qin Xiaoman couldn't help but worry that her daughter's introverted personality might worsen if she kept coming home to a house occupied only by servants and nobody else.

"I'll be fine, Mommy."

"Why don't you contact your second brother?" Jun Qi suddenly suggested as he looked at his wife. "Aren't Yaoyao and Ranran good friends? Ask him if we can let Yaoyao stay over at their place."

"That might be possible. We'll definitely have to come home for New Year. Ranran also suggested that we take Yaoyao to the old mansion for a visit. It'd also be better if Yaoyao can get acquainted with her second uncle and aunt before that," Qin Xiaoman muttered. Then, she gently stroked her daughter's braided hair and asked, "What do you think, Yaoyao? Are you willing to give it a try?"

"I'm willing."

"You're willing to stay over at Ranran's house?"


Jun Zishu nodded. If Qin Youran were to find out about this, the girl would probably die from happiness.

"Then, are you willing to follow Mommy and Daddy to visit my family's old mansion? You might have to meet a lot of relatives you've never met before there," Qin Xiaoman asked.

"I'm okay with that."

"That's wonderful, then."

Upon hearing Jun Zishu's answer, Qin Xiaoman and Jun Qi sighed in relief simultaneously.

"Mommy will give your uncle a call, then. By the way, isn't today the last day of your school holiday? You have to head back to class tomorrow, right?"


Jun Zishu couldn't help but inwardly sigh when she saw the look of joy on her parents' faces. My dear parents, do you know that you are sending your daughter straight into the lion's den?

While Qin Youran was chatting with her parents, Father Qin's phone suddenly started ringing.

"Who is it? Who is it?" Qin Youran curiously asked as she leaned closer to her father.

"Your Eldest Aunt," Father Qin said after taking out his phone and looking at the screen.

"Pick it up! Quickly pick it up!" Qin Youran urged.

"Okay, okay," Father Qin said, rolling his eyes at his daughter. Then, he answered the call and greeted, "Hello? Big Sis?"

After hearing what Qin Xiaoman had to say, Father Qin said, "Sure, no problem. She's more than welcome to stay with us…

"Mhm, mhm. Ranran will be ecstatic. You two can leave without worries. We'll make sure to take good care of her…

"Ranran was just telling me about her. You should've heard the praises she said. She'll be very happy to hear about this…

"Alright. Is your flight tonight? Sure, you can send her over now. I can even send a driver to pick her up if you're in a hurry…"

Father Qin wore a big smile on his face as he agreed with his elder sister's request.

"What's going on?!"

Meanwhile, Qin Youran had grown impatient from listening in on her father and aunt's conversation. Although she already had a general idea as to why her aunt suddenly called her father, she couldn't say for certain if her guess was correct.

Unable to handle his daughter's eagerness, Father Qin put his elder sister on hold and said, "Your aunt and uncle are flying out of the country tonight, and they're worried about leaving your cousin at home by herself. Since they know that you are very close with your cousin, they asked if we can let your cousin stay over at our house."

"Of course she can! I'll go fetch her now! Tell Auntie that I'll head over right away!" Qin Youran said excitedly. Then, she ran to the entrance corridor, grabbed a set of keys, put on a pair of sneakers, and dashed out the door.