Chapter 33
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"Isn't there another room next door? Why must you drag me into the same room?"

Although the fitting room was spacious and even had a sofa that could seat two people, it was still strange for two people to be changing in the same room, especially when the other fitting rooms were vacant.

"Why do you have so much to say? Just change if I tell you to," Qin Youran said, clicking her tongue and forcibly changing the topic.

Qin Youran didn't know why she had the same fitting room as Jun Zishu, either. She had done so subconsciously. However, now that she had already dragged Jun Zishu into the same fitting room, it would seem as if she had a guilty conscience if she told Jun Zishu to go to another fitting room or leave for another room herself. The room was also more than large enough to let two people change simultaneously, so there was no need to go through the hassle of changing rooms.

"Wear this one," Qin Youran said as she passed the pink blouse to Jun Zishu. Jun Zishu's skin was pale, so she'd fit into the pink one better. It definitely wasn't because Qin Youran didn't wish to wear a girly color like pink.

Jun Zishu did not mind wearing either one, so she accepted the pink blouse, set it on the sofa, and started undressing.

When Qin Youran saw two white bundles appearing before her, she hurriedly grabbed Jun Zishu's arms.

Jun Zishu was putting on the new blouse when Qin Youran grabbed her, so she couldn't help but look at the other party strangely.

"Holy… Stay in that position for a bit."

Qin Youran observed the scenery before her with curious eyes. In the past, she had only ever seen and touched Jun Zishu's breasts through her clothes, never had she faced them so directly.

Because Jun Zishu was wearing a bra, her white bundles were gathered together, forming a deep gully in the middle. The scene was very impactful, and Qin Youran couldn't help herself from poking at them with her finger.

"What are you doing?"

The corners of Jun Zishu's mouth twitched. Then, she continued putting on the pink blouse, pushing away Qin Youran's misbehaving finger in the process.

"I'm just trying to get a look."

Subsequently, Qin Youran also quickly undressed and changed into the blue blouse. Although her figure wasn't as excellent as Jun Zishu's, she was taller and had relatively smooth body lines.

The style of this clothing pair looked relatively youthful, which complemented their current age. They looked neither too mature nor too childish in these clothes. The clothes also made them look fashionable without giving them a lofty appearance.

"Let's switch," Jun Zishu suggested after taking a look at herself in the mirror.

"You mean you want me to wear the pink one?"

"I think this one doesn't fit me. Let me try yours."

"I don't want to wear pink," Qin Youran refused. She wasn't a childish little girl, so why should she wear pink?

"Pink doesn't represent childishness. Also, this blouse is a mix of pink and white."

"Don't wanna."

"Let's not buy them, then," Jun Zishu said as she removed her blouse, revealing her white marshmallows to Qin Youran again.

"Wait, wait, wait; I'll switch, I'll switch. But you must agree to one request in exchange," Qin Youran said, trying to gain as much advantage as possible for herself.

"Go on," Jun Zishu said with a slight frown. They were only switching clothing, yet Qin Youran was asking for a favor in exchange. The girl was truly going a little too far.

"It's nothing big. It's just…"

Suddenly, Qin Youran swiftly embraced Jun Zishu's waist and buried her face into Jun Zishu's breasts.

Around ten seconds later, Qin Youran slowly extricated herself from the heavenly pillows and said, "That was my request."

Then, Qin Youran let out a disappointed sigh and started undressing.

Qin Youran naturally wasn't upset with the experience. On the contrary, the experience was wonderful. The only problem was that the experience was too short, and she hardly got to savor the sensations she felt before they disappeared.

Meanwhile, Jun Zishu couldn't help but doubt Qin Youran's sexual orientation once more as she undressed.

Would a straight girl be so interested in another girl's breasts? Maybe?


"There you go again."


After the two were done changing, Qin Youran looked at herself in the mirror and found that the pink blouse fit her surprisingly well.

Jun Zishu also looked slightly better in the blue blouse than the pink blouse. Moreover, as the blue blouse was slightly smaller than the pink blouse in size, and Jun Zishu was shorter than Qin Youran, it made even more sense for Jun Zishu to wear the blue one.

"Do you like this pair?" Qin Youran asked in a somewhat regretful voice. If she wasn't wearing the pink one, she would've bought the pair without hesitation.

"They look nice."

"I also think that they look nice."

"Let's buy them, then," Jun Zishu said. Since both of them shared the same opinion, there was no doubt that they would buy the pair.


