Chapter 35
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Qin Youran hesitantly looked at the door handle for a moment. Eventually, she decided against going out and followed Jun Zishu upstairs.

Qin Youran touched her lips with her fingers as she walked, trying to recall the soft sensation she felt just now. Although the physical contact Qin Youran had with Jun Zishu's lips was short and fleeting, there was no way she could forget the experience.

Did she hate it?

No, not one bit.

On the contrary, just thinking about it made her heart race with excitement.

After taking a deep breath, Qin Youran opened the door to Jun Zishu's room.

Currently, Jun Zishu was in the middle of undressing as she got ready to get into the bath. However, her body froze when she saw Qin Youran entering.

"Why are you here? There's a guest room prepared for you."


Qin Youran didn't know what to say. She looked at Jun Zishu anxiously, worried that she would see a disgusted look on Jun Zishu's face.

Even if what happened just now was an accident, it was an accident that she caused.

"What happened just now… It was an accident…" Qin Youran muttered.

As Qin Youran struggled to think of a way to resolve the awkward atmosphere between them, she saw Jun Zishu nodding, seemingly unaffected by what had transpired just now.

Qin Youran was stunned. It appeared that she had been the only one feeling awkward?

"Don't you—"

Qin Youran stopped her sentence short when she saw Jun Zishu looking at her with a confused expression.

Looking at Jun Zishu's reaction, Qin Youran felt that she was making a mountain out of a molehill. Her nervously trying to explain herself only made it seem like she had ulterior motives.

"Nevermind. Anyways, I'm sleeping with you tonight. The guest room's bed definitely won't be as comfortable as your bed," Qin Youran said, grinning as she walked up to Jun Zishu's bed and gave it a pat.

During that short one minute at the entrance corridor, she seemingly did harbor some ulterior motives in her mind. She couldn't believe that she had actually kissed Jun Zishu's cheek just like that. To make matters worse, she had even harbored those crazy thoughts afterward.

Qin Youran massaged her temples in an attempt to get rid of those stimulating thoughts.

It was over. Qin Youran realized that she might have a problem. After all, she actually held such thoughts toward Jun Zishu.


Jun Zishu briefly responded before making her way to the bathroom.

Qin Youran sat on the sofa and fell into a daze. Although she had her finger pressed on her phone, she didn't open any applications.

Amidst her daydreaming, Qin Youran accidentally activated Siri. Seeing this, she decided to ask Siri about her situation.

Siri: Why are you still hesitating?

Qin Youran fell silent for a moment before closing Siri.

Afterward, Qin Youran went on the internet and searched for related topics. However, the answers and tests she found only served to further confuse her and make her think she was bent and was deeply in love with Jun Zishu.

This is ridiculous…

Qin Youran sighed and put down her phone.

At this time, Jun Zishu walked out of the bathroom and happened to see Qin Youran sighing, so she asked, "What's wrong?"

"I'm looking for some help on the internet, but the answers I got only made me think that my situation is terrible…"

"You can't believe everything you see on the internet. Also, are you ill?"

"No, I'm just looking up some stuff."


Qin Youran silently gripped the bedsheets when she heard Jun Zishu's answer. She realized that she might have stepped onto a path of no return now. After all, not only did she not find Jun Zishu's "oh" this time detestable, but she even felt that Jun Zishu's expressionless face looked a little cute.

"I didn't bring any clothes," Qin Youran said, trying to shift her mind away from her absurd thoughts. She hadn't originally been planning to stay over today. However, after discovering that Jun Zishu's mother was her aunt, she felt that it wouldn't be a problem even if she stayed over.

"My pajamas are quite loose, so you can probably fit in them. I still have another set, but I've worn them before already. Do you mind?"

"I don't mind."

Jun Zishu made her way to the wardrobe and grabbed another set of white pajamas. The long-sleeved top had a cartoon panda printed on it, and it looked very cute. There was also a smaller panda sleeping around bamboo printed on the pants.

When Qin Youran left the bathroom while drying her hair, she found Jun Zishu reading a book, just like she expected.

Jun Zishu rarely used electronic devices to read, though that wasn't because she didn't know how. Instead, she read physical books because she liked the texture of paper.

"The hairdryer is on the cabinet. Take it yourself," Jun Zishu said when she heard Qin Youran leaving the bathroom.


Subsequently, the sound of the hairdryer running echoed throughout the room.

Hearing the loud noise, Qin Youran turned off the hairdryer temporarily and asked, "Will I disturb your reading?"

"The noise in class is much worse than this kind of noise," Jun Zishu responded, implying that since she could read even in the noisy classroom, the hair dryer's noise naturally wouldn't affect her.

"Alright, alright. You know, I sometimes feel that rather than someone my age, you are more like someone who can enter a nursing home at any time," Qin Youran stated.

Jun Zishu remained silent. Although she wasn't an elderly person, she wasn't a young sapling, either. Thus, there was no way she could behave impetuously like a child.

When Qin Youran finished drying her hair, she found that Jun Zishu had already covered herself with the blanket and was getting ready to sleep. After taking a look at the time, though, she quickly understood the situation.

After living together with Jun Zishu for so long, Qin Youran had already figured out Jun Zishu's daily routine. Meanwhile, Jun Zishu would always go to bed at 11 PM without fail.

"Are you sleeping so early tonight as well?"


It had already become a habit for Jun Zishu to sleep at this hour, so she was already feeling a little sleepy.

"Alright, then. I'll play with my phone."

"Remember to keep a light on. You'll ruin your eyes, otherwise."

"I know."

Subsequently, Qin Youran turned the ceiling lights off and turned on the bedside lamp. Then, she began browsing the internet on her phone.