Qin Youran was still hesitant originally. After all, if her friends saw her wearing pink, she worried that her image in their hearts would be ruined. However, after thinking it over, she felt that it didn't matter. She just needed to avoid wearing this pink blouse when meeting with her friends.

When Jun Zishu and Qin Youran left the fitting room, the salesclerk's surprised and joyful gaze immediately landed on them. The salesclerk looked at the two girls as if they were walking ATMs.

Without hesitation, the salesclerk approached the two and started showering them with praises. Even though her words were flattery, the sincerity in her voice and expression made her praises pleasing to the ears.

Meanwhile, He Bailing gave Jun Zishu a thumbs-up when she saw her friend's new look. Inwardly, though, she felt a little gloomy.

No matter how He Bailing looked at it, she and her friend were no longer standing on the same social standard. Moreover, the difference between them was massive. With the presence of such a gulf, was it really possible for them to remain as friends?

He Bailing wasn't trying to doubt her friendship with Jun Zishu, but this was how reality worked. When two people's world views and concepts of spending differed significantly, it would be difficult for these two people to maintain their friendship.

Take the clothes sold in this store, for example. He Bailing would need to save for an entire year to even afford the cheapest article of clothing here. In contrast, wealthy households like Jun Zishu's and Qin Youran's families would only consider such prices normal.

"We'll take these two. Add them together with the rest and give me the bill," Qin Youran said.

"Very well. Please follow me to the counter, Miss Qin.'

"Use my card," Jun Zishu said.

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"No need. I picked these clothes for you, so I should pay for them. I can still afford them."

Jun Zishu obediently accepted the offer and approached He Bailing at the entrance.

"Do you also want to shop for some clothes later?"

"You know me; I can't afford the things in this mall. Though, I do plan on buying some new clothes since some of my old ones are wearing out," He Bailing said, blushing in embarrassment.

"I'm not saying to shop here. We'll go to the old place."

"Are you going with me? What about her? I doubt she'd go to that kind of place, right?" He Bailing asked, pleasantly surprised. She never thought that Jun Zishu would be willing to do some shopping with her.

"We'll know once we ask her. I'm not sure what she'll think of it, either."

Jun Zishu honestly admired this little friend of hers. Not only did the girl have a good mentality, but she also had an upright personality.

Even though a wealthy family had adopted the friend she grew up with and the wealth gap between them had increased massively, He Bailing did not harbor any envious thoughts. On the contrary, she even felt happy for her friend.

Another example was the previous situation. Even after having her choice of clothing refused and criticized by Qin Youran, He Bailing did not despair.

"Sure! Actually, I think she won't agree to come with us. After all, even the most expensive piece of clothing I would buy is 100 yuan. The clothes you just bought, on the other hand, are probably ten times, twenty times, or even more expensive than that."

"Whatever economic standard you have determines what clothes you buy. Also, it's not like you'd let me buy you clothes, right?"

Jun Zishu said, sighing. He Bailing was a rather stubborn person, and she had always refused Jun Zishu's offers to buy her things. This was because He Bailing felt that since she had never bought Jun Zishu anything valuable, she naturally couldn't accept anything valuable from Jun Zishu, either.

"That's right."

"But shouldn't it be normal for friends to exchange gifts with each other?"

"But I'm not poor to the point where I can't afford clothes. Alright, alright, enough with this topic. It's your birthday today. I'm already happy that you're willing to go shopping with me," He Bailing said with a smile. She even began humming a tune to express her happy mood.

However, a moment later, He Bailing stopped humming and grabbed the hem of her shirt, asking, "Why didn't you tell me that you made a new friend, Yaoyao?"

"I didn't think too much about it."

Jun Zishu didn't try to make up excuses for herself and simply told the truth.

"I am still your best friend, right?"

He Bailing pursed her lips when she heard Jun Zishu's answer. However, after thinking about it, she felt that with her friend's introverted personality, it was indeed reasonable for Jun Zishu to behave that way. So, He Bailing stopped dwelling on the matter and asked the question that concerned her the most right now.

"You have always been my best friend."

"The bestest?"

"Why do you ask?"

"I've never really worried about this in the past. However, after meeting her today, I started to worry that she would replace me."

He Bailing anxiously rubbed the tip of her foot against the ground and wiped her sweaty palms against her shirt. Even her smile had started to look a little miserable.

"Why must you be worried about this? Can I not have two best friends?"

"Of course there can only be one best friend. Even if you think that you have two of such friends, there should still be a slight difference, right?"

"But both of you are my one and only," Jun Zishu earnestly said without blushing. Inwardly, though, she couldn't help but laugh at her trickery.

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