However, two minutes later, Qin Youran suddenly called out to Jun Zishu, "Yaoyao, are you asleep yet?"

Jun Zishu responded with a hum, letting Qin Youran know that she was still awake.

"Let me tell you a funny joke I found on Weibo. The post says that girls would become cuter when described using food. I think so, too. The post also lists out some examples such as Little Dumpling, Little Bun, et cetera. Then, one commenter replied with 'Hello, Pork Knuckles.' Don't you think it's super funny?" Qin Youran said with overwhelming joy. Her whole body even shook as she tried to suppress her laughter.

"It's okay," Jun Zishu flatly replied.

"It doesn't sound as funny when I say it, so you should read the post yourself," Qin Youran said as she tried to pass her phone to Jun Zishu. However, seeing no response from Jun Zishu, she retracted her hand and continued, "If you can describe people using food, describing people using animals should be fine as well. I think it'll sound much cuter. There's Little Squirrel, Little Hamster, Little Tiger, and Little Snake, to name a few examples. They sound cute, right?"

"Little Doggy?"

"Yeah. Describing people as cats and dogs is adorable as well."


"I think your nickname should be Little Rabbit. You look silly like a rabbit. When you come across a wolf, you'll calmly greet it and hop away. Even when you're caught, you'll still behave calmly. Then, when the person who caught you has laid down their guard, you'll bite them and hop away. However, if the person who caught you is cunning, you might end up getting tricked without realizing it," Qin Youran said. She felt that her description of Jun Zishu was on point. Moreover, the more she thought about it, the more reasonable she found it to be.

However, just when Qin Youran thought of hearing Jun Zishu's response, she heard faint snoring sounds coming from beside her.

Huh? She fell asleep, just like that?

"Yaoyao? Yaoyao?"

Qin Youran called out twice in a low voice. However, after failing to get a response, she felt that Jun Zishu must've fallen asleep. Thus, she shook her head and continued fiddling with her phone.

While Qin Youran wasn't paying attention, the corners of Jun Zishu's lips raised slightly.

Qin Youran's description of Jun Zishu was quite accurate. Though, it could also be regarded as an acknowledgment of Jun Zishu's superb acting skills.

However, Jun Zishu's true character was vastly different from the character she portrayed. Rather than a helpless prey, it'd be more accurate to describe her as a cunning hunter instead.

Jun Zishu had a dreamless sleep. When she woke up the next morning, she found that Qin Youran had intertwined her body with hers.

Jun Zishu gently pushed Qin Youran's body away without hesitation, freeing herself from her warm prison.

Qin Youran woke up when she sensed movement and rubbed her heavy eyelids. Then, when she opened her eyes and saw Jun Zishu, she immediately snapped wide awake. However, she did not retract the leg that she had placed across Jun Zishu's body. Instead, she further increased the physical contact they shared and even pinned Jun Zishu down on the bed.

Qin Youran had browsed the internet for more answers regarding her situation last night. To be precise, she posted her question on a forum that discussed romantic problems and got different answers in return.

One answer said that people would sometimes mistake love for their instincts to pursue beauty. Meanwhile, this phenomenon was not limited to the opposite sex. It could also occur to people of the same gender. Simply put, this phenomenon was normal, and it couldn't prove that a person was a homosexual. It also couldn't prove that a person was in love.

Another answer said that Qin Youran might as well test her feelings. If she still had the urge to kiss Jun Zishu even when she was fully awake in the morning, her feelings might not be superficial, and she might like Jun Zishu in a romantic way.

Meanwhile, after pinning down Jun Zishu, Qin Youran pressed her face into Jun Zishu's breasts and started rubbing her face against the soft bundles of joy.

If Jun Zishu were to be honest, Qin Youran's behavior was a little perverted.

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After some time, Qin Youran lifted her face and looked at Jun Zishu. Then, with an ambiguous smile, she asked, "I love rubbing my face against your breasts very, very much. Do you think my behavior is a little abnormal?"

Although Qin Youran appeared calm on the surface, her palms had already started sweating from anxiety. She was truly worried that Jun Zishu would feel disgusted by her actions.

"I think it's okay. Such behavior can't be used to prove anything," Jun Zishu answered academically. Inwardly, though, she sighed as she thought, Those are some dangerous thoughts you are harboring, young lady. You are on the cusp of becoming bent right now.

Jun Zishu couldn't help but feel perplexed. She could understand why Ning Qinghuan had fallen in love with her in the previous world since she had taken such a doting and loyal behavior toward Ning Qinghuan. However, it was a different story for the current world she was in. Not once had she seduced Qin Youran thus far. They had even started their friendship by butting heads against each other.

Did Young Miss Qin prefer people with dull personalities? That shouldn't be the case. According to Qin Youran's original setting, she should prefer people with gentle personalities like the scumbag male lead.

In the end, Jun Zishu had no choice but to lament that fate was truly a fickle mistress.

"I think so, too," Qin Youran said, smiling. Then, she leaned forward and kissed Jun Zishu on the lips before calmly getting out of bed.

"Why did you do that?"

Jun Zishu was stunned after abruptly getting taken advantage of.

"It should be a way to express friendship, I think. I've seen many girls doing it before," Qin Youran nonchalantly lied before making her way to the bathroom.

After closing the bathroom door, Qin Youran sighed in relief. Her body had very nearly gone limp just now, and the little human in her heart was currently cheering in celebration.

At this point, Qin Youran felt that she no longer needed to test her feelings. She was sure that she was more or less bent already.

However, she also realized that she would be in for a bumpy ride if she decided to go down this path. After all, it didn't seem like the bookworm felt that way about her.

On this new day, Young Miss Qin gained a new life goal and a new worry